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February 24, 2005

Turmoil in the Americas: Made in China



Editor’s note: I am back from my wonderful break, but I couldn’t stand being away for so long. It seems our times much to my frustration remain far too interesting to ignore and refrain from offering perspective. In fact, I've spent the past several days wondering what my first serious foreign policy post since two weeks hence would cover. I found it today. My time however was refreshing and though I never made it down to the coast as I had hoped, I did spend a good deal of time playing with horses and catching up on reading several books and a few other worthwhiles I've earnestly been trying to finish. Oh, and that sidebar--- well, keep patient, the fix is coming ;-)




-Martin Kite-Powell


Of ever greatening interest to some more recently has been the expanding role of Chinese interests in international economic development and national policy. It seems even among members of the press, this is becoming more noteworthy. On the other hand, many conservatives have looked at China as a hot-button issue since long-before September 11, 2001. We noted back in the 1990’s that China was beginning to treat the US more like the adversary of the Korean War days than a partner against Soviet expansion.


But more recently, such observations about China have become more mainstream, as the evidence continues to overwhelm even the most timid conservative skeptic. Times, they are a-changing. The declining US dollar, Chinese investment in US and other interests abroad and a noticeable shift in express American foreign policy, most notably with the nomination of new CIA chief Porter Goss along with word of the President and Secretary of State Rice discussing more fervently the matters of Taiwan, French and the German sales of arms technology to the Beijing dictatorship and other matter seem to be the bellwethers. Even so, the Chinese seem to be making incredible strides for a very Soviet-style cause right underneath our noses.


CNN reports China is making grander overtures to the Caribbean. Just last week Goss speaking of a less-than-sunny China, seems to be preparing the nation for the realities as they have been appearing coming out of Asia for awhile. I mentioned to you last year how the Chinese regime was beginning to aggressively woo central and South American countries. So are you ready for this: the second cold war has already begun.


South and Central America and China are getting very cozy. According to a recent article in the Christian Science Monitor, William Ratliff, a fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution paints a comparatively unhappy picture for the Bush’s popularity in the region, versus that of China’s new dictator Hu,


"It is telling that Hu is spending more time in South America over this fortnight than Bush has in the past four years…Hu will come over as much more interested in Latin American people," he suggests. "His sweet, soft-power vibes leave Bush sounding like a foghorn."


But we are not merely falling short in the public relations race. Just as we propped up the Soviet Union during the Nixon, Ford and Carter eras with free trade including high technology, and watched as the soviets turned around and took advantage of that for military superiority and global gains, we will see China do the same. A self-interested dictatorship is always a self-interested dictatorship.


Taking the lead economically over and squelching Taiwan is China's first priority. But it is a good proving ground for their long-term strategy which includes similar behavior with other free markets and nations. Taiwan is a model, so watch Taiwan closely because it portends what they may well intend for us.


Maybe right now is the best time, in fact to ask ourselves, is an economically powerful and more robust china a good thing?


We (those of us in the general public) seem to think that the closed-off North Korea example is the rule for militant dictatorial regimes; however this is very much not the case, rather the opposite. One need only look at Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Iran, Saddam’s Iraq, the Soviet Union and Cuba (yes Cuba) as examples of regimes who have successfully courted the West for strategic gain. They were definitely smart enough to understand they must do business in order to gain its trust, tie its hands and grow sufficiently from an economic standpoint that their militaries would have the tools needed for imperial expansion. In short, to paraphrase the predictions of a famous 20th century communist, to sell the West the very rope with which to hang it. It is arguably both a sad and sick thing that we willingly sacrifice so many innocent lives in wars down through the years that could have been avoided had we (and by “we” I mean the free world) simply stopped feeding the monster until it died.


Communist China is anything but a paper tiger. Communist China, from all indications very much means business and sadly for either them or us, it will either be they or we who survive and not both. That failure to coexist is that of the Communists, not ours and they have proven this to be the case worldwide throughout history both in how they interact internationally including the very method in which they came to power and ahve maintained that power in their own countries.


Hitler's Germany was an economically powerful and internationally popular nation in the late 1930s. It maintained a technologically superior, more robust military at the time of the onset of WWII than did the Allies. Yet they were only a country of some 80 million, virtually landlocked in Europe and on the doorstep of a powerful rival: the UK.


The Soviet Union was much larger in terms of population, but only for a short time made inroads economically, again thanks to the West. Whereas Nazi Germany killed somewhere over 10 million people, the Soviets murdered well over 20 -and some say over 30 million. Fortunately, we can thank our own refusal to succumb to apathy and the great work of the Reagan administration, which cut off the Russian tumor's lifeblood (even if today it seems to be making a bit of a resurgence with dubious military alliances and interior repression of civil liberties) it withered to nearly nothing during the time of the 1980’s and early ‘90’s.


The Communist Party in China is our new threat, but potentially far more lethal, with the potential over time to effortlessly actualize what the Soviets could only crudely attempt to build worldwide. And I use “crudely” only in relative terms, since no one hardly doubts the Soviets did a pretty good job of building allies and satellites in Asia, Africa, Europe, South and Central America and the Caribbean. China is a nation of over a billion souls, whose economy, though in many areas still somewhat backward finds its technology industries booming, along with her military. As are her alliances. New ties are springing up all over the world and older ones are strengthening. Beijing is finding staunch allies in France, and new ones in South American countries like Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico and others. Her Communist leadership remains in power and still holds to the call to destroy America, just as it did when it sent troops across the 38th parallel into South Korea during the 1950's in its suicidal, but overwhelmingly saturating and successfully bloody "human waves".


But the good news is that slowly, but visibly nonetheless, some in a position to do something are beginning to wake up to the threat. From hopeful signs under the White House and Pentagon to the House of Representatives, where Rep. Tom Tancredo (R ) Colorado helped to author a resolution calling to reverse the Carter-era decision to end recognition of our strong and faithful Asian ally Taiwan, Sinopolitique is starting to raise a higher profile. Even as some, such as those in the Senate, continue to ignore the problem, if the US were to join with her allies and shut off the life-support for the unsustainable Communist regime in China that enslaves billions of men, women and even children, she would just as surely fold as has every other government from the backward Soviets to wealthy, but Apartheid-run South Africa. Fox News recently reported that were Wal-Mart alone to pull out of China, she would be all but devastated. Surely, part of finding success in fighting this Cold War, as with those in the past, is in joining with our allies who also want to see freedom preserved for their children, and are willing to join with us in this common cause. So Tom's resolution is a good way of getting off on the right foot.  


For those who say that economic isolation won’t work, we not only have the model of the Soviet Union and others to say otherwise, we have today China herself beginning to practice the very same thing on Taiwan. Now whether they plan their subjugation of Taiwan et al through ruthless economic isolation to starve them out or by direct and sudden military invasion or a combination of both we shall have to wait to see.


But I think it is clear to any and all who have an ounce of eyesight that China is just another in a long line of such despotic regimes and cunning expansionists in history since the time of Troy, which must at all costs be defeated. Our generation ignores this Trojan horse to our peril.


In summery, we need to begin seriously considering whether it profits us to ignore the lessons of history; whether it is to our benefit to continue dancing closer to the edge of that precipice or if we, for our children’s sake will rise up in the manner of the heroes who’ve gone before us to save our Freedom. This time perhaps also wisened by their great sacrifices of the Greatest Generation in order to begin this work early. We have done this once before very recently as I've mentioned with regard to the 1980’s dismantling our then-mortal enemy, the Soviet Empire. The lessons of history beckon our action today. And I think we need to ask ourselves this today while we still can, and in so doing establish a new era of hope for countless billions around the world, including securing such for our very own.








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Posted by Martin at February 24, 2005 09:52 PM


You and I are definitely on the same wavelength. I have long seen China as a real threat to world stability...much like the USSR was. We ARE in Cold War II whether the Left (and the Right) wants to admit it or not. Our leaders need to wisen up to this reality and take steps to contain Chinese influence on the world...especially in our own hemisphere!

Posted by: Rob at February 26, 2005 08:14 PM

Quite true. I think it's time to cut off our latest commie piglet from its beloved golden teat.

Posted by: Blogbat [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 26, 2005 08:41 PM

Very informed and interesting comments

Posted by: JM at April 24, 2005 02:11 AM