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September 15, 2009

"Professorial" Charlie Gibson? Here Comes the Science!



It appears scientists have at long last established a link between curiosity and intelligence. I guess that means Sarah Palin is more intelligent than Charlie Gibson after all:




However researchers say this discovery may one day lead to a drug to help with learning. Before you say that has been tried before, I think we shouldn’t dismiss this. After all, let’s think of the newsmen…


Al Gore may soon need a welfare check if he hasn’t invested all of his con-money from his anthropogenic global warming scheme too well. Turns out many of us were right that solar activity, not your pickup truck, is a key influence of climate change.


Read my blog about this that I posted for the Henry Jackson Society earlier this summer.


Of course, Gibson’s and Gore’s ignorance is not one imposed upon them by nature, but the result of a conscious decision to dumb themselves down to avoid the resultant internal moral conflict. Many hardcore Darwinists like Sir Richard Dawkins (those who in frothy fervor follow the “esteemed” racist and eugenicist Charles Darwin as though he were…Obama) say the worldview that descends from their take on origins trumps the moral consequences of the science of the unborn and the policy of abortion. Otherwise we might have to call it murder, doncha know.


At the end of the day, the self-imposed stupidity of relativism, not the absence of innate intelligence, provides the carte blanche catalyst for the dishonesty we see from the likes of Charlie Gibson, Al Gore, and ACORN. Truly, the nut falls not far from the tree.



I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.


– Barack Obama, during a speech to ACORN, November 2007.




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September 14, 2009

ACORN: Old Media May Want to Crawl Out of This Bed...



It is sad to say, but the ACORN cover-up in the Old Media made up of television networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC along with their friends in print media is quickly rising to the level of the Rather-Gate scandal from 2004, if it hasn’t already surpassed the absurdity of it. Unfortunately, because of their inaction and utter refusal to cover what is clearly a big story, the suicidal Old Media are fast becoming as much a part of the story and the scandal as has ACORN.


In fact, it pains me to say this, but one is really forced to assume by their silent support of ACORN that Old Media also supports the idea of human trafficking, the enslavement of children for sex purposes, prostitution, tax evasion, and every other felonious or otherwise criminal act ACORN has itself been arguably shown to systemically give aid and comfort to. That’s not some nutty blogger saying this about Old Media; it’s Old Media saying it about themselves.


Granted, that Old Media has chosen to demonstrate their bias through omission is nothing new, as evidenced by the Dan Rather fiasco where CBS news producers lived in complete denial of the evidence right in front of them until the bitter end and countless other examples. In particular, one recalls how Old Media covered the “Million Man March”, the “Million Mom March”, and the 2006 illegal alien marches. There was the gorgeous theatric video panning and spinning over crowds and wide-eyed commentators giving us the feel of a Macy’s Day Parade, there were the stunning and prolific photos of babies, and sympathetic caricatures intended to evoke tender emotions. Little time wasted culling and repeating bloated crowd numbers (and little attention was paid to the amount of trash left behind). The Old Media even dazzled us with satellite photos. In contrast, we have perhaps the largest protest in the history of Washington D.C. last Saturday – with possibly even more in attendance than at the Inauguration of Barack Obama last January – being almost completely ignored by Old Media, and if mentioned, downplayed. Those interested in seeing video, must either turn to Fox News or watch grainy home video or captures from outdoor webcams.


In the case of the on-going ACORN scandal, the sin of omission is not just evidence for bias, it suggests support for a level of criminality far beyond the pale. It also is a confession of commission: the silent acknowledgement that Obama’s ties to ACORN are universally accepted as problematic. Of course, Old Media could correct this easily by simply reporting the story. In so doing they could at once avoid being cast as protectors of child-predators and other criminals and as those admitting to accepting the notion that ACORN and Obama are so closely tied that a strike against the one is a strike against the other.


In the very least, Old Media’s Baghdad Bob Syndrome is evidence for the truly sick notion that partisan politics should come before stopping some of the most heinous crimes known to man; at worst, such silence shamelessly condones it. As politically useful as such silence may seem at first to Old Media, they may wish to think again before following their first impulse: taking the bait and covering for ACORN puts them in some astoundingly bad company. If they think their credibility is on the steep decline now, they may find this makes  recovery impossible for some time. This game of chess ends only one way unless Old Media does their job: checkmate.



I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.


– Barack Obama, during a speech to ACORN, November 2007.


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Thought of the Day: Obamamaton Race-Card Sharks



If opposing Obama makes almost anyone a racist, then we’ll have to ban football. Because from now on, anytime someone of one ethnic background tackles a fellow of another ethnic background, even though he’s playing for the other team and has the ball, it will be racism.












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September 12, 2009

Protests in Washington: Obama Runs

UPDATED: 21:49 Scroll to bottom



Obama ran away from the truly massive Tea Party protest this weekend in Washington D.C. like a scared little girl. The girly man-in-chief said he had to lead another one of his rigged “town hall” meetings out west instead. Ironically, reports say there were was some trouble with the audio system during the Pledge at his event. I bet. And some hypocrisy and truth trouble.


Sure. If anyone had the chance to listen to the audio-only of his speech to Congress the other night, they might have noticed the pitch of his voice was noticeably raised and his throat sounded tight. He was clearly agitated, possibly unable to believe that the American people would dare disagree with HIM. Who disagrees with a messiah, after all? If only he could throw bolts of lightning, if only. Instead, he was further insulted by being called what he is: a liar. God bless South Carolina's Joe Wilson, who shouted what we were all exclaiming at our television sets during the entire time of Obama's lengthy and unimpressive rant. When the president tells you to ignore the text of a bill and believe what he says it says, he is indeed a liar. Or he is crazy. If the latter, he should be removed by Congress immediately (but we know he isn't crazy; he just thinks you're stupid).


This is what one sees in a “man” who flees at the first sign of trouble. The same man who capitulated to North Korea’s demands to end six-party talks this week only to see DPRK make more threats, is the same one who today is too afraid to deal with and look into the faces of the millions of Americans he cowardly wishes to harm through Obamascare and other fascistic policy initiatives. Apparently The One is choosy about those to whom he does his surrendering. Guess what? You and I aren’t on the “yes” list, but terrorists and rogue states are.


The truth is that all statists – be they Obama, Reid, Pelosi or proven dictators like Chávez, Castro, Putin or China’s Hu – are cowards. They are inherently weak men, further weakened by their guilty minds and a rightful fear – even paranoia – of the people. This fear of the people no doubt is also shared by the anthropophobes in the Old Media. Were Chris Matthews forced to spend a week in "flyover country", he would no doubt feel something else of a warmer sort running down his leg. But this fear also means that none of them "get" us. It is self-perpetuating. This fear of the people ties statists in state and media together, but also spells their ultimate political and market downfall.


As Andrew Moylan of the National Taxpayers Union  said at the protests today, “Hell hath no fury like a taxpayer ignored". The president may be able to hide from protesters for awhile, but he cannot hide from the voter in the voting booth. There once was a czar who refused to acknowledge what was going on in his country until it was too late. Russia’s last Czar, Nicholas II, was such a man, and as a result of his complete popular disconnect he was overthrown. Fortunately, we have an electoral system in this country through which we can bloodlessly overthrow the politically autistic. Beginning in 2010 and consummating in 2012, the president will hear us whether he wants to or not.


In the meantime, he can flag us all he may wish, but our flag, unlike his solid red one, has colors that don’t run. We are Americans and we will not be cowed from within or without. As another young speaker at the protests shouted today, “By the way, this message is for President Obama: Flag this!"



UPDATE: Obama was speaking at his little pet rally of Obamatons today. During his diatribe in support of his Socialized Murdercine plan (which the liar still hasn't read) to the dwindling faithful, he spoke of the protesters in D.C. and the rest of us. This arrogant and utterly disconnected ideologue actually said of us, "They can't stop us". Um, "yes we can!"


UPDATE II: "Up to TWO MILLION march to US Capitol" - Mail Online. This, of course, seems to only be the beginning. If that is the case November 2nd 2010 will easily become one of the worst days for Democrats since the surrender at Appomattox. Meanwhile, if Obama sounded like anything, it wasn't presidential today. Perhaps Baghdad Bob would be a closer match, as he ranted and carried on at his petty little exile rally far away from D.C. A sad little man our president increasingly becomes, which is most unbecoming.





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September 09, 2009

Noteworthy Birds on a Wire



The most amazing thing you’ll see this week: 


Birds on the Wires”, a beautiful video created by Jarbas Agnelli of São Paulo who saw a photo of birds on electric wires by Paul Pinto in a newspaper and decided to create a song based on the birds locations as musical notes.


Watch the video:




Click here to watch larger in HD.



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September 08, 2009

Iran Stalls Again on Nukes; Buys Time



Stratfor is saying that “Iran: Tehran To Submit New Nuclear Package To P-5+1”:


Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said Sept. 8 that Tehran will submit a new package of proposals “in light of the current developments in the world” to the P-5+1 group, Press TV reported. The P-5+1 group — the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council (the United Kingdom, China, France, Russia and the United States) plus Germany — is involved in talks over the Iranian nuclear program. “We hope that we can organize a new round of negotiations within the framework of the new package,” Mottaki said.


Fat chance. Right now, Iran has no intention of cooperating in any real way, and certainly not as Russia, North Korea, and others continue to lend material support and states like Syria provide moral support to much of what the regime would like to do. Meanwhile, Ahmad Vahidi has been chosen as Iran’s new defense minister. As Jane’s Intelligence Weekly reports, Vahidi is a known terrorist wanted by Interpol for the murder of 85 people from a bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires in 1994.


Meanwhile, Russia continues to work with Iran’s allies Syria and Venezuela – both of whom have been involved in nuclear weapons-related activity over the past few years – partly with North Korea – and Venezuela continues to be an important source of uranium. Iran and China both have been involved in close proximity in Africa, where Iran has also been involved in trying to extricate uranium, according to a 2006 UN report. Venezuela is also increasing its oil supply to Iran, which one finds on its face rather strange considering Iran is an oil exporter. Announcing the agreement, Chávez, who just finished a whirlwind tour “that has taken him to Algeria, Libya and Syria, and will continue in Russia and Belarus”, also interestingly vociferously denied there was “any proof” of an Iranian nuclear weapons program. So far, Iran and Venezuela have signed over 300 various agreements. We’d like to mention at this point that all of this looks pretty suspicious and would recommend that someone take a look at every single one of those oil containers, preferably with a Geiger counter in hand.


All of this is particularly troubling, bearing in mind the rising threat and international concern over electromagnetic pulse (or EMP), which could utilize a primitive nuclear warhead detonation at high altitude to literally wipe out the electrical systems and electronics of an entire continent potentially. Such a device, if used, would be an international game-changer, particularly since retaliation would be extremely difficult given the anonymous way in which such a weapon could be deployed.


Russia seems ready to turn its back on considering a commitment to Israel not to sell S-300 missiles to Iran, upon revelations that it may soon be helping Syria upgrade its MiG fleet and some rather interesting secret discussions with Iranian officials in Abkhazia, "is home to several Soviet-era nuclear facilities". All of this seems to indicate that Moscow is still in the mood to sell equipment that will project the wrong kind of power in the already unstable region. It now appears clear that only Russia can reset its relations with the rest of the world; something most understood all along.


Indeed, it would be safe to say with the arming of terrorist groups and the Middle Eastern and African regimes that directly sponsor them as well as commit their own egregious violations of human rights, that the world would be a lot safer and a lot better off if both Russia and China would turn away from their proxy belligerence. The chances of that in the near future, however, are slim, which is why the US and its allies need to invoke a foreign policy that is both realist in the sense that it accepts the way things actually are, as well as idealist, which develops a common sense path to a world that is truly free of states that sponsor terrorism, proxy aggression, menacing nuclear proliferation, genocide, and other internal and external acts of disregard for human rights and international security.





Read my recent article at the Henry Jackson Society on Russia and the Middle East: Russia in the Middle East: Progress or Strategy Change-Up


Read my transcription of Avi Schnurr's address to members of the British Parliament at an event hosted by the Henry Jackson Society: The EMP Threat: A Strategic Review of Geopolitical Risk Scenarios



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September 07, 2009

Russian Nukes, Abkhazia, and Iran (YPFP)



An earlier piece I wrote for the Henry Jackson Society discussing Russia's possible nuclear dealings in Abkhazia – in particular with Iran – is now up at Young Professionals in Foreign Policy.



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Michael Moore: "Capitalism is Evil…Except for Mine"



The great political scientist Michael Moore tells us all again why it is the very system that lifted mankind out of the dark ages of Old World misery for the hordes and extreme stratification of social classes is such an evil thing. Moore seems to find endless faults with a system by which a middle class was allowed to flourish, life expectancies increased, disease and malnutrition subsided into the ancient past, and literacy and opportunity for personal improvement and the political power of personal liberty took hold as never before.


A people found more free time on their hands, good transportation and the ability to communicate and gain knowledge, live longer, and be happier through their own fruits and the fruits of over 200 years of brave souls keeping government out of the affairs of men and Michael Moore thinks it’s a bad thing. In fact, that after thousands of years of primitive human history, liberty and capitalism have come along and brought us the light bulb, modern medicine, the air plane, the automobile, space exploration, the MP3 player, and yes the movie theater and DVDs is of no consequence Mr. Moore (or perhaps we should say, "Mr. Less").


Of course the most absurd aspect of his ignorant diatribes is the hypocrisy, which makes them more than one can bear. Michael Moore, like so many American statists, has made his fortune, and now he finds his calling in blocking the way for the rest of us, all while suggesting that human suffering inflicted by a self-interested state is a good thing.


Given that alternative to capitalism, regressing back towards the top-heavy governments of the past or their socialist contemporaries where hundreds of millions have suffered and were murdered, one wonders if Michael Moore really is that evil or if he just doesn’t do much reading or listening outside his little Hollywood bubble. If he’s as good a study as he is a hygienist, it may, to his credit, be the latter.



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