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January 08, 2009

France TV Using Old Pix to Impugn Current Israeli Ops

Worse: Photos were of Palestinians murdered in 2005…by Hamas



So we had the fake murders of Palestinian civilians by Israeli troops.


This, of course, was reported by most world media without the little detail about the Israeli’s acting in self defense against attackers using those now-dead Palestinians as human shields (which, by the way, not that anyone will notice, but was a violation of the law of international armed conflict by Hamas). We also got, as we did in the Hezbollah war in 2006, UN officials cooperating with the terrorists and covering for them, then crying foul when Israelis opened fire on those UN installations. Then there were the fake Reuters articles and Photoshopped news photos in 2006 and the one the other day telling us how bad the Israelis were for once more bombing a UN school. The article managed to cover every minute detail including taking the time to describe how a donkey lay dead in the street among the scattered human dead, except for the part where Hamas terrorists fired mortars on Israelis from the school, apparently with no protest by the UN school officials.


Now French Public TV channel 2 (also known as French state-run media) has been caught doctoring the news, so to speak, by showing photos of Palestinians who it claimed were victims of present Israeli Air Force attacks. However, unfortunately for Israel-hating Frenchmen everywhere, it eventually came to light that the station had used photos from 2005 of Palestinians killed by Hamas, when a truck smuggling explosives suddenly…exploded killing several bystanders. This comes on the heels of France being one of the only Western countries to side with Hamas in the current conflict (ironically, it Egypt did not see it France’s way).  And just when we thought the French were becoming more civilized.


According to QassamCount.com, close to 40 rockets have been fired on Israel in the past two days alone, with thousands more during the years before Israel finally stood up to stop it. Close to 8,700 since the year 2000, to be precise (Thanks to MaggiesNotebook.blogspot.com for keeping a tally as well). Another source giving details about just the rocket attacks in 2008 is Wikipedia. Although it’s always good to double check what Wikipedia publishes, in this case its information seems consistent with other sources.


Clearly the French and other world media continue to go to bat for bloodthirsty terrorists, and one can only ask why, especially in light of the obvious facts. When Hamas fires rockets by the thousands into Israel with the express purpose of killing civilians, it isn’t even reported; yet, when Israel responds to defend itself, it’s suddenly attacked in the media as the aggressor ruthlessly bombing and killing little Palestinian girls whenever possible. What the media leaves out, of course, is that the civilians most often die when they are being used as human shields by Hamas. The use of Palestinians by Hamas as human shields (by firing missiles and other weapons from and hiding out among civilians - not to mention setting booby traps throughout Gaza which end up killing children and other unsuspecting Palestinians) is an egregious violation of the international law of armed conflict. One may visit UN.org to find out more about international law and the law of armed conflict.


Yet the press and academia continue to treat Hamas as a legitimate party rather than a terrorist group, in spite of the fact that Hamas is listed by the State Department (PDF) as a terrorist organization. And those on the left, don’t count on the Obama State Department departing from that any time soon, either; Obama will likely see the security writing on the wall with this one. Hamas is labeled so both for its continued acts of terrorism and the continued call for the total destruction of Israel as a state among Hamas members, including Mahmoud Zahar, a co-founder of the organization and a current member of its leadership. Perhaps it is less PC to say “terrorist” these days, however, so how about “hate group”. Here is Hamas in its own words:


“We will not rest until we destroy the Zionist entity" - Hamas leader Fathi Hammad in Gaza - January 2nd 2009


"The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him." - Article 7 of the Hamas Covenant


In addition to these quotes, follow this link to watch several videos where Hamas not only calls for the destruction of Israel and indiscriminate murder of Jews, it uses children in the process: http://www.pmw.org.il/tv-hamas.htm


A Council on Foreign Relations article points out that although Hamas has performed some acts of charity among Palestinians, it also maintains an extremely violent, terrorist side. One might argue that Hitler did some nice things for white racist Germans, including great child care, health care, and other social services, but we can certainly agree this does not undo the evil that was the German Reich for its manifold crimes against humanity against Jews, gays, Christians, Gypsies, competing types of militant socialists, the weak and infirm, and so on.


Another thing worth noting is the criticism coming from the Arab world against Hamas. The editorial this blog links to is but one of many unofficial and government voices in the Arab community at present. My friend Chaim Szmidt at Freedom’s Cost blog quotes from a Kuwaiti commentator. But there are certainly others.  In fact, so pervasive is the criticism coming out of Arab and Muslim media that even the Iranian government is in a tizzy shutting down newspapers critical of Hamas for stirring up the IDF. It’s a shame Western media isn’t half as fair these days as even the Arabs are.


As we know, Hamas is a militant arm of the Iranian government. Yesterday, Turkey  announced it had intercepted a suspicious shipment between the governments of Iran and Venezuela. What does the Arab world see that the Western media is ignoring? Perhaps that this is far bigger than anything having to do with Israel; it has a lot to do with a power grab going on by a strange alliance of Iran,  Syria and their allies in one sense, and a power grab by Russia seeking to use Iran, Syria, their allies, and terrorist groups to gain more power over the oil market and control prices, among other short and long term goals.


Remember all of those "charitable" projects in which Hamas is engaged? Let’s look at how Hamas, in violation of international law, educates its children to be combatants:  




Hamas kills Palestinians regularly. In the video below, it’s for daring to sing in public. Watch as Hamas shows up and shoots up a wedding party, killing the groom. After this, more clips in this video show acts of violence against Palestinians by Hamas in broad daylight for no other reason than their support of the Abbas government and other things that will make any humane, decent person's blood boil. The narrator, who is critical of Hamas, is Arab:




Here's part two:




Here's a Palestinian girl who may not long live after blaming Hamas for the deaths of her family:




Hamas launching its rockets, reminiscent of the German V2s, which terrorist England during World War II:




Meanwhile, most of the Western media and academia turn and look away, "Pallywood" is shown here staging events for the cameras:




The impact of the Qassam rockets on ordinary Israelis (now how would you react to such daily attacks; how did the English react to constant missile bombardment by the Nazis?):




(Videos above courtesy Chaim’s blog.)


Hamas is a terrorist organization. Worse, they are a terrorist organization whose members repeatedly call for genocide. “But that is the Third World,” you say. “What of those ‘moderate’ Hamas supporters right here in the United States?”  Perhaps you’re right, perhaps there are more moderate elements in the United States; one then has to be in awe of how extreme the extremists in the Middle East are then:


This video depicts the haters the Left defends at all costs, claiming they're the victims of Nazi-style intolerance on the part of Israel. But did you catch who was chanting "Go back to the ovens"? This is exactly why the pro-terrorist paradox on the left is indefensible. As I've stated before, how can the left both defend Nazism and in the same breath accuse Israel of being heartless Nazis? And just think the people in this video are just starter-terrorists. These guys are Islamists-lite! As Trento tells us, just imagine how they would be acting in Paris or London or someplace in the Middle East where there are no Ft. Lauderdale police to keep them at bay?



So why then is it alright for the British to defend themselves when attacked by German rockets during World War II, but it is not alright for Israelis to defend themselves when attacked by Hamas rockets in 2009? Of course, the answer to this question is impossible, and that’s why the Western media simply ignore it.





Danish schools now refusing to admit Jewish children in order to appease likely violent Arab students and parents. Vidkun Quisling would be proud.


"Stop This Vicious Slaughter! England Must Stop Waging War on the Nazis!" A fun little piece of satire courtesy, amazingly enough, the Huffington Post. Hat tip to Freedom's Cost blog for this one and to the article for two Hamas quotes earlier in this post.


UPDATE: CNN Reports "unknown" group has begun firing rockets into Israel from Lebanon. Assuming this is Hezbollah, things may have just gotten more interesting: a proxy war between Israel and an Iran-Syria axis, which in turn are proxies for Russia. As a bonus, such an overt axis would prove yet again that Shiite and Sunni work happily together when it suits them. (05.00 CST)




Posted by Martin at January 8, 2009 04:23 AM

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Great article and roundup. The CNN statement update is typical.

I've submitted this article to the Watcher of Weasels.org site for this week.

Posted by: Debbie at January 13, 2009 12:01 PM

Thanks, Debbie. It's not surprising coming from France, but we do need to make sure we stand up against it.

At least during the Cold War when liberals and Eurosocialists sided with the Soviets, very few, with the exception of some hot spots in SE Asia, Africa, and Central America, immediately died (although the Soviets were instrumental in backing the anti-Israel Islamofascist war machine); today, we have not only the prospect of millions dying if terrorists, encouraged by the usual suspects get their hands on a WMD, we get to face people dying every day from Qassams, IEDs, car bombings, suicide bombings, and other acts of cold-blooded murder.

Posted by: Martin at January 13, 2009 07:08 PM