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August 26, 2007

NFTGJ: Gondola with the Wind...



We all know about the hot air balloon tragedy a few days ago (watch report). But how safe are they?


Without doing much work, I was able to find two videos each showing multiple balloon catastrophes with horrifying consequences (note: these videos were posted on YouTube by other users and the music is a little crass):



Some clips show balloons snagging on 200 ft towers at best forcing their occupants (at times children) to climb down, at worst being torn from the gondola, which then free-falls to the ground. Other clips show the entire gondola exploding in a fiery ball, others seemingly dropping out of the sky for no apparent reason.



I’m sure if I cared to study the frequency of such accidents closely, it would probably show that only a handful of these things happen annually, leaving scores of thousands of other flights completely uneventful. However, since one of my chosen ways to go isn’t to randomly drop out of the sky or drop out of the sky and be on fire, I think I’ll be steering clear of hopping on one of these any time soon.


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August 24, 2007

Elvira Mistress of the Mexican Senate



A little bit of Blogbat Fun…



If you are having any trouble viewing this, you can also see it here:


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We'll update this as neccesary.


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August 23, 2007

Mexico and the American "Anschluß"



The Mexican government says it is upset that the U.S. government deported its illegal alien activist operative this week. Apparently, Mexico can deport as many illegals in its country as it wishes, but the U.S. has no sovereignty.


There is no doubt in my mind Elvira Arellano is an agent of the Mexican government; the position of the Mexican senate and the high-profile media moment they shared with her therefore should be no surprise. Her statements before the Mexican congress are nothing more than outlining a casus belli for Mexican hostilities, whether that be overtly engaged in by the Mexican government (rather foolish and not likely right now) or covertly through the funding of guerillas installed within the United States (a lot smarter and obviously more likely). Establishing such a pretext along with others, that it is in fact the United States which is the lawless party by refusing to block illegal immigration and then gaining revenue by taxing illegals, the Mexican government can then attempt to solicit international support for its reconquista policy.


Mexico of course believes still it has an historical claim on the region of the Southwestern United States, never mind the fact that of all the countries to have owned that land, the United States has held it the longest next to Spain and is the only country to have settled it. After Spain and the United States, there is France, followed by the many iterations of the mostly unstable Mexico. Mexico has about as much claim on the region on this basis as the Confederate States of America presently would on the Southeast U.S.


Mexico also apparently feels it can govern the region better; after all, look what it's done with what it has! Right now for instance, the Texas coastline benefits from all the trash and used syringes washing ashore carried north by the gulf tide. There are also many more opportunities for tuberculosis, polio, illiteracy, corruption, dirty water, and no traffic laws. Indeed, Third World could be the new chic!  


There is one good thing to report however about the Mexican Senate’s decision to support one of its own: it plans to provide a scholarship to support the child Elvira refused to take with her (to wonderful Mexico) to do the work Elvira would not do. Just think: what if the Mexican government would take financial responsibility for all of the children of its citizens living in the U.S., to say nothing of its citizens living here. Maybe this could be the first step for the Mexican government in offering all of us free college educations after the Anschluß… er, reconquista. Well, I guess we really shouldn’t hold our breaths there; you’re lucky if you just have a house with an indoor toilet in Mexico. Besides, a large middle class and widespread prosperity ruins the ambiance of the typical Third World despotic regime.


Perish that thought, Santa Anna would be rolling over in his grave.


My only regret about the deportation of Elvira, this less-than fetching Mistress of the Dark, is that she wasn’t sent to Yucatán in time to protest in support of Dean. After all, no hurricane is illegal.





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August 10, 2007

Bush Orders New Crackdown on U.S. Border...



More arrests of border patrol agents to follow


An article today in The Politico says the president is finally with it on border enforcement, but what exactly does this mean? The idea of a Bush crackdown on illegal aliens on the U.S. border is a joke. We all know it’s code for “need a few more border patrol agents in jail”.  The obvious lop-sided enforcement of law in favor of the illegal alien and big business and against the honest men doing the jobs Bush doesn’t want them to do is glaring, to say the least. Some might accuse President Bush of behaving like an immoral, unjust man. I challenge the president to stop living up to those accusations.


Border Patrol Ordered Not To Arrest Illegal Border Crossers - video powered by Metacafe


 UPDATE: The human meat grinder that is the Bush immigration policy: More illegal aliens rape another child, murder a few more young victims.


Also see Right Truth: "When Illegal Aliens Attack"


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