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February 23, 2009

Shot of the Day


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February 18, 2009

Thought of the Day



When conservatives are in power, it's about government accountability to the people; when libs are in power, it's about the people's accountability to government. As the ShamWow guy says (sort of), it speaks for itself.



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February 17, 2009

Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness



"Out of the mouthes of babes".


One of the most compelling pro-life messages you will hear is from a 12-year-old. Read about how her school tried to silence her, seeking to disqualify her from a speech competition because of her message. The message was so powerful, however, it could not be censored.




As we know, the abortionist argument is deliberately deceptive, as was the argument for slavery or the argument for exterminating the Jewish and other populations by the Nazis, Soviets, Chinese, Rwandans, etc. Sometimes these terms were merely soft euphemisms for the same thing; other times, completely new, unrelated words were used. Instead of the term “human” to refer to someone we wish to dehumanize, abuse, and murder, we recast the victim as:


- Negro, darky, servant, help (or sometimes worse)

- Untermensch

- Counter revolutionary

- Cockroach

- Fetus, blob of tissue


As the young girl points about in the video above, “fetus” is the Latin word for child or baby, just as “negro” is the Latin word for black. Perhaps it is because our culture has a conscience that we generally prefer catchy euphemisms that sound morally neutral to the actual term or something we have deemed too harsh. We don’t seem to want to fully face it for what it is; however, nor can we seem to fully hide it.


The difficulty with abortion for convenience is that for it to be conducted with a clear conscience at least one of two things must not be true:


1. The unborn baby is human

2. The unborn baby is alive


If the unborn baby is not human but alive, then it is simply a matter of whether the abortion was committed in an inhumane way (the unborn human and other mammals can feel pain very early on – the second trimester in humans, according to doctors) and whether the animal is protected by law.


If the unborn baby is human but not alive, then it clearly by definition cannot be aborted, but simply removed, which is done to prevent poisoning the mother and for obvious cosmetic reasons.


If both of those conditions are not met; i.e. the baby is human and the baby is alive, these consequences apply under natural, common, and most importantly, moral law:


The unborn baby possesses human rights equal to those of any adult, not to be deprived of life or freedom except where liberties of children are normally curtailed by guardians until the proper age, which is institutional for the sake of protecting the lives of the children.


In other words, a child’s rights are never abridged except within the mission of protecting the child; never to bring her to harm. If then, the child is brought to harm through no accident, and particularly if she is killed, it either becomes a crime of negligence, passion, or premeditation. It is either considered to be manslaughter (or equivalent) or murder.  


So then, if the baby is human and alive, she is to be protected and nurtured, not harmed. This is really one of those common sense epiphanies that rarely break through the clouds of so-called high-thinking academics, who often rarely, if ever, see the ground. Nevertheless, like a great many other obvious things unrecognized by the calloused and disconnected or simply those who have been misinformed, it is true.


 Unfortunately, we know that abortion for convenience will never be completely eliminated any more than slavery or other forms of genocide around the world. In fact, in the latter half of the 20th and early 21st Centuries, we have seen slavery make a comeback of sorts, with the widening use and abuse if illegal aliens by powerful corporate interests bent on abusing workers to cut corners on the ordinary costs of doing business, which partly may have come about due to excessively high corporate taxes, but at the end of the day lacks any good excuse. As a result, we have watched as the human trafficking industry has exploded in North America (and elsewhere in the world). Since the 1970s, the great progress of the West in terms of human rights – ending slavery, ending the Nazi Holocaust, opposing human rights abuses in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, etc., suddenly went into reverse. This happened first with the legalization of abortion in the United States and elsewhere in the West, and then moved into other areas: active and passive euthanasia (the latter occurring when state-run hospitals decide your life isn’t worth the expense of chemo or a heart transplant, etc.), murder of babies already born, the enslavement of foreign nationals as off-the-books workers, the support of and trade with regimes like China, the early release of dangerous criminals who are high risk to commit new violent crimes, and so on. Ironically, much of it has been under the deceptive banner of “freedom”; yet, these actions both devalued human life and consequently diminished human freedom. This trend, in direct contrast to the rosy predictions of those like Francis Fukuyama who predicted the triumph of democracy 18 years ago after the fall of the Soviet Union, is likely to accelerate unless we work diligently to reverse it in every area, lest we ourselves become like China. China today not only has forced abortions (which, ironically, the pro-“choice” lobby in the U.S. loves, it puts political dissidents in slave labor camps and executes them to harvest their organs for transplant and for cosmetics sold in Europe. There are even the eerily-familiar lampshades made of human skin). We in the West must end slavery and human trafficking in all its forms, we must end euthanasia, and we must stop the murder of babies and children, born and unborn, lest we, too, find ourselves too far down that road to turn around without the upheaval of massive regime change.


While true that abortion will remain in some form irrespective of its legal status in the eyes of the state, it can be markedly reduced – and must – through proper legislation, education, and quality alternatives for poor young expectant mothers. The latter half is already showing much progress, as countless religious and other private organizations provide shelter, education, medical care, and adoption services to young unwed mothers. What is lacking is re-energizing the public, which has become beaten down by a constant drone of letting sleeping dogs lie by the media and a lack of information about the science of abortion and consequences of that science as human beings who overwhelmingly are good and decent, support human rights for everyone, and almost to a man or woman would personally fight to protect the innocent from imminent danger. Abortion is the slavery of the 21st Century, but because it is the modern philosophical gateway to every other kind of abuse, with it we once more face a forked road: if we go one way, along with abortion every other human right we enjoy will be lost, including the right to self-determination and the opportunity for prosperity; if we go the other, we will be philosophically insulated from egregious and systemic abuse and will be able with intellectual honesty to confront the other demons of our society and of other societies. As such, we will be on the road to greater justice, greater peace, and greater freedom and the prosperity, safety, and comfort they bring. Without life, there is no liberty or pursuit of happiness and we may even lose our identity completely as a lack of moral authority and an abundance of weakness and uncertainty lead to an absence of national resolve. After all, if we lose our souls, for what then shall we fight?



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February 16, 2009

Bear Market for Fukuyama



As Putin and his teddybear Medvedev do with the "oiligarchs", so Obama and congress seek to do with American banking; both will leave citizens poorer and government more centralized and powerful, and neither is pro-democratic.


We may soon find ourselves wishing more than ever history had indeed ended in 1990 with a triumph of democracy, as Francis Fukuyama had wished. Tiananmen Square has become in essence the anti-shot heard 'round the world that promised us all the autocratic pushback would come and it would be harsh. Turns out, the selfish and power-hungry don't ever just go away on their own, after all. As if common sense ever said that it would.  



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Deport Them All... Except the Politically Useful




From the unequal under the law department: 30,000 illegally present Haitians were ordered deported back to Haiti. The crime: illegally present while not Mexican (IPWNM).



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