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September 13, 2006

PLANET MORONIA: More Rope-Weaving at Google



I’m sure many of us have read from Drudge today that Google is set to start a for-profit charity to supposedly fix poverty, and the far-left’s “new AIDS” global warming.* Part of that plan, according to the NYT piece mentioned by Drudge, is to develop a super-fuel efficiant car, which in turn might be offered to countries like China at substantial profit for Google: "Six months into the job, [Google.org executive director Dr. Larry Brilliant] has traveled […] to China to discuss clean energy alternatives," for the allegedly altruistic reason of helping the environment. Of course, contrary to what many may think about any charity Jesse Jackson may have founded, Google is actually officially planning to establish this as a for-profit entity, which would of course help to keep it out of trouble later on when its "charity" work was disovered to have added to other Google-babies which will in fact be passing profits back to the founders.


Naturally a lot of questions will come about from a for-profit corporation founded with $1 billion for questionable ends, though there isn’t necessarily anything inherently wrong with the concept founding a charity on a for-profit basis. But there’s little doubt the Chinese will be able to offer extensive consultation for this based on much experience, perhaps as a way to say “thanks” for being the handmaiden in oppressing and censoring China's own people or as a simple gesture of fraternity in worldview. Maybe other Google groupies like Hu Jintao will even come to the ribbon-cutting ceremony.


The report says that the purpose of the for-profit status is to allow “it to fund startup companies, form partnerships with venture capitalists, and even lobby Congress”. I wonder where Google learned that trick. So this “charity”, given Google’s dubious record and loyalties, essentially plans to start up what amount to front organizations, attempt to entangle honest businesses into uncomfortable alliances, and apply pressure on political officials in a potential three-way quid pro quo of quantifiable questionability.


While I have no problem with charities' inherent right to exercise free speech (I would be very happy to see current tax restrictions on 501(c)(3) type groups stricken, which currently prevent those groups from making their Constitutionally protected voices heard), Google however should be viewed with suspicion, if for no other reason than its ability to leverage massive amounts of information which in turn could be used to pressure elected officials or others into giving it what it wants. Further, as a part of its parent Google, such a charity, though public, would be able to conceal details of its earnings as part of those of Google's overall. What's more, Its founders have proven the parent company incredibly dishonest and given to extreme ideological pursuits in the past and actively supporting the extremism of others (such as cooperating with oppressive regimes in acts of oppression and refusing to cooperate with Western governments during reasonable inquiries and basically giving aid to dangerous criminals, infringing on user-privacy across the board, being caught in blatant hypocrisy in that area, censoring advertisers with which it does not agree, and a host of other far-left political activities). And the latest news from the Mountain View, CA based company which might at some point open doors for Google and other Western companies and interests (who tow the line to Google et al) to provide cleaner energy in China seems to indicate we can expect nothing less than more of the same.






* Blogbat has labeled global warming the left’s “new AIDS” because of how cynically the left has used AIDS over the past two decades and its suffering victims to advance its own agenda that, as history has shown us, leads only to indignity, poverty, violence, and poor health among its realm of subjects. Naturally, when it no longer suited the left to promote the needs of AIDS sufferers, it quickly fell out of the left's favor, just like the famines and atrocities still raging in Africa.


Posted by Martin at September 13, 2006 11:39 PM


The new AIDS..how profoundly true..great read Martin and thank u for the links! :)

Posted by: Angel at September 15, 2006 11:02 AM