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October 25, 2006

In Germany: Nazism Still on the Books



Today I am ashamed of my German heritage. Today I begin to understand how my mother felt as a young girl in the 1940s when her friends would ask her where her family was from. Recent news of the arrests of peaceful Christian families for simply wishing to not have their homeschooled children's upbringing endangered by a decidedly antagonistic secularist state school system is leading me to wonder if Germany will ever truly learn the lessons of its dark Nazi past. As someone who was homeschooled and one who understands that these parents have taken great pains to ensure a curriculum at par or better than their state school counterparts, it’s easy to see this for what it is: an ideological and likely also a monetary power grab. Instead of learning those lessons from 60 years ago, it seems the German government has begun infecting the whole of Europe with the notion that repressive police-state tactics literally put in place by Adolf Hitler himself are good for maintaining order through conformity. And this time, Germany needed not fire a shot.


German regimists seem to be missing the "good 'ol days". Last week in fascist style, government thugs stormed into homes of families, taking children by force and putting them into government schools. Since the end of World War II, most Germans have prided themselves on being the nation reformed with a conscience. One could easily wonder however if today it is a conscience or the dangerous collectivist shepherd-following which previously led them down the path to National Socialism (Nazism).


And ironically, the law itself is an actual vestige of the Nazi era, enacted by Hitler to prevent ideological diversion from the Party line in the curriculum of children, which Der Führer believed to be the Party’s future. The law, seemingly in some sort of dormant state for a time has now once again manifested itself with numerous arrests of parents and the belligerent seizure of children from homes with forcible matriculation into local government schools. Most likely, this Nazi-era resurrection has largely been brought about for two somewhat overlapping and ultimately culminating reasons, possibly revealing nothing short of a naked power struggle between human dignity and State control.


One such reason may be ideological: the paranoia about traditional Christians among hardline secularists (or Christophobia, as some have called it) drives their adherents to great irrational lengths to put in place controls on Christian behavior. It matters not that the families use a good curriculum and test well, play sports, and interact with friends and their community. All that matters is that these children are untaught their traditional world view by qualified change-agents.


Another reason for the German government’s draconian repressive action has to do with nothing more than pure greed. Those in education in Germany likely in much the same way as in the United States receive a certain amount of money allotted to them based on their number of pupils. When the pupils decrease, so does the funding. And with the loss of funding, clout and power begin to wane among individual educators, school districts, and federal departments. Like Americans too, Germans have long loathed the bureaucrat and this is another example why. Hence the popular German vituperation, “Sie arbeiten wie ein Beamter (you work with bureaucratic efficiency).” The only real efficiency of course has been to leave no good deed unpunished.


"The family involved emphasizes that their children are neither truant nor school deniers, which are the cases for which such measures were intended, the Remeike family is fulfilling their children's right to an education by educating them at home, with the support of teachers from a distance learning academy, which also supplies the necessary material." (Worldnet Daily)


It seems the deniers are those officials ignoring the ugly past of a law they have chosen to enforce instead of striking down and the basic human rights it violates. Perhaps administrators can plan a book burning too to get rid of Christian or other textbooks that threaten the teachings of the State. Halloween after all is just around the corner; and if that date is too soon to get things going, they could always try November 9.


But the European Human Rights Court in a surprising decision is standing behind this crackdown against these dangerous criminal gangs made up of men, women, and children. In a recent ruling against a Christian family that had appealed to Strasbourg wishing to ensure its children were being taught biblically, the EHRC upheld the Nazi-era ban on homeschooling despite blatant language in the European Convention on Human Rights. That language explicitly asserts that, “No person shall be denied the right to education. In the exercise of any functions which it assumes in relation to education and to teaching, the State shall respect the right of parents to ensure such education and teaching is in conformity with their own religious and philosophical convictions.” But judges ignored the Convention, instead insisting the children must conform to their culture and that parents had no right to prevent it.


I wonder what would have happened if the family had been Muslim?


All of this should rightly bring back images of Nazi stormtroopers or East German Stasi pulling up in front of houses and dragging out families who did not conform to the ideological decrees of the State. With the widespread resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe today, all of this does bring back nothing less than horrific memories. Of course, second only to Jews, Hitler hated Christians, because their belief also threatened the core of what totalitarianism is about. Interestingly, the EU seems perfectly happy to allow this rapprochement fasciste to proactively violate the fundamental human rights of peaceful Christian families. A resurgent Third Reich, Caliphate or Commie-fate, it would seem little different. It may in part be due to all of those good communists let loose by reunification who have begun running the asylum, but I think in a country where less than 2% of the population is observant Christian (making it one of Germany’s tiniest minorities), it seems to be something sinister regardless of its reason. It is a shameful blight on Germany and the whole of Europe, all the more because of the willful ignorance of history’s lessons learned.





Christophobes and anti-Semites in the UK: BBC memo admits to proactive anti-Christian, anti-Jewish bias


Worldnet Daily provides several useful links and contact information in its article:


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Wolfgang Ischinger Ambassador German Embassy 4645 Reservoir Road NW Washington, DC, 20007-1998 (202) 298-4000 or it can be e-mailed from its website.


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