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February 20, 2006

The Huffingpuff Report

 ** Updated: See below for video link



How much would you pay to be Arianna Huffington?







    First trip to the US: 150,000 drachmas (about ₤375)


    Getting ripped off by a diction coach over 40 years of sessions: $112,000


    Marrying a Congressman because you both are pretending to be something you’re not and possibly gaining questionable access to the DOD: $15 Million  


    Maintaining a leftwing collective blog where members can hide behind each other when they say something that gets them in hot water: $15,200


    Limo ride to Fox News studios: Free


    Arianna Huffington with the look of terror in her eyes as her Hannity & Colmes segment with Ann Coulter begins: Priceless



UPDATE: We've got the video right here (c/o exposetheleft.com).


In the video Arianna, who would not directly address Ann even once - even when called on it by Sean and Ann - seemed to fall into a Dr. Seuss-like trance as she had this to say: "I think Dick Cheney's an atrocious human being, an atrocious human being, and an atrocious vice president." Arianna's site goes on to blame Cheney's hunting accident for riots in Tunisia - No! I am not making this stuff up!


And for those who wondered just how looney Arianna Huffingpuff's maturity-challenged site is, here is what the top item on the page devoted entirely to Ann Coulter obsesses over (of which there are many): "For those who still believe Ann Coulter's denial that she lives in Palm Beach, here's a link to a PDF copy of the deed to her digs..."


Not "Ann is a bad debator" or "Ann is wrong" or even "Ann didn't really get straight A's in college" - which I have no idea about.


Also, for fun this is how the Huffingpost describes one of the riots in which the militant-anti-free-speech left attempted to silence Ann at one of her recent college campus speeches: "Conservative columnist Ann Coulter cut short a speech at the University of Connecticut amid boos and jeers, and decided to hold a question-and-answer session instead." I'm sure our patient lefty students (no pies in hand) also marrily submitted their questions on 2x5 cards for Ann to read...


On the same page for the morbidly curious you can also find this salient snippit (which somehow supposedly ties in to Ann): "American conservatives are so like the radical Muslims taking to the streets this week". Well we know this isn't true, otherwise liberals like Arianna would be the first to defend American conservatives.



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Posted by Martin at February 20, 2006 09:05 PM


dude, you get me all excited, but i couldn't find any video? is it online? i so want to see it!

Posted by: beautifulatrocities at February 20, 2006 09:54 PM

I'm going to see about grabbing some of it when they repeat H&C tonight. If technology permits, I'll have it up sometime thereafter. No promises though.

Posted by: Martin at February 20, 2006 10:13 PM

Actually, this was one of her poorer performances. She normally pummels the less knowledgable debater with facts. She had a few examples of the idiocy of the left this time, but nothing like her normal stellar self.

Posted by: Kevin at February 21, 2006 01:27 PM

We didn't quite see the sparks fly like we did that one time with Bob Beckel, but if you only need to blow on something to knock it over, why swat it with a bat? :p Poor Arianna was like those little chihuahuas with the big eyes that always shake and pee on the floor when company comes over - hence we have the chihuahua above.

Posted by: Martin at February 21, 2006 01:38 PM

Ann Coulter, the so-called "hero" in this case, can't even figure out how to cast a vote, let alone tell others how to live thier lives. Huffington can be a blowhard, but so can Coulter. Let's not act like Ann Coulter is a shining example of the way people should act and think.

Posted by: Publius at February 21, 2006 05:25 PM

Thanks for your input, Pub. I think it's clear though that Coulter can think better than Huffington can act.

I know this is changing the subject, but I really liked what you have on the header of your blog:

"It is the sign of a crumbling nation when free speech is squelched, and legitimate dissension is punished or cited as treason. It is on our shoulders to make sure political figures — of any stripe — do not become so powerful that they control what we hear, see and think."

So does this include the freedom to print cartoons of Mohammed, or only Jesus? ;-)

Posted by: Martin at February 21, 2006 05:36 PM