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September 04, 2007

WAC Promoting Moral Equivalency on 9/11?



On September 11, the World Affairs Council will be screening a film some might consider sympathetic to terrorists.


The HBO-produced documentary about the Arab-Israeli conflict titled, “To Die in Jerusalem” essentially seems to be another propaganda flick for the cause of moral equivalency; the ostensibly non-partisan World Affairs Council seemingly ready make that cause relevant to Americans by promoting it on the sixth anniversary of 9/11.


The movie is billed in the Dallas/Ft. Worth WAV bulletin as a true story which “explores a tragic event which brings the lives of two young girls, a suicide bomber and her one victim, crashing together.” And certainly typical: there is one bomber and one victim. Or is there? Actually there are two victims for the one bomber, but the WAC flyer in an effort to bring out the romance, made it one-for-one (certainly still far fewer than the typical number of civilian victims of various ages of suicide bombers). Also rather interestingly, that “one” victim is almost painted as if she, 17-year-old Rachel Levy, had discovered a new friend in her last few seconds upon this earth and if she could speak to us from beyond today would tell us how happy she was that they met.


One cannot with certainty divine the reasoning behind WAC’s choice to show “To Die in Jerusalem” on 9/11 2007, but this tired, disproven belief of moral equivalency and the lies and obfuscations of the real events of history necessary to reach its conclusions have been used in times past, for instance, to justify the Nazis and the Communists of the Soviet Union, China, and elsewhere. Slightly tweaked to encompass current events, that belief essentially says, “these people who blow themselves up (and by extension of context of this film’s showing hijack passenger planes and fly them into buildings) are just the same as their victims,” when in fact they’re not. Interestingly, one need only use his or her search engine and type the film’s title to see the truth: “20 die in Jerusalem bus blast”, and so on. Instead, such wrong appraisals of reality as proffered by moral equivalency and its cruel justification for senseless brutality are what directly led to countless more dying at the hands of such movements of terror.


Despite the claims of such who adhere to the uninformed doctrine and even those who believe as Isobel Coleman does that economics explains social stability rather than the other way around, the reality is that until enough Palestinians choose to see the humanity of Israeli civilians and stop teaching their children that Jews are pigs and dogs that drink the blood of Arab children, suicide bombings against civilian targets and other acts of terror will not cease until they have utter annihilated their victims. Put into the deeds of the Hutu Power movement in Rwanda in the 1990s or more directly, the vernacular of Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, wipe their victims off the face of the earth.


That the Dallas Ft. Worth World Affairs Council has chosen this date to show such a documentary seems at best like an attempt to soft-pedal the true nature of this tragic canard.



Posted by Martin at September 4, 2007 04:46 PM


Sounds like propaganda and the fact they have chosen September 11 is no accident.

Posted by: Debbie at September 4, 2007 07:46 PM

hiya Martin!..how predictably pathetic..ah yes we are all the same.......not! :)

Posted by: Angel at September 5, 2007 09:47 AM