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October 20, 2006

Oops, I Did It Again...



So Kim Jong Il blinked. At least for now he did, and who didn’t see it coming? After all, he was making China look bad and above all we must remember who the puppet is and who the master is. China reminded Kim yesterday.


So what pushed China to the panicked realization it had really hosed the pooch? An educated guess starts both with its observations of the United States’ likely next move to proffer nuclear armaments to Japan, South Korea, and possibly Taiwan together with a severely chilling economic wind blowing in the region as well as the utter horror of not having been able to guess that obvious response ahead of time. Almost certainly this past week has given Beijing a mere lick and a promise of any sleep. In short, it was a smorgasbord of nearly every one of Hu Jintao's worst red nightmares riding out by day.


Alternatively, if the Chinese were poking around to find how far they could go via the proxy in Pyongyang, now they know. Go there and be very afraid.


Of course this is just a temporary lull in the saga so don’t put down that popcorn just yet; after all, they are communists. And just like every evil villain before, their meager attention spans don’t exactly allow for the most nimble recollection of their own foibles, let alone the foibles of previous dictators who eventually met the long sword of justice. China and North Korea are no different than their like-minded forbears and will lick their wounds and make their next move eventually. Maybe more drama in the South China Sea, some fun in the Caribbean or a bit of Middle Eastern or African provocateuring, who knows? Or Pyongyang does something else. Communists are a bit like those old 8-track players: You may not entirely know what’s next, but you know you’ve heard it before and there aren’t many songs before it plays again.


As for China building a fence along the border with North Korea, it’s probably to keep more film crews from sneaking out of North Korea to tell the world the blunt truth of life under absolute communism. Meanwhile, the New York based communist Workers World Party celebrates one documentary that actually closed its eyes long enough to show a favorable view of life in North Korea: “At last a movie has been made by a U.S. film crew about North Korea that makes an effort to understand that country, not just demonize it.” Who’d want to demonize a country that kills millions of its own people by torture, beatings, and starvation, putting the rest in concentration camps? Of course, the WWP, North Korea, and China all were no doubt arrided to find the leftwing Discovery Times Channel as usual blames the United States for not propping up yet another regime that proves that communism is a failure. It all must be terribly embarrassing for dictators and far-lefties alike. Or maybe not. After all, simple minds, simple pleasures.


Kudos to the Bush administration on this one.



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