June 13, 2009

Lack of Imagination a Factor



This week, Ruben Navarrette wrote a piece in the Denver Post that could be best described as the most unoriginal thought on immigration cloaked as the most brilliant illumination Mr. Navarrette’s friends could possibly have been so blessed to see. In his piece, Navarrette spends much of his time bragging about how clever he was to predict to his friends ahead of time that a liberal Democrat administration and congress would be happy to do amnesty for illegal aliens or select a Supreme Court justice on the basis of skin color rather than content of character. Honestly, Navarrette, no one but you saw this coming. Read more of my piece at the Henry Jackson Society's blog “The Scoop”..





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February 16, 2009

Deport Them All... Except the Politically Useful




From the unequal under the law department: 30,000 illegally present Haitians were ordered deported back to Haiti. The crime: illegally present while not Mexican (IPWNM).



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November 23, 2008

Senator Lugar Hints at Support for "Fairness Doctrine"



Senator Lugar meets with me and other WAC members (Photo courtesy of World Affairs Council)



Last week I and other World Affairs Council members had the chance to meet with Indiana Senator Richard Lugar at the Capitol.


During our visit with the Indiana Republican on 7 November, he seemed to offer his support for a revived “Fairness Doctrine” tailored to target only one viewpoint – that of the comparatively modest talk radio industry. On the topic of such legislation, Lugar seemed sympathetic to the significant hostility among the left towards what he called “irresponsible” “right wing” radio, using catch-phrases right out of the Idiots Guide to Liberalism, intimating that talk radio was somehow a rogue entity that merely stirred up the common people to the consternation of all-knowing legislators. (Nevermind the rogue entity on Capitol Hill that is attempting to usurp the Constitution.)


Senator Lugar first greeted each of us and was extremely friendly and cordial, before taking his usual seat (now that the Democrats are in power) next to where the Committee Chair would sit in the Senate Foreign Relations committee room. As we each grabbed a chair – I wound up with the honor of holding down the chair of the genuinely conservative Senator David Vitter of Louisiana. Senator Lugar then gave us a quick run-down of things like the international financial crisis, his own biography, and the in-coming administration before taking questions. During much of this, much that was said was nothing notable or new. The senator is indeed a truly likable man and I must say I can see why, politics aside, he has been as successful in the Senate as he has been. Unfortunately, beyond personality and congeniality, the Senator and millions of Americans part ways – and do so on numerous issues. Lugar, who voted in favor of an amendment in the 2007 Defense Authorization bill sponsored by Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman that would have killed such a censorship doctrine’s revival, is also known, as a Rockefeller Republican for among other things most recently ganging up with Ted Kennedy against the American people during the Amnesty war of 2006. Now that it seems safe for him to do so, he appears to be reversing his position on the so-called “Fairness" Doctrine as well.


Senator Lugar meets with me and other WAC members (Blogbat)


Lugar’s language was strong and even harsh as he laid out the argument in favor of conservative radio censorship, as if he were a schoolmaster educating his children about the danger of alligators and why we need to trap them. As he sat in his seat sipping water from a glass with an emblem that read, “United States Senate”, Senator Lugar seemed to offer what was hardly a fair and balanced assessment of the state of media bias of his own. Instead, he seemed to ape the utterly false meme that talk radio was some giant politically unified monster for which there was no real counterweight. But wait, isn’t the mainstream media, which includes most of the cable news and broadcast radio news and all of broadcast news on television, print media, and entertainment? And more alarmingly, what of the blatant leftwing bias we see throughout the very newswire services that every news organization liberal and conservative must heavily lean on for its news? No word from Mr. Lugar there.


Sadly, the only part of media Senator Lugar expressed interest in muzzling is just a tiny sliver of media in toto; a tiny rock in a giant leftwing media ocean liberal viewpoints found in mainstream media. Indeed, conservative radio was created and became popular as a means to somehow modestly counter the prevailing leftwing bias in all other media, and, based on this election, still has a ways to go before even doing that.


Meanwhile, the liberal media continue to lecture viewers and listeners, shoving the leftwing worldview and even choice of candidates down the throats of those who turn on their show, buy their CDs or pay to see their movies. And MSM is eerily silent and unwilling to report any of the events concerning the new proposed censorship doctrine, despite the tremendous noise made by Democrats and particularly Obama’s transition team. Indeed, accounting to Pew Research, 70% of Americans believed mainstream broadcast news media favored Obama in the last election; the same news media that has been losing massive amounts of readers and viewers over the past several years. In fact, if trends continue, MSM would surely succumb to alternative media and just be another voice among many, rather than the unfair doctrinaires that they have been for decades. That’s likely, much more than any other reason, why MSM was so much more aggressive in its advocacy for Barack Obama than even they were for John Kerry – by 20% or more over 2004, based on opinion polls on the perception of liberal bias. Thus this past election may one day be dubbed by historians as the Mainstream Media Preservation ACT of 2008.


Yet, Senator Lugar lacked any criticism for the type of Goliath-like demagoguery for which the comparatively tiny conservative radio industry came about as a response; nor did Senator Lugar comment on what 70% of Americans of all political stripes believes is a problem in mainstream television and print news media; that is, its overbearing leftwing bias. Worse, rather than being forthright to the public about his true feelings, he lets them seep out among those he assumes may be sympathetic to his views. I’m afraid you read the room wrong, Senator Lugar.



The Fairness Doctrine, the government, the People, and free speech an historical context:


It now seems there is a gulf betwixt the effete few who have forgotten they serve at the People's pleasure and the People for whom the Constitution was established and the Constitution and the People for whom those serving hold their temporary  legitimacy to serve. That gulf is probably best expressed in light of these two very competing views of whence original powers flow:


In the midst of the pitched battle over amnesty for illegal aliens and in the face of millions of phone calls and e-mails from the People telling the senate where it could put its amnesty, Pennsylvania Rockefeller-Republican Senator Arlen Specter pounded the lectern in the Senate, as I saw with my own eyes, and decreed as if an oligarchic despot, "The will of the Senate will prevail!" Shortly thereafter began rumblings of re-instating the "Fairness" Doctrine even before Republicans were unceremoniously booted out for their arrogant and childish part in scamnesty, in order to punish the People for daring to interfere with what the Senate hath deemed would be our national policy on immigration.

By Contrast, America's Founding Father Thomas Jefferson summed up Americanism in this simple, yet powerful statement: "The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object." I don't know about any of you, but I much prefer the America of Jefferson over the America of snotty little fat-cat spoiled brats who seem to think their senate paychecks, the state dinners, and all the props of the chamber are their right and that we, the People, should mind our Ps and Qs. It's time to remind the Senate that its members should be well-mannered and well-heeled at all times.



RELATED: Attention Francis Fukuyama: Maggie's Notebook deecries the end of democracy with a worldwide trend against free speech toward authoritarianism.



UPDATE: Maggie's Notebook just posted a piece on the "Fairness" Doctrine and has linked to the post you're now reading and posted some great information including how to contact Senator Lugar and others who need to be reminded of their humble station.











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July 17, 2008

Citizens Should Go After Employers of Illegals Directly



Another food preparation nightmare: greedy business owners using illegal aliens with no real accountability preparing food for thousands of customers in several restaurants.


And the kicker: not only has the employer displayed blatant disregard for its customers’ health, it also contributed to the fastest growing crime in the U.S. today: identity theft. so sure, these businesses should be criminally punished with fines for knowingly hiring illegals, as was Mack Associates inc. most recently; however, it seems pragmatic such employers also be prosecuted with jail terms, but not just for knowingly hiring illegals, but as organized criminals with stiffer sentences for helping illegals obtain identities belonging to other people, or in the very least helping in creating a climate in which such costly crimes across the country are clearly being encouraged.


But there's more to be done to create a climate of adherence to the law, and that rests with you and me, the affected customer: In the case of Mack Associates, a customer who has visited one of the McDonald's restaurants affected by this fine should sue Mack Associates inc. for putting them at risk by hiring illegal aliens whose identities could not be verified. Such employees with unverified identities could have much more easily been dangerous criminals wanted by authorities as well as already being demonstrated as unscrupulous by evading immigration laws and thus likely to evade the consequences of any dangerous practices engaged in by these employees, to say nothing of being able to do so due to the very nature of their identity and immigration status. Additionally, since illegal aliens generally are forced to work unusual hours at lower pay, such employees are more prone to making dangerous errors on the job, posing further risk to customers. Finally, any communication barriers due to lack of English proficiency could lead to catastrophic accidents on the job, which in turn could put customers at risk, to say nothing of daily miscommunication that could decrease the health and safety of customers in a highly sensitive food preparation business, particularly noteworthy in light of recent news regarding food poisoning resulting from improper food preparation. Mack Associates seems to have had an egregious disregard for the health and safety of its customers and, such a customer could contend, not only was negligent, but malicious in that disregard. If the latter is provable, such a customer should seek the highest possible punitive damages, thus leaving a lasting impression on Mach Associates and similar companies. You would then see incentive for insurers to begin pressuring businesses to ensure their employees are legal, thus reducing the liability vector.


Of course, this is just my opinion as a lay person, but the move seems so glaringly obvious as the right move to make. Such businesses need to know that they’ll not just get a slap on the wrist for putting Americans in danger, they will face the fierce wrath of Americans who will be more than happy to take a big messy chunk out of these greedy business owners’ hides.



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June 15, 2008

Ending Open Borders and the Old Boy Network

...and making government responsive to the 96.3% who want their towns back



Alas, someone who hears us!


Conservative State Rep. Leo Berman, Republican of Tyler, is taking a stand. He is standing up for ordinary Texans who have overwhelmingly suffered as a result of our open-borders corporate-government-payoff policy, and have overwhelmingly called for something to be done to stop the bleeding before it's too late.


“We don’t have any leadership in Texas that’s committed to real immigration reform,” Berman says. “I’m going to lead an effort among a dozen Republicans to introduce 20 to 30 new bills dealing with illegal immigration. If we can’t do anything on those bills, then at the end of the session, I will announce my candidacy for governor, on the pledge that if elected, I’ll do something about the issue.”


This looks like a great idea. Rick Perry has essentially done for American sovereignty and the health and safety of the people of the State of Texas what that little terrorist did by taking Molotov cocktail to Governor's Mansion last week: leave an appalling legacy. I make no bones about the fact I do not like Rick Perry; he’s a Sleaze with a capital S, but if he could at least keep it to his private life, I might consider leaving well-enough alone. Of course just a week or two ago, do you know where Perry was? In Mexico asking how high we need to jump to appease corrupt leaders bent on “reconquista”. Meanwhile underage girls are kidnapped and raped by illegal aliens, whole families are killed by illegal alien drunk drivers, hospitals are shutting down and schools are going belly-up because of illegal alien freeloaders, and Americans can’t find the jobs they need to do in desperate times, because of the 30% of illegals who actually work rather than drink beer all day so they can go out and run over Americans, rape Americans, and spread infectious diseases (that’s not an attack on Mexicans, by the way; most Mexicans are happy that generally the lowest common denominator in their country has left for the northern frontier, and I can’t blame them.)


Love this:


Gov. Rick Perry — who has announced his plans to run for re-election in 2010 — has opposed Berman’s bills in the past. “I think any of those types of legislation that create divisions are bad. We need to look at ways to be bringing people together, rather than driving wedges between them.”


Yes, we wouldn’t wish to drive a wedge that separates citizens and legal aliens from those who are here illegally. And we wouldn't want to enforce that pesky border, er, I mean, "wedge", either. How terrible would that be. Worse yet, how many millions of dollars in bribes would Perry lose from corrupt businesses that hire illegals if he went along with the overwhelming will of the people of Texas and passed an illegal immigration law as tough as say, those long in place in Mexico.


Perry’s not the only state Republican who still doesn’t get it: “House Speaker Tom Craddick has also opposed most state-level fixes to what he sees as federal issues. ’Historically, the federal government has dealt with immigration.’” Come down out of your ivory towers and see how those of us who don’t have walls and guards around our mansions are forced to live. Perry and Craddick both need to go.


There are of course others in Austin government who are opposed to Berman’s wish to respond to the will of the people, and we aren’t even including the typical Democrats. No, these are all Republicans infected with the same virus that has made the national party so ill: a revival of Rockefellerism, which would even rather keep thumbing its nose at the electorate than win elections.


And Berman’s now armed with the irrefutable endorsement for immigration reform voiced by Texas Republican voters.


In March, Republicans casting ballots in the primaries voted on a measure saying that “Federal, state and local officials should be required to enforce U.S. immigration laws in order to secure our borders.” They approved the referendum by 96.33 percent.


But it’s still going to be an uphill battle to win over the leadership, Berman acknowledges.


I propose we drag all of these worthless leaders out of the capitol building by their ears and force them to meet in a home in a random middle class community overrun with the various plagues caused by illegal immigration – both literal and figurative – and if they should become ill (heaven forbid), we'll take them to the same hospitals the rest of us are forced to visit and wait behind the long line of those who have no excuse to be here, are stealing healthcare (by not paying for it), and bringing a host of new and strange exotic diseases (many of which we extinguished in the United States many moons ago) into not only our emergency rooms, but our schools.


It is our state and these elected officials represent us. I’ve about had it and I’ll be darned if I stand by and allow a one of them to get re-elected – ever. If they would like, they can certainly take their mamby-pamby elitist Nero-esque mentality and start their own political party. Call it the Screw You, America: We’re Going to Get Rich off Your Backs Whether You Like it or Not Party.


When Speaker Craddick says, “Historically, the federal government has dealt with immigration,” what he really means is, “Historically, the good ‘ol boys have run the show. Now, you ordinary people out there think you’re political power brokers because you have Fox News, Lou Dobbs, talk radio, and the blogs. Well, we ain’t goin’ quietly and we aim to remind you ignorant citizens who really is boss 'round here.” Hope you remember what being a legislator was like, Craddick, because the voters have had enough, and unless you declare a dictatorship, next Election Day, you’ll be packing your bags, as will your buddies in the legislature and the governor’s mansion… make that the Governor’s Rubble. Rick and his cronies should go back in time to that old Louisiana where fat men sat in smoke-filled rooms with the framed bass hanging on the wall, where they divvied up their share of the taxpayers’ money and special interest bribes in Dukes of Hazard style. Or swap that fish out with a moose head, keep the cigar smoke, and move two thousand miles east to Tammany Hall. Either of these will suffice, I’m sure, for these diehard nostalgics of yesteryear.


Such backward self-serving miopses who’d do anything to stay in power and aggrandize themselves, including lying, cheating, and dare I say burning down their own living quarters so the state might furnish an upgrade to suit their egos (not that anyone would do that today, mind you) are a scourge on efficient government of the people, by the people, and for the people; and the sooner the voters are rid of them, the better off everyone will be. If taxpayers are even slightly fortunate, Leo Berman’s bills will pass and he’ll run for governor. What a day for Texas that would be.  



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May 15, 2008

All God's Children...Except for the Americans



Illegal alien gets just 1 and ½ years in prison after raping a mentally disabled teen.


The 17 year old girl is said to have "the mental capacity" of an 8 or 9 year old, according to the report, while the illegal invader Mexican national Juan Aguilar - whom Ted Kennedy and John McCain basically invited into our country - is 44. This according to the AP, which shows that according to a liberal Sheboygan judge, sex offenders should get off, and illegal aliens, too. And when you combine the two, why, it’s the perfect storm for liberal injustice; and so he’s basically slapping this illegal on the wrist after sending him to prison just long enough to learn a few more tricks from hardened criminals so he can get out and do it all over again. I suppose he was only here to do the work Americans didn’t want to do…which apparently includes prey upon our most defenseless.


Now for what's even more sick than the judge giving him 1 and ½ years; it's the fact the prosecutor only asked for 2. That's right, folks. Only two years for raping a mentally retarded child. That would be assistant district attorney Jim Haasch, "saying the offense was too serious for just probation". Have we lost our minds? How about this: the offense was just slightly too serious to let him out after 40 years.


The judge, by the way, is Sheboygan County Circuit Judge James Bolgert, who astonishingly (sarcasm) gave another illegal alien only 3 months for raping a 15 year old girl and getting her pregnant; and gave 18 months to two other dangerous thugs who should have gotten 12 years (the prosecutor, again, only asked for half that time). Bolgert was elected unopposed in 2006 and is up for re-election in 2012 - far too long, since he should be impeached. In the case of Aguilar, Bolgert said the 18 month prison term was fine, since the Mexican national was expected to be deported after that term. Assuming that this isn't just another "voluntary" deportation after the fact, what stops the criminal alien from coming right back into the country under a new name? Then he'll be armed with what he learned in a U.S. prison, have even more of an attitude than he had before, and best of all, he'll be armed with the knowledge that no one's really going to do anything about it when he harms the next child. And we're electing a president in November who sees no problem with open borders. Congratulations, Republican and Democrat leaders; we used to expect it from one of you, but apparently we get it with double-barrels now. 


Why is it those on the left, including John McCain, seem to forget that Americans are God's children too, and entitled to live in safety in their own country? When did this end? What is the difference between Americans being killed en masse or being picked off one by one – and at an alarming rate? Why are some of God's children allowed to abuse others? Strange world these libs have created.


Nice work, all of you libs; You've turned defending the criminal and forgetting American citizens are God's children with rights, too, into an ugly, sick, and repugnant art form. It’s your vociferous defense of illegal aliens’ roaming our country that has created a culture of anything-goes as long as businesses and politicians get to have their choice of millions of quasi-slaves who vote. It just goes to show if it’s immoral in one sense, it’s going to be immoral all the way around.


Now if the reader would really like to see just how much we're under siege, just check out this live global incident map, care of Global Security Analysis, LLC; it's their Illegal Alien Tracking System, or IAATS for short. They'll give you the story American politicians don't want to give you.








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May 07, 2008

Harming the Environment Americans Don't Want to Harm



Fox News is reporting on the environmental impact of illegal immigration. Not the wall, but the consequences of mounds of vegetation- and animal-chocking trash paving the way through the desert in shining paths of garbage leading to the land of stolen jobs, identities, and welfare checks. Say what you will of Fox News, those of you on the left; you may not like the messenger, but they didn’t create the trash you see; illegals who have little or no regard for the environment or the country they are entering have. A complete disregard for the environment is what we are importing into our country. Environmentalists, amnesty means your cause is lost forever; and if not forever, certainly for a very long time.


It is shocking environmentalist leaders on the left do not discuss this more - or at all; yet, it is not surprising either. It demonstrates that such so-called environmentalists really care nothing about the environment; rather, they are using it simply as a vehicle to push forward their particular socialist agendas. When something else comes along which accomplishes this better than environmentalism, they can without a second thought quickly drop whatever banner they were carrying in favor of the new one. Case closed.


To the honest person, it sits on the verge of being outrageously funny to listen to so-called environmentalists oppose a wall because of some species of bird. Such absurdity is always funny in its opposition to common sense and belies their real agenda. Last I checked, birds have wings, and illegal aliens are causing an environmental disaster on an unimaginable magnitude, literally turning the entire desert southwest into a giant, stinky, plastic bottle-clothing-and condom-laden junk yard. I discussed this and the damage illegal immigration was causing the environment along the border almost four years ago on my old blog here.



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January 11, 2008

This Land is Our Land, That Land is Your Land (Learn It)



Received this in an e-mail today. It couldn’t be more simply stated:




Not sure who made this, but it definitely makes the point to the reconquista and racist la raza (the race) crowd; and the same could be said the other way around. In fact, it is:




How do you spot a double standard? Just look unflinchingly into the facts.



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September 26, 2007

Red Cross: Mexico Abuses Illegal Aliens



Mexico is once again caught red-handed.



CBN News reports that the Red Cross says the Mexican government is engaged in open hypocrisy: demanding the U.S. open its borders and its wallet to every government service while Mexican officials continue to abuse those entering Mexico illegally and deny the most basic human rights to any.


MEXICO CITY, Mexico - For the past month, America's attention has been focused on the Middle East war. During that time, another 300,000 illegal aliens have crossed America's border with Mexico. But you won't believe how Mexico treats its illegal aliens.


Illegal aliens from Mexico were allowed to march through America's cities, demanding citizenship – some even waved the Mexican flag. But illegal aliens inside Mexico, mostly from Guatemala and Honduras, are literally on the run.


The Mexican constitution provides for stiff penalties for illegal aliens caught entering or living in Mexico. But beyond that, CBN News shows how the Red Cross is trying to expose “unofficial” abuses committed by Mexican police and immigration officials against aliens. Such abuses include bribery, robbery, assault, kidnapping, rape, and murder. Where is Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International? Once again, we find them strangely absent.


The Mexican government was outraged by the movement to build a new wall on America's southern border. Mexico's Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez went before the cameras to protest.


But in Mexico, when it comes to the treatment of its illegal aliens it's, ‘Do as I say, not as I do.’


…Mexico has called U.S. immigration policy "harsh," and has called the proposed wall on the U.S. Mexico border "shameful." But some have called the Mexican immigration policy "hypocritical."


Enter Mexico illegally and you're treated as a felon. If you're caught by the Federal Police, you'll be fortunate if you're only deported immediately. The unfortunate are robbed, abused, raped, or even murdered by corrupt police officers.



Yet the government of Mexico as yet remains unchallenged even by the same Catholic Church quick to criticize the U.S. for alleged shortcomings. Although the Catholic Church in Mexico does shield illegal aliens from being found out, it refuses to publicly criticize the government in Mexico City as it does the one in Washington, D.C.


Fernando Aguilar Neri coordinates Red Cross efforts to help illegal aliens in Mexico.


“When people approach us, they are usually fearful that we work with the government and are afraid of being reported,” said Neri. “…One of the seven principles of the Red Cross is complete neutrality and independence, so we can't cooperate with the Mexican government on the illegal alien issue.”




Mexico doesn’t make it easy on naturalized citizens either: according to its own constitution, those immigrating to Mexico and becoming naturalized will never have the right to vote or take part in the political process. Also, anyone wishing to be naturalized or otherwise live in Mexico who was not born there to Mexican parents must prove he will be able to cover his own healthcare, pay for any liabilities incurred, and otherwise be financially solvent without taking jobs away from locals.


The Center for Security Policy bullets a few of the provisions which, were they law in the United States, would even a very unfair immigration playing field at present:


Immigrants and foreign visitors are banned from public political discourse.


Immigrants and foreigners are denied certain basic property rights.


Immigrants are denied equal employment rights.


Immigrants and naturalized citizens will never be treated as real Mexican citizens.


Immigrants and naturalized citizens are not to be trusted in public service.


Immigrants and naturalized citizens may never become members of the clergy.


Private citizens may make citizens arrests of lawbreakers (i.e., illegal immigrants)

and hand them to the authorities.


Immigrants may be expelled from Mexico for any reason and without due process.


Download the entire .PDF document here

View in HTML


Sneaking into Mexico of course is a punishable felony, which immediately disqualifies the offender from ever being able to obtain citizenship. To further add to the risks for illegal aliens, Mexican border guards are permitted to shoot on site illegals caught trying to enter the country, and do so without regard for age, gender, race, nationality, refugee or health status.


About 10 percent of Mexico's population is now living in the United States, that’s over 10 million people. And how many illegal aliens in its own country has Mexico legalized in the past five years? Just 15,000.


The Mexican government may think a new wall on the U.S. border is offensive, but critics are saying far worse things about Mexico's immigration policy.



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August 24, 2007

Elvira Mistress of the Mexican Senate



A little bit of Blogbat Fun…



If you are having any trouble viewing this, you can also see it here:


(Internet Explorer recommended)

We'll update this as neccesary.


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August 23, 2007

Mexico and the American "Anschluß"



The Mexican government says it is upset that the U.S. government deported its illegal alien activist operative this week. Apparently, Mexico can deport as many illegals in its country as it wishes, but the U.S. has no sovereignty.


There is no doubt in my mind Elvira Arellano is an agent of the Mexican government; the position of the Mexican senate and the high-profile media moment they shared with her therefore should be no surprise. Her statements before the Mexican congress are nothing more than outlining a casus belli for Mexican hostilities, whether that be overtly engaged in by the Mexican government (rather foolish and not likely right now) or covertly through the funding of guerillas installed within the United States (a lot smarter and obviously more likely). Establishing such a pretext along with others, that it is in fact the United States which is the lawless party by refusing to block illegal immigration and then gaining revenue by taxing illegals, the Mexican government can then attempt to solicit international support for its reconquista policy.


Mexico of course believes still it has an historical claim on the region of the Southwestern United States, never mind the fact that of all the countries to have owned that land, the United States has held it the longest next to Spain and is the only country to have settled it. After Spain and the United States, there is France, followed by the many iterations of the mostly unstable Mexico. Mexico has about as much claim on the region on this basis as the Confederate States of America presently would on the Southeast U.S.


Mexico also apparently feels it can govern the region better; after all, look what it's done with what it has! Right now for instance, the Texas coastline benefits from all the trash and used syringes washing ashore carried north by the gulf tide. There are also many more opportunities for tuberculosis, polio, illiteracy, corruption, dirty water, and no traffic laws. Indeed, Third World could be the new chic!  


There is one good thing to report however about the Mexican Senate’s decision to support one of its own: it plans to provide a scholarship to support the child Elvira refused to take with her (to wonderful Mexico) to do the work Elvira would not do. Just think: what if the Mexican government would take financial responsibility for all of the children of its citizens living in the U.S., to say nothing of its citizens living here. Maybe this could be the first step for the Mexican government in offering all of us free college educations after the Anschluß… er, reconquista. Well, I guess we really shouldn’t hold our breaths there; you’re lucky if you just have a house with an indoor toilet in Mexico. Besides, a large middle class and widespread prosperity ruins the ambiance of the typical Third World despotic regime.


Perish that thought, Santa Anna would be rolling over in his grave.


My only regret about the deportation of Elvira, this less-than fetching Mistress of the Dark, is that she wasn’t sent to Yucatán in time to protest in support of Dean. After all, no hurricane is illegal.





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August 10, 2007

Bush Orders New Crackdown on U.S. Border...



More arrests of border patrol agents to follow


An article today in The Politico says the president is finally with it on border enforcement, but what exactly does this mean? The idea of a Bush crackdown on illegal aliens on the U.S. border is a joke. We all know it’s code for “need a few more border patrol agents in jail”.  The obvious lop-sided enforcement of law in favor of the illegal alien and big business and against the honest men doing the jobs Bush doesn’t want them to do is glaring, to say the least. Some might accuse President Bush of behaving like an immoral, unjust man. I challenge the president to stop living up to those accusations.


Border Patrol Ordered Not To Arrest Illegal Border Crossers - video powered by Metacafe


 UPDATE: The human meat grinder that is the Bush immigration policy: More illegal aliens rape another child, murder a few more young victims.


Also see Right Truth: "When Illegal Aliens Attack"


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June 09, 2007

Border Anarchists

You need to see this



I sincerely apologize for the language on the following two videos ahead of time; however, I believe it is critically important that as many people as possible watch them so that they might be hardened in their resolve to defeat the big-business border-anarchists and the Balkanizing special interests they keep on their leash.








Videos courtesy of Ninnaum



In the second video you'll note that pro-border anarchy supporters attempt to intimidate a patriotic pro-borders Hispanic American, directing at her an endless stream of the most personal and abusive language (abusive language Americans don't want to use). This, as many of us already know, is not an isolated incident; there are millions of Americans of Hispanic descent who are losing jobs, their tranquil neighborhoods, and their peace and safety to such as witnessed above. The masked thugs in the first video above and those who would so horrifically verbally assault a woman are the people President Bush, Ted Kennedy, and Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison want to be here to desecrate the flags Americans don't want to desecrate. I say this specifically because these miscreants most likely each to the man have criminal histories, be they gang members, sex offenders, home invaders, drunk drivers, vandals, defrauders. Yet, even if they didn't, they clearly view themselves as invaders, not immigrants; as scofflaws and foreign insurgents, not those seeking to build a better United States.


The defeat of the Cornyn amendment in the Senate which would have excluded from the opportunity to gain a visa anyone who has a criminal record tells you everything you need to know about the supporters of the bill sans amendment: they must hate America. Yes, this is strong language, too, but I use it quite deliberately. If they loved America, they would take the time to know what America needs and wants on such a crucial, passionate, life and death issue, and they would respond accordingly. The fact that such politicians do not seem to care enough to know, or in fact do know but act diametrically seems only to offer such an explanation, regretfully. Such a thing is analogous to a husband whose wife is pinned under a fallen tree and either chooses to ignore the reality of what will happen if he does not remove the tree or chooses to chop another one down on top of her. In such a case one would say that he clearly hates his wife (among other choice expressions).


There's little doubt however that Republicans will be choosing a law enforcement, security, and order president in 2008. However, any candidate from either party that responds to the just and moral outrage of the betrayal of the American trust will do very well. I suppose therefore we can at least thank President Bush for wiping out voter apathy in our time.


It's good to pay attention to history. While Jimmy Carter outraged the American people by giving away the strategically important Panama Canal (which is now controlled by Communist China and could be used to hide medium range ballistic missiles and export instability in the region – including right here at home), George W. Bush is trying to give away the United States itself, which is one reason why Newt Gingrich and I among others have so effortlessly been able to reveal the obvious similarities between the two men.


Bear in mind that the Senate bill is not completely dead, it is only dormant, waiting for public apathy to return to what it was. Therefore, it’s vital that we take the offensive now and proactively push for legislation that protects Americans, is fair to immigrants already legally going through the process and even fair to those who came here illegally, realize they screwed up, and sincerely wish to work honestly and fairly at noncompetitive jobs (and who have a right to a humane wage if they do stay). Such a forward-looking bill would divide those who should stay from those who must go through thorough background checks (with identities that check out in their home countries) and vigorous enforcement that includes the fence. I’m not a fan of Bill O’Reilly by any stretch, but if they can make Mr. Ed appear to talk, Bill O’Reilly can sometimes be right. Here is his “one-page” four-point proposal:


There are just four components. One, secure the southern border with 700, not 300 miles of barrier, double the border patrol and back them up with 10,000 National Guards people. That would effectively shut down human and drug smuggling from Mexico.


Two, require all illegal aliens in the country right now to register at the post office with Homeland Security. After registering, they would be given a tamper proof ID card, designating their status and their right to work temporarily in the USA. If the illegal aliens do not register, it's a criminal felony. Right now sneaking across the border is a civil action. Remember that. Subjecting the person to immediate deportation or jail time. The criminal penalty goes way up.


Three, any business that hires an illegal worker who doesn't have a tamper proof ID card faces draconian fines and possible prison time for the executives.


And four, each illegal alien would have his case reviewed by federal authorities. And they would decide who would receive a Z-visa to stay and who would not. That takes the blanket amnesty, something many American hate, off the table. It also allows the Feds to make rational decisions about who's helping America and who isn't.


Under that banner, no illegal alien who commits a crime while here would be allowed to stay. Also under that program, no welfare of any kind would be paid to folks here illegally. They have to work for their living.


Now that is a fair immigration plan that I believe would be acceptable to most Americans. It would also allow the Feds to quickly build a database, so Homeland Security would know the extent of the alien intrusion, which we don't know now. Again, any illegal alien who didn't cooperate with the new law would immediately become an outlaw. And immediate action could be taken against that non-citizen who doesn't comply. That would end the sanctuary city madness and give the federal government more tools to regain control over this out of control situation. (Transcript: O’Reilly Factor “Impact Segment”, 8 June 2007, via LexisNexis)



Later O’Reilly interviewed Texas Senator John Cornyn, who seemed to agree such components would be a much better start in the right direction. Certainly we cannot suffer the destruction of our country and the civil society Americans and productive immigrants have worked for hundreds of years to create for their and our posterity. To wit, I think Newt says it best when he says that Americans must remain true to their tradition and refuse to bow to realities created for the convenience of those striving for things other than America's best interest:





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Poll (June 2007): Most Americans Want Burder Enforcement First

Poll (June 2007): 23% of Americans Back Senate Bill (Rasmussen c/o Wake up America) (Thought: I wonder how much of that 23% correlates with the 23% approval rating congress currently holds.)


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May 01, 2007

Doing the Work Americans Would Rather Not Be Done



Illegal immigration: because we need to import more criminals to drive drunk and kill the children Americans don’t want to kill:


Video by Blogbat 


On the other hand, as unwitting victims also in the big-picture, illegal aliens quickly get a sobering lesson about their true role here as the property of their corporate slave-masters. While they are free to protest using anti-American slogans, riot, and make threats against ordinary Americans, watch what happens when they begin demanding fairer wages, as was the case in Houston a few weeks ago when these janitors (some no doubt illegal aliens) went on strike:



Video by dwencl at Liveleak


This May Day as we look around and realize the Bush administration has single-handedly imported the radical problems previously only faced by other parts of the world from criminal communists, we should also remember this:  the violence, the riots, the identity theft, the unnecessary loss of life, the cries to tear down America by invaders newly arrived – invaders who have not been ineffective in doing so – could all be stopped by pushing the deport button (both directly in part and indirectly in greater measure by prosecuting those who hire them).


It bears repeating what has been said so many other times by so many others already: A healthy moral and emotional compass understands the notion of boundaries. By boundaries here however, I don’t really mean borders, I mean something bigger for which borders are certainly a part. Psychologists describe any behavior, no matter how charitably intentioned, that displays a pattern of causing significant harm to self in order to placate the demands of another an unhealthy behavioral pattern. They point out that if the giver’s desire to help the taker does not recognize healthy boundaries, not only will the giver be destroyed in the process, the taker will no longer enjoy the benefits of what the giver had to offer. In short, both lose. If America sinks by the weight of billions attempting to climb aboard at once, then those already on board and those attempting to climb aboard, and those stranded at sea with a distant hope seen in a distant light at the edge of darkness, all sink, and bear the burn as the bitter water of salty separation from hope fills their lunges at once.


Those who wish to arrive legally and become a part of something greater than the third-world cesspool from which they pulled themselves out are warmly welcomed to do so. We need to make doing that a matter of course, in fact, by streamlining that process. However, when government and business fail to be socially responsible and invite in the unvetted, often criminal, often the public health risk, there must be biting consequences sought through the courts and other legal avenues. This is being done more now – and achieving some not so surprising success as victims of illegal immigration are beginning to hold those responsible for putting Americans in danger. When my grandparents and great grandparents arrived here legally, they learned the language and joined what they knew was greater than themselves. That’s because those immigrants were intellectually honest: they understood they would not have come so far had what they were coming to not been better than what they had left. So they had no delusions about or desire to recreate the failed system they had fled.



Related: Right Truth: Just Enforce the Immigration Laws



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January 08, 2007

Blogbat Video: All Bow to the Corporate Plantation

The present reality of morality in business & foreign policy in which we find ourselves



This video montage (3.5 min.) shows the faces of the victims – those who’ve lost their lives on both sides of the border to the juggernaut of open borders that was designed to provide cheap labor to unethical businesses and keep their partners in office. The montage uses both American and Mexican advocates as sources for the information and images it contains. The song, “The Good Dancer” is by Lisa DeBenedictis from her “Tigers” album.


In the post below this video, I expand on what is rather admittedly sardonically touched upon in the video. I hope it’s helpful in understanding the possibly somewhat strange position that has been developing as I have slowly walked about the elephant, touching him as I’ve gone, examining the true nature of the animal and comparing it with what others have discovered. The first step is knowing it’s an elephant, and just one at that.











Is the democracy clock ticking backwards toward the old plantation oligarchies of the 19th Century and before? Are most American businesses or politicians bad? With respect to the latter, certainly not. I am among the most in favor of free-enterprise, as are many others, so long as it obeys the rules of the Judeo-Christian ethic; that ethic is what informed the American Founding Fathers and was the system by which all freedom to say nothing of freedom of commerce could exist at all. Only when men would restrain themselves could there exist a system in which a government need not rule with an iron fist. Of course, this ideal has never been followed to perfection since men are far from perfect; however, there was by far much adherence to the principle and progress it seemed toward a greater degree of adherence to those founding principles was being made.


Today a lot of ordinary people are suffering as a result of the wholesale abandonment of the values that were once defined as “American values” (before the public schools ripped that idea out of their books), and as a result what we are seeing today both within the US and by transnational corporations (TNCs) founded in the US is something to a far greater and sadder degree than witnessed at any time in US history prior to the 20th Century. Not only are Americans dying as a result of a lack of ethics and morality in business and government in a way that makes the Ludlow Massacre look like a picnic, Mexicans and other foreign nationals are becoming the new de facto plantation slave labor, paid at rates far below living wages with little ability to escape once they’ve fallen into the trap. Indeed, factory workers are being exploited around the world by American companies such as Dell and Nike with harsh conditions and slave-wages, even as future US foreign policy woes are being manufactured at a faster rate than the products themselves.


As CNN’s Lou Dobbs and others have pointed out numerous times, there is an unholy clientist alliance between a number of politicians in Washington and Mexico City with equally corrupt and unethical members of the business community and other elitists. Since the nature of power is self-preserving, it has been suitable economically as well as politically to disrupt the stability of the middle classes of the two countries (or to further disrupt, as in the case of Mexico since 1982) which pose the biggest threat to such power.


It seems therefore beneficial to have poor and middle class Americans pitted against their Mexican counterparts even as neither gets what they need so that the political power and status of the above-mentioned remains unopposed in any significant way.


Two long-time tactics anti-democratic in spirit as used in Mexico by its PRI Party but more often apparently favored in many respects as popular courses of action in Washington have been “accommodation,” the prima facie responsiveness of politicians to public concerns with no real follow-through (e.g. Congress passing a bill to build a border fence but not allocating sufficient funds to do so); and “co-option,” hijacking the causes of dissident groups by watering them down with accommodation, side-tracking (offering dissident members positions which appear to offer progress, but do little more than pigeon hole them), and (more typical in Mexico) infiltration.


This does not represent a battle of classes though; rather it is a battle of morality versus immorality, with witting and unwitting members at all economic levels. As such, it is increasingly important that ordinary citizens in both countries become aware and unite against the profound lack of morality informing decision-making at every level of business and government today, which threatens real opportunities for the poor and middle class in both countries. Even as Mexico has among its millions some of the poorest in the world, it also has the highest per-capita number of millionaires of any country in the planet, with a huge and widening gulf that separates them. That gap only promises to increase (and has trended just so) both in Mexico as well as here in the US. The end of the open-border, slave-labor game as envisioned by its powerful advocates and apathetic followers is the economic leveling out of the US and Mexican general populations not at any high-water mark, but at a much lower level. In other words, it will not bring Mexicans up to a higher living standard, it will only drive Americans down to a lower living standard. Since any real power among the US citizenry – the conscience of its government – will evaporate, so too will any check on the dealings of US interests in Mexico, which will only guarantee increasing exploitation of the Mexican in Mexico. Of course, the politicos will be happy because they get to keep their power as they continue getting fat campaign contributions from unethical businesses and elites who will in turn be happy to get ever-fatter bonuses at the expense of their underpaid employees.


All of this has been a horribly unfolding tragedy, rotten and almost Putinesque   to its core, and the ordinary citizen is the only real obstacle that has any potential of standing in its way. To draw an analogy from Tiananmen, if we want anything better for the next generation, we had better start standing in front of a few tanks.






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December 20, 2006

Strange How PC-Politics Is a One-Way Street



Is “Palestine” a derogatory term? All things being equal, perhaps it should be. It does, after all, connote a violent and brutal passage and end for the biblical era of Jews in Judea. However for most with only an extemporaneous knowledge of history, the name “Palestine” merely conjures up the poverty and war-stricken region that prior to the Israeli War for Independence included all of the land from Lebanon to Egypt, from the Arab kingdoms to the east to the Mediterranean. Among however still the many who do not so much as know this much, “Palestine” is the name given to the contested lands bordering Syria and Israel at the Golan Heights, Jordan and Israel in the West Bank (named such because of the Jordan River), and between Egypt and Israel at the Gaza Strip. Of course the reality is that even very few possess this much detail about the geopolitical layout of the region. Such observers may only understand that “Palestine” refers to some land dwelt upon by mostly Arab Muslims, and, if such an observer gains his or her information from the BBC, Reuters or most other European or American news outlets, it is also probably believed that Palestine is where Israelis like to kill little babies. And since most US public school students cannot locate their own country on a map of North America (or read, let alone read a Bible), one can therefore easily see how the latter misconception (not to mention the previously-mentioned non-conceptions) can be as prevalent as we now know them to be.


However the term Palestine was not the creation of the Arab inhabitants that moved in over the centuries to fill the vacuum left by the Roman expulsion of the Jews from the land of Abraham, Moses, David, and Solomon. Nor was the term given by the British when they were given the mandate by the League of Nations to govern the territory after World War I. The term “Palestine” in fact was selected by the Romans. The name was given to the land after the Romans had put down Jewish uprisings brought about in response to insufferable religious persecution. At the tragic conclusion of what is called “The Great Revolt”, the Romans leveled Jerusalem and Herod’s Temple (the second temple), committed mass genocide against thousands of Jewish men, women, and children, while expelling the rest from the land which at that time was called Judea (land of the Jews). The Romans (who had lain waste in similar fashion to Carthage and other cities within their sphere of influence already) intended to wipe every vestige of Israel and Jewish history off the map (one wonders where we've heard that sort of talk recently). To complete this task, Rome chose to re-associate the land once belonging to the Jews with a name that was carefully chosen to leave no question about the outcome of the uprisings: Rome decided to name the land after Israel’s ancient and similarly brutal enemy the Philistines. Thus, the land would be called the land of the Philistines until 2000 years later when the era of the Diaspora came to a close and “next year in Jerusalem” became today.


Unfortunately as we now know, centuries of conquering hordes from Persia, Europe, and the Ottoman Empire, along with nomads from across the region, meant the Jews returned to a territory being occupied (after all, nature abhors a vacuum). In an ironic twist however, these occupiers, most of whom were Muslim, called themselves “Palestinians”, after the name given to the land by the polytheistic and pagan European Romans in honor of the polytheistic and rather decidedly pagan quasi-European Philistines of Greek origin. Thus, to “fight for Palestine” is to fight a rather ridiculous war for the Romans, to be but a pawn of a long-dead pagan Roman ruler, or perhaps for equally arcane giants and Mycenaean civilization and such. Something with which one would think Mohammed, were he alive today, would have a bit of a problem.


But perhaps the one thing that can be considered endearing about the arrangement by many of those who deny Israel's right to exist or to access Judaism's most holy sites is that the very name “Palestine” is anti-Semitic by way of its Roman and Mycenaean origins. The name implies the wholesale slaughter of unarmed civilian men, women, and children, the theft of their property, the destruction of their cities and cultural treasures. It has also meant the condemnation of millions of later generations of adherents to the Jewish faith to face death and persecution through pogroms and concentration camps for the next 2000 years. And today it means missiles, car bombs, suicide bombers on packed busses, and the denial of access to Judaism’s most holy sites in the (most) disputed territories. Most tragically of course it means the temple itself is off-limits, leaving Israel’s Jewish community today deprived of that temple just as this community had been deprived of it by Caligula and the Romans at the beginning of this whole saga. Yet what amazing restraint Israel has shown not to evict today’s gentile occupiers of its most holy places. I cannot think of but a few other cultures which would have maintained such restraint for so many decades after having waited for so many centuries and returning to a land that might as well had been renamed by Hitler in Berlin as by Caligula in Rome. To watch devout Jews who own the land so humbly content to pray along the Western Wall of the temple their forefathers built even as the Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock loom overhead (with rocks often being pelted down on Isaac's offspring below) defiling the sacred, is possibly beyond any strength I could by myself muster while remaining placid. 


Isn’t it striking then that in the face of such a long-standing and odious example of cruel injustice, religious bigotry, and racism from even before the Romans until now that there are such groups as Amnesty International, which can only blame Israel for all of the Arab men who beat their wives, or IGOs like the UN and de facto anti-Semites like Jimmy Carter and James Baker who engage in nothing short of naked Russo-, Sino-, and OPEC-centric clientism. So while I’m not holding my breath for the PC Police to declare the term “Palestine” hate speech, it at least is worth noting that the status of properties and lands by historic right belonging to Israel but now occupied by Arabs is only tolerated because the people who decide to do so are a meek and gracious people, and obviously, not a people given to spite.


I am just waiting for that time when the meek will finally inherit what is historically theirs; indeed, the Hebrew word for land is the same as for earth, so in that sense it would be a world of healing especially for those who have long so waited.



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November 28, 2006

Ode to the Putintate Putz



As luck would have it, everything has managed to hit the fan with respect to Russia while I'm too busy to blog about it. So, I threw together this little video blog instead (4 minutes). I think it sums up the whole picture rather nicely. The name of the video is "Chatter" and you'll see why. :) But also give some thought to what types of "chatter" are going on today and what it means for the interests of the Free World.




Music is by the Russian Red Army Choir with the audio remix by yours truly. Audio samples courtesy of the SVR (in Russian, Farsi, and Tajik), China's MSS or other service, the CIA, and the Mossad (of over-the-air messages from so-called "number stations" from clips available on the web).


Images come courtesy of the web via newswire, government or other odd source (most images have been stored on my computer for some time, so it's always challenging to know precisely).


Russia is making the revival of its aggressive counterintelligence state felt around the world, as the CIS seeks to remove enemies and forge alliances with states like China, North Korean, Iran, Syria, and others. Putin, a former KGB spook has been leading Russia back toward a reputation of significant influence in every corner of the globe.


The Empire is dead; long live the Empire.



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November 21, 2006

The Case Against Breaching the Levee



Remember when I said that the wishful thinking of Henry Kissinger and his followers would be the (only) thing to set us up for defeat in Iraq just as it was in Vietnam, thereafter enabling them to declare to the world the fight was un-winnable? Well, well, well. How timely my post on Kissinger was, wasn’t it?


LONDON -- Military victory is no longer possible in Iraq, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said in a television interview broadcast Sunday.


Kissinger presented a bleak vision of Iraq, saying the U.S. government must enter into dialogue with Iraq's regional neighbors – including Iran – if progress is to be made in the region. (AP/Washington Post)


And in case you wondered if he had changed or learned a thing since Vietnam: "I think we have to redefine the course, but I don't think that the alternative is between military victory, as defined previously, or total withdrawal." No, we prefer mire much better.


As I said in my previous post, it’s no doubt largely because among Rockefeller/Nixon Republicans “no mediocre deed goes unrewarded.”  But I imagine it’s tough staking out any good territory after liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans have taken all the good ones; you’re sort of stuck with being in the middle of the road with only the long yellow stripe and some road kill to keep you company.


A rather cheeky piece today in Newsday by James Pinkerton titled “Henry the Cold Warrior: ‘I’m Still a Player’” I think explains Kissinger’s rationale best (hint: it isn’t any real concern for world affairs – so nothing’s changed). Speaking in an imaginary Kissinger voice, Pinkerton explains:


Some observers might note I am changing my tone - and they would be correct. In September, Bob Woodward's big book, "State of Denial," revealed that I was a "powerful, largely invisible influence on Bush's Iraq policy." What was I telling the White House? My line then was, "Victory is the only meaningful exit strategy."

Did I believe what I was saying then? Not really. But it's what George W. Bush and my old pal Dick Cheney wanted to hear. My words made them happy, getting me back in the White House, where I am happy - a win-win! And my influence was "invisible," of course, until it became visible in Woodward's book. Gee, I wonder how that happened? Chalk up more billings for Kissinger-McLarty Associates: Big clients want to be assured that I'm still wired into Washington power. […]


Thirty-five years ago, when [James] Baker was a tennis-playing lawyer in Houston, I traveled to Moscow and Beijing to work out a public "peace with honor" for the Vietnam conflict - although privately, to be sure, I called it a "decent interval" until we lost. And I had the same idea when I told the BBC that we had to "redefine the course" in Iraq, short of victory.

Now Baker has the same kind of decent interval in mind - I guess he wants a Nobel, too. Can't blame him for that.

But first, I have to get myself back in the middle of the Iraq debate. Which I have now done, thank you very much.



Dr. Kissinger’s ideas of course were so successful in Vietnam, he fully believes we should ply them again here.


And what’s next for this band of Judases? Dr. Kissinger, President Bush, Secretary Baker, Senator McCain and some others are stepping up to move aggressively forward on this Union of North America idea, regardless of how many eggs it breaks. But even the most ardent internationalist who also cares about democracy and the plight of the people would want to openly debate and evaluate the merits each step along the way. No bother for this team however. Mit volldampfen voran!


They champion among themselves the notion that by stepping out to simplify North America we are breaking new ground and moving into the future; that the American people will like it once they get used to it. But shouldn’t a free society be free to debate something which will so radically alter its future? Or are we only free to debate such things when the outcome is assumed to be the one desired among some? Again one has to wonder what more moderate internationalists have to say, to say nothing of Americanists.


To be fair to Bush, Kissinger, Willie, and the Boys however, probably none of them are pushing this hard-court press because they mean harm, they just aren’t too stellar in understanding the complexities of governmental and international affairs. And the populist pulse can be difficult to detect living behind the ivory curtain. They are hopelessly flat-footed, but even more to the point, flat-earthed. And their great idea of internationalism will, as Samuel P. Huntington1 put it, run headlong into insurmountable differences between vastly entrenched civilizations, namely Western, East Asian, Muslim, but others as well. Since the Kissinger Republican and internationalist is uninterested in religion or ideology – and obviously not democracy, the single thing which could unify such cultures, as Aung San Suu Kyi has pointed out, is no longer in play. Nature abhors a vacuum, does it not? Believing that economics will fill it is hollow in the greatest sense, and worse only plays to the strangely similar hollow ideology of communism; materialism to materialism. Their misguided belief that nationalism causes all wars and misery and that internationalism will cure all, and a belief in change with no popular and deeply meaningful raison d’etat, illustrates a sad ignorance or disregard for history. At least if they want things to last beyond their generation.


For what the Kissinger team sees as a new idea is actually so old, history records it numerous times, and on that point Kissinger must surely be forgetting one or two of them. In point of fact, internationalism has been tried ad nauseum and it collapsed precisely because it disconnected government with the needs and will of the people. Today’s EU, after which the Kissinger internationalists wish to model North America, is already suffering a de-popularization of the notion of union because the EU government as yet has still not put in place any democratic mechanism for the European people. As such, the more tightly integrated Europe becomes and the more each state cedes its sovereignty, the less the European people find they have a say in the affairs which affect them. It is a fact that such a cycle of history however has ebbed and flowed down through the ages in some form or another consistent with the technology and knowledge of political theory. We tend to emphasize the nuances and give each period a different title, but in reality there’s much more of a pattern which deserves understanding.


The last great example of great Western internationalism was the Holy Roman Empire under Charlemagne, under which local governments ceded their sovereignty in the hope the new Empire would bring peace and stability to the region. But time revealed that the expansive, centralized government could not address the needs of the people. Instead, it served to merely fatten its elite. It soon fell to what Westerners consider today the nationalist era. Before the Holy Roman Empire of course there was a form of nationalism – localized provinces in Europe run by local authorities, who fought over territory, enjoyed localized dialects, customs, and even religions. And there were great wars between various alliances, as there are today. Before those times were the times of the original Roman Empire, and before that another fracturing of localized control which followed Alexander’s Empire from Greece. Indeed, as Solomon once said, there is nothing new under the sun. All that has been done will be done again, and what will be has been. The only truly innovative thing to come along was the founding of the United States and the ideas and ideals built into it. Ideas that President Bush apparently wants to see return to just those: disembodied ideas. Intangible in the backward momentum and therefore unthreatening to the mediocre, the fence-sitter, the principally directionless.


 Internationalism, in fairness, had and has with it some good ideas, but as power often does without democratic constraints, it corrupts and goes too far. In that context we should remember that it is no accident that democracy and nationalism began sweeping the West at the same time, nor was it that the great thinkers Locke, Hobbs, Paine and others came forward to articulate that need. The people were rising up, declaring themselves to be the state. And, if a similar large-scale North America Union were a spontaneous movement of the people – particularly the middle class, educated in what it meant for them, we would be dealing with a different set of circumstances. But unfortunately, this is a top-down movement foisted by elites against the people, without regard for who gets crushed in the process, to which no person whether a reasonable internationalist or a nationalist can be expected to stand by without a word.


When Americans called and wrote to Washington by the millions because they wanted to block illegal immigration, Bush essentially told them to “eat cake” by sending unarmed National Guard to the border, whom the border patrol then needed to guard, leaving more segments of the border unwatched. But to stave anything, even electorally, like the French Revolution, Bush and his cohorts will soon count on the votes of millions of newly legalized illegal aliens to dilute the water enough to shut the American people out of any say in their own destiny - or simply rely on another election in which the Hobson's choice of dumb and dumber exists. It also through different means is being sought in Canada and possibly in Mexico (though heavy Nationalist elements in Mexico may be only using a weakened U.S. for some good old-fashioned expansionism).


The simple fact that there are people in Washington who really believe any worthwhile internationalist world government is just around the corner have some learning to do. They must understand that the vast divergence of cultures, will, ironically, only grow greater the more denationalized and further regionalized they become, if history is our guide. In the process however, we will only get more bureaucracy and less responsiveness to the people than we have today. For the moderate internationalist in the very least, a great deal of work is necessary, both in terms of the slow, natural evolution internationalists believe exists (and which to some extent does, at least on a cyclical basis) and how to carry on democratically regardless. But whether you’re an internationalist or not, we certainly do not need the inept, self-serving leadership coming from the likes of Dr. Kissinger, President Bush, et al. This is a matter of millions of lives, not a summer yachting with a few of your closest friends.



1 Samuel P. Huntington’s article “The Clash of Civilizations” appeared in the Summer 1993 issue of Foreign Affairs. It is considered the bible among many internationalists. It is not without error however, as Huntington refers to the French Revolution for example, as the first instance of nationalism. Even if one agrees nationalism began in that time period, Huntington shouldn't have ignored that other little-known revolution in the Americas waged a few short years earlier. Huntington however rightly points out that ideology and belief systems among ordinary people can cause ordinary people to coalesce and can then lead to nationalism, even democracy. While we approve of such populist mechanisms on Wall Street, apparently it is no longer an acceptable way to get the business of state done.



MORE here at Right Truth on Bush and "America as an idea" - like dear old grandpa after they pulled the plug: remembered by many, missed by some.



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November 16, 2006

Headline of the Day: McCain One of Us?

Senator, you are no Ronald Reagan (Updates Below)



A headline for a Reuters puff piece today reads, "McCain Calls for 'Common Sense Conservatism'".


The article actually reads like a campaign flyer, with not even the slightest hint of criticism of the man the media would love to have run against (and lose to) a Democrat in 2008.


Ad absurdum, ad infinitum, here's McCain's shiniest quote of the day: "We lost our principles and our majority. And there is no way to recover our majority without recovering our principles first."


Thank you, Senator. Unfortunately, part of getting back to our Reagan-Gingrich principles involves getting rid of you. Since you've already expressed your desire to see us get there again, we hope you don't mind.


Senator John McCain wouldn't know common sense or conservatism if it bit him on the rear end.


Meanwhile, conservatives will be anxious to hear when John McKerry stops siding with Democrats, communist front groups, virulent anti-Americanism, violent foreign nationals, criminals, China, corrupt businesses, the pro-abort lobby, the anti-gun/anti-self-defense lobby, pro-Hillary-care, pro-big government types, tax-raisers, and pork-barrel spenders, and maybe we might begin to wonder if the good senator has returned to a little common sense of his own.


As for the pro forma "glorious-leader" coverage by Reuters, does MSM really think conservatives are stupid enough to think McCain is one of us? Well, yes but, they're also completely off the reservation.


I truly enjoy opportunities for uproarious laughter, as I know you do reading this. Once again Reuters and John McCain miss getting conservatives so badly they provide us with an ample supply.


Here’s to you, McClueless!



UPDATE: To bolster the possibility the Reuters article was nothing but a puff piece, apparently someone in the U.S. Senate (McKerry perhaps) did a Google blog search for "McCain". No doubt it was to read about how wonderful he is! What a crack-up!



AUDIO UPDATE: Mark Levin as always says it better than anyone else. To paraphrase this clip, "Senator, I served with Ronald Reagan, I knew Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan was a friend of mine. Senator, you are no Ronald Reagan." (8 minutes)




Also check out what another YouTuber had to say about our "born-again" conservative (hint: don't get excited at the end John, it's called s-a-r-c-a-s-m).



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November 15, 2006

Thought of the Day: Avoiding the Kissinger of Death

Formulating a coherent foreign policy 2008 forward



In foreign policy, acting on what you wish to be but is not is like driving up to a red light and accelerating in the hope the light will change before you transgress the intersection, thus avoiding a serious collision.


Yet this wishful thinking is increasingly becoming U.S. policy around the world. Aside from any rare occasion of luck, this liberal policy guarantees negative, if not disastrous results.


As we witnessed in Vietnam and have also seen to various degrees and in various forms with Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea, China, Russia, and others, including right here in North America with our current border and trade policies with Latin American states, such wishful thinking is unhelpful. In reality, those who oppose us will only gain in number as respect for U.S. policy in the far-abroad and the near-abroad continues to dissolve.


Casting aside all lessons re-learned during the Reagan era, we seem doomed to repeat a spiraling cycle of avoidable losses, which could be side-stepped were common sense again to replace mugwumpian, prevaricatory, and beltway and academia ad populum thinking. In other words, were we to abandon the political autism brought into effete popularity decades ago in large part by the Kissinger mentality and revived (because no mediocre deed goes unrewarded) by the Clinton administration and this Bush administration, the needs of Americans and the rest of the world would be much better served.



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November 13, 2006

Viva Farmers Branch



I just received an interesting e-mail from the Dallas-area Citizens for Immigration reform pertaining to LULACs latest lowly scare tactics and intimidation tactics of citizens and their elected officials.


To set this up, the people of the Dallas suburb of Farmers Branch have had enough and are ready to do the work state and federal politicians don’t want to do: kick the illegal alien bums out who have no right to be here.



The city is set to vote on an ordinance which will require property owners to rent properties only to citizens or those with legal status. The ordinance will also make English the official language for municipal documents. LULAC, fully aware as always the truth is not on its side took to the street with its usual Hitlerian tactics:



Carlos Quintanella was videotaped speaking to the Spanish residents, in front of a Catholic Church, telling them that if this was passed, then they could not have their services in Spanish. What a LIE. The "English" proposal is ONLY for CITY documents. So, how LOW will LULAC go?


Carlos, from LULAC, even showed up at the Church of Christ, with a bull horn! He can't even respect a place of worship... So. why should the good people, within the Spanish Community, respect him?


Carlos even wrote to a Farmers Branch resident stating "Yesterday you wore hoods today you wear t-shirts. We will continue to fight and defend our community so that they be treated with respect and dignity. How does it feel to be in the minority in America."


PLEASE CALL ALL OF YOUR Farmers Branch resident friends and get them out to the City Council Meeting, tomorrow, at 6:30. Please come early and reserve your seat. Let's show LULAC that their LIES, BULLYING, and BAD BEHAVIOR will not sway the residents, and/or our City Council members.



Indeed, this is what we have to look forward to if illegally present foreign nationals from a corrupt, drug-mafia-run, banana republic are allowed to interfere with our democracy. The fascist group LULAC shows itself once again an extremist, racist group unworthy of any credibility.


LULAC today is also standing behind the act of vandalism committed against Farmers Branch Mayor Bob Phelps. Some time last night reconquista vandals sprayed “Viva Mexico” on the side of the mayor's house.


America has an answer for this because Americans care about America, even if the politicians in Austin and Washington don’t. Rather than solving anything by proposing amnesty, state and federal politicians have merely let the genie out of the bottle. But no worry for these pols: the genie apparently only attacks citizens and local elected officials. Meanwhile the illicit money flows.


Viva Farmers Branch… and illegals, don’t let the door hit you on the butt on your way out.



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November 11, 2006

Hailing from Planet Sharia:

The galaxy might infer a whole new connotation for “illegal alien”



As we ponder surrendering to Islamofascist terrorism and the states like Russia and China who fund it now that the Democrats control our war funding via Congress, and as both parties are keen on triggering an even greater flood of dangerous thugs across our borders and through our ports, I recalled this great Cox & Forkum cartoon from last year:



Interestingly, no donkeys came out of that spacecraft. If there’s a Planet Pig out there, I feel for it…



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November 09, 2006

Republican Defeat & Other Consequences of Political Autism

When the “daddy” party runs off with the secretary



It looks as if the Democrat victory is now complete. Not surprisingly, dems owe this takeover of the senate to a pedophile. Well, perhaps the spidery Jim Webb of Virginia isn't a pedophile, since we don't know if he has actually acted out any of the sick fantasies about which he seems to enjoy writing, but one cannot doubt he inspires them. So let's refer instead to the Senator-elect as a purveyor and creator of kiddy-porn, and to those he now empowers as his biggest fans. The Democrats should feel proud. No doubt there will be much legislation and many court appointment confirmations in the coming months and years aimed at toughening and enforcing laws against sex offenders.


Actually in all fairness there are some dems who would put many of our current Republicans to shame with respect to family values and conservatism. I’m afraid Republicans don't get off the hook that easily. As you might remember, it was the RINO, country club Republicans that deemed senate hopeful Katherine Harris unfit to join their little yacht club, so her campaign twisted in the wind until it finally met its unfortunate end. Republican leaders would have rather seen a far-left Democrat take office than Harris, even though some of us suspected at the time it would probably mean more to the electorate than one democrat taking a seat, as alas it now does.


Sadly, many in the Republican leadership appear even so much as willing to prefer Democrats run the government than admit they need conservatives or even worse: listen to the people. That my dear reader is an unfortunate commentary on a Republican leadership that now more readily associates itself with members of the opposing party than with middle America. It is that sort of thinking that helped usher in the misery and malaise of the Carter administration during the ‘70s, leaves the borders open to illegal entry, crime, and terrorism today, and it is that thinking which helps exploiters of children run for the senate and be the lynchpin for Democrat victory.


Interestingly worthy of note however is that the American people have shown they would rather have Democrats in office too, if given the choice between a Democrat and a fat, wishy-washy, martini-sipping McCain-Foley Republican. The American people are indeed conservative and part of that means being genuine and not suffering the un-genuine long come election time. If the party fails to bring back the Reagan-Gingrich platform that restored its success, it has only itself to blame as Democrats – some of whom actually more conservative than their Republican rivals – seize and hold the reigns of power for 40 more years in the wilderness.



UPDATE: Oddly enough, I received an e-mail announcement from GOPUSA today inviting readers to attend the upcoming CPAC conference in Washington D.C. The subjectline/title was the interesting part: "Join Newt Gingrich and Ann Coulter at the nation's largest annual gathering of conservatives". The conference includes notable RINOs as well, but it's curious whom GOPUSA chose to headline the event for their newsletter. But pandering and "getting it", are different still. If RINO and pro-amnesty Linda Chavez' article on GOPUSA's homepage is any indicator, it's much more of the former than the latter. Not to worry RINOs, if we conservatives get our way you won't be in charge of the party for much longer either.


RELATED: Terrorists celebrating like little ewoks, dems and McCain-Republicans dancing like Chewbacca and C-3P0. Angel at WHOTS blog lets the snark fly in her usual more-than-capable way. Check it out.



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Alien Amnesty: A Children’s Crusade

Why we should not stay the course here either



President Bush announced in yesterday's press conference that he's glad to see the dems are taking over congress so he can get his amnesty for illegal aliens and the plantation-owners who enslave them. In the press conference the president said, “We have a better chance of getting immigration reform (i.e. amnesty) in a democrat controlled congress.” Communists agree with the president, greedy unethical businesses agree with the president, and most liberal democrats agree with the president. Who doesn’t agree with Mr. Bush? The American pro-family values conservative. While the president may not have become a born-again liberal, he and the left are demonstrating a policy that supports the cruelest of tender mercies.


Apparently one illegal alien was so happy, he got himself drunk, hopped in his car and killed three Americans who otherwise would be alive today had our immigration laws been enforced.


Thank you President Bush – for inviting people into our country willing to kill the families Americans were unwilling or unable to kill. You’ve shown us once again that family values shouldn’t stop outside the funeral home.


But it’s not just Americans who are dying, Mr. President. Foreign nationals are dying by the hundreds each year because you have left the border and interior unenforced while enticing even more to come. It’s also likely that many more will be dying in a mad dash in the coming months with the hope of making it in time for your “non-amnesty”.  


Will you be attending the funerals of these Americans and non-Americans? Will you be calling and consoling the families of these people who sacrificed their lives for your cause?


Instead of enacting a responsible policy that respects the human boundaries (i.e. rights) of citizens – including life – and respects the human rights of foreigners (to be given an equal wage when working in our country and not be baited into a killer desert thanks to the belief non-check point areas are free and clear); and instead of understanding that an open boarder means 500,000 or more violent criminals are now being sought in our country who otherwise would not have been here to commit those heinous acts, we have permitted anarchy to enrich a few.


Instead of a coherent, patient, and well-planned policy for economic cooperation and revitalization across North America that proceeds by rule of law and a spirit of respect for the rights of all people that helps to inspire more backward regimes, we have chosen a policy that breaks down all social order among the non-elite and leaves those most vulnerable such as the poor and increasingly the middle class at risk of life and limb, to say nothing of livelihood.


The elite will always have their fenced-in compounds; in Mexico, the effete embed shards of glass atop the walls of their estates to keep the garden-variety poor and the criminal out. Outside those walls the poor are forced to live with the criminal. Gunshots go off and screams are heard throughout the night; violence, disease, squalor, loss, tragedy all a part of everyday life. But for those wealthy enough to afford private walls, it’s of no concern (on this earth, at least).


Yet this is the cornerstone to your economic plan for North America – a city that is built on bloodshed? To recast all of the continent in the sad image of Mexico is not method but madness. Perhaps the President’s emotions have misguided him; the inevitable fruit of such policy in its current form far from being compassionate is cruel. The children’s crusade far from bringing glory to the realm merely sacrifices small children.


Let’s hope the president consults his convictions – and the constitution – for the justice in that before staying the course.



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November 03, 2006

The Democrat Pervertorati



At last, we name names and call out the Democrat hypocrisy regarding public and private morality (and the law) for the dirty bird it is.


Republicans castigated Mark Foley. What would the dems do (WWDD)? It’s a salient question since there would most likely be no one left to run their party, as we can see from this video (3.4 minutes)…





Our stars (in no particular order):


Democrat senatorial candidate Jim Webb, Former President Bill Clinton, Sen. Daniel Inouye, Jesse Jackson, Former NJ Governor Jim McGreevey, Former Rep. Gus Savage, Rep. Barney Frank, Former Sen. Brock Adams, NM Governor Bill Richardson, Sen. Teddy Kennedy, Former Rep. Fred Richmond, Former Rep. Gerry Studds, Former Rep. John Young, Former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, Former Rep. Wayne Hays, and Former Rep. Mel Reynolds.


Read more here.



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September 20, 2006

Russia: Secrets Well-Ignored and Poorly-Kept




Is Putin’s Russia becoming the first major intelligence regime? And if so, what does this portend to future Russian political and military ambitions across the globe if the regime is now run by a not-so-nascent espionage political class?


Recently the person we’ve come to know as the last Soviet dictator, Mikhail Gorbachev expressed a few regrets about his time at the head of the USSR, most notably, that he was not as strong or strict as Putin. But Putin too has his regrets: he has openly expressed regret at the demise of the Soviet Union (calling it a "national tragedy of enormous scale"), so much so that he's brought back many of the former institutions. Russians today would feel completely at home with their parents’ generation in many respects. On the glasnost (or appearance – not openness) side of things, Russians once again sing the Soviet national anthem as their own. They look out in the “near-abroad” and call it the Commonwealth of Independent States (similar to one name given internally for the Soviet Union in its time). But more substantially, while internally freedoms and descent are being quashed under what I’ve recently dubbed as Putin’s “velvet terror” (exacerbated no doubt by his “Khodorkovsky complex” – similar to Andropov’s “Hungarian complex”), externally Moscow is using whatever means available to throw its weight around, extending its influence far beyond the CIS and Eastern Europe.


Today Russia is still a big player in providing arms, advisors, and influence in regimes set diametrically against Western interests. Russia is also a big player in keeping Europe in tow through the domination of its fossil fuel giant Gazprom, which is essentially a state-run enterprise from top to bottom, and filled from top to bottom with Putin’s political yes-men and SVR (Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki), Russia’s successor to the KGB.


Many experts agree and for good reason that the Soviet Union was the world’s greatest counterintelligence state. Indeed, even despite the failures caused by the elimination of ¾ of Soviet intelligence agents during Stalin’s purges, the Kremlin’s failure to properly assess information gathered by agents in the field because the information did not conform to existing Party biases and assumptions (Stalin’s costly denials about imminent Nazi German intentions and the demand for devotion of ever greater resources to his paranoia about the British come to mind), the Soviet Union had without argument the most extensive and highly successful human intelligence network anywhere in the world.  


From early on Soviet NKVD and OGPU agents succeeded in penetrating the “commanding heights” of any power they wished. Britain and its security and intelligence services were not immune, nor in Washington the White House, State Department, War Department, and OSS (World War II predecessor to the CIA), nor either were the governments of Italy, France, Spain, and anyone else, including Nazi Germany, from the placement of agents at the most sensitive positions within the inner circles of power. In the UK among the many the Soviets had cultivated, were the so-called “Magnificent 5”, five British university students who later entered various important positions in British government, including at Whitehall. Among the likes of Kim Philby were those responsible for handing over so much political and technical secret information that Stalin knew more about the meeting at Yalta with Churchill and Roosevelt than did Churchill or Roosevelt; as well he knew more about the British TUBE ALLOYS project to develop a nuclear bomb than did many among the most privy in British government. Kim Philby was later placed in charge of MI6 Section IX, which was the British anti-Soviet counterintelligence directorate, with obviously unpleasant consequences for the West.


The KGB also pioneered the art of agent provocateur to a degree of success never before seen on the world stage, as well as that of organizing terrorist proxies working on its behalf, such as Palestinian groups who received direct funding and material support from Lubyanka. Work done by Nazi Germany to destabilize the Sudetenland, Austria, and Poland prior to the Wehrmacht invasion pales by comparison.


And Soviet agents ran their networks effectively unopposed until the start of the Cold War, but still enjoyed an SIS and CIA severally throttled by political elements within both Western countries until the Reagan/Thatcher era, enabling the Soviets to run arms and personnel even into the US homeland across Mexican and Canadian borders and sea ports (though the Soviets found it harder to place illegals (illegally present operatives operating under false papers) in the US later on than in the Soviet Union’s ideological heyday). At the same time however, Soviet successes in stealing Western technology were legend in the vastness of their success. By some estimates, stolen Western technology made up for over 70% of Soviet technological advances and saved the cash-starved regime billions of dollars – no doubt helping to keep it on life support for many more years than might otherwise have been sustainable. Though most of its agents became more interested in working for cash than politics, this shortcoming was easy to overlook since because of the lax realities of Western counterintelligence, risks were relatively slim and the payout was not.


The main obstacle for the most successful intelligence state in world history however was not nearly so much the man in the field as the political bosses at the top who refused and at times severely punished the messenger when he brought information which did not connect with prior political assumptions.


This main obstacle is no longer in the way. In an even much greater way than former Soviet leader Yuri Andropov (an ex-KGB chief) could have imagined, the government under Vladimir Putin (also a former KGB man) has unfettered latitude to follow the policies dictated by thorough and correct intelligence analysis. No longer forced to comport information with ideology, spies and analysts are the true beneficiaries of Gorbachev’s “glasnost” and “perestroika” movements.



At a time with US human information gathering at one of its weakest partly due to Clinton-era cutbacks in CIA manpower (by some accounts up to 80%), not much is known of Russian activities apart from the occasional spy we’ve managed to catch in the past few years or evidence of SVR background work in Iran, Saddam’s Iraq, Syria, and other hotspots. This lack of eyes coupled with a general lack of interest in political circles in the West also aid the SVR phoenix in its daily tasks.


It may strike some as remarkably naïve that President Bush would claim to have looked into Putin’s soul and seen only goodness, particularly since the first President (and former head of CIA) Bush was no stranger to the world of deception. But George W. Bush would not be alone in making too brief an assessment of his Muscovite counterpart. One must only look at the administrations of Johnson, Nixon, Ford, and Carter to see this apathy in the West – even in the face of a full-scale Cold War – is nothing new. But time may be the only thing that tells. We do know there has yet been very little movement to harden assets against Chinese espionage – a force which promises and in many respects is outdoing the old KGB in the sophistication and success of its work, and one can only imagine that interest in Russian activity may be even further pushed back on the list of priorities among many in Washington. But we do both at our peril. While many may believe that the military coup failed when the KGB led by Vladimir Alexandrovich Kryuchkov attempted it against Gorbachev in 1991, what they may not see is that what failed was a coup against a coup (as Khrushchev learned, Soviet coups didn’t always involve tanks). As Alexei Yegorov then-head of counterintelligence said after taking part in the failed military coup in ’91 as he was being led away: “Everything is clear now. I am such an old idiot. I’ve really f****ed up.” As Christopher Andrew Points out in “The Sword and the Shield”, “Instead of repudiating its Soviet past, however, the SVR saw itself as the heir of the old FCD (First Chief Directorate – foreign intelligence)”. Russian secret services today are nothing more than the proud heirs of their KGB legacy, but they no longer work as mere caretakers of the asylum.


As such, it could be reasoned that the most productive of KGB tactics still prevail today in Putin’s Russia and with its influence abroad, but perhaps with greater freedom and efficiency than in former times. The Russian mob today is likely little more than the “dirtyworks” operating arm of the SVR, where everything from assassinations and kidnappings to nuclear technology sales can be conducted in such a way that responsibility is sidestepped and focus is not seriously drawn or couched in foreign governments as a national security threat emanating out of Moscow. But this tactic too is nothing new: As one senior Italian diplomat (and honeytrap victim) discovered during the Cold War, Soviet agents were quite adept at this. After he was lured into an illicit affair with a female KGB swallow, it was then discovered that embarrassingly compromising photographs were surreptitiously taken. The diplomat was told that these photographs of him (being seduced by a Soviet agent) had actually been taken by a criminal gang(1) and that Soviet officials acting allegedly as the white-hatted intermediary would be happy to step in and prevent their publication by these criminal elements, provided the Italian diplomat cooperate by working for the KGB. Blackmail of corporate interests of course also went on both as a key source of S&T and as a way to get those corporations to ply political pressure on their Western governments in support of Soviet aims. As Bill Gertz mentions in his new book “Enemies: How America's Foes Steal Our Vital Secrets--and How We Let It Happen”, along with a human spying campaign that equals if not exceeds that undertaken by the Soviets, Russian SIGINT agents today together with other operations additionally continue to aggressively hack into US government computer networks. What's more, Russia still refuses to outlaw spamming by Russian "criminal" elements (a technique infamous for taking advantage of using malicious code embedded into e-mail which can then be used to break into a computer or computer network and steal or alter information). Many of the most aggressive hacking attempts have been noted as coming out of Russia and Eastern Europe (as well as China). With the pilfering of government and private personnel and client records (as I covered extensively here) also comes another asset: blackmail – an invaluable asset for an intelligence organization whose historical use of the tactic is pro forma. The plundering of our national secrets today surely has Ronald Reagan spinning in his grave but he may be the lucky one.


While we would enjoy the idea of better opportunities for relations between Westerners and the average Russian, the Putin government is proving to be nothing more than the old barn with a new paint job; a dictatorship of the intelligence officer.



RELATED: The entire Matt Drudge radio interview with Bill Gertz recorded three days ago can be found at a blog called "Drudge Report Archives". (DRA appears to be unafilliated with Matt Drudge's show or website The Drudge Report.)



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September 01, 2006

Quote of the Day: Vicenté Fox



Whoever attacks our laws and institutions also attacks our history and Mexico.


– Mexican President Vicenté Fox, upset today that leftist legislators in Mexico prevented his final state of the nation address by storming the podium.


Either what’s good for the goose is good for the gander or El Presidente is just another iteration of a long list of rabid fascist nationalists (somewhat in the vein of Mussolini, Hitler, et al) which look on other nations and their laws and values as inferior to their own. Naturally, we’ve known for awhile that:


     Mexico uses its armed troops to prevent foreigners from illegally crossing into its country, but doesn’t seem to believe anyone else should be able to enforce similar policies in any fashion,


     Mexico does not even allow naturalized Mexicans born elsewhere to vote, yet expects other countries to give the vote to Mexican nationals even if they do not naturalize,


      Mexico forbids entry by foreigners into Mexico unless they can prove they have their own financial and healthcare resources, have no crime record, will provide for their own children’s education, and be a benefit to Mexico even as the Mexican government expects other countries not to demand the same of visitors from Mexico.


This quote by Fox of course makes for a great case in point of what a Mexifascist leader is all about: lies and double standards. It also shows clearly once again why we don’t need another Jimmy Carter in the White House.




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August 24, 2006

Big Terrorism and Immigration Roundup

Smaller tragedies and bigger tragedies



So much today, so here’s a quick roundup on all matters dealing with illegal immigration, Iran and other terrorist plotters. I think I tie them all together rather nicely, if I do say so. But then again, the fact they do tie together so well did make it rather easy:


Iraq then Iran


A US General now says there is “clear evidence” of Iranian involvement in terrorist activities in Iraq. As if the shelling of Kurdish outposts in northern Iraq by Iran weren’t sufficient provocation to turn Tehran into the 8th wonder of the world: a lake made entirely of glass.


Iran is simply holding up its part of the bargain with Syria on supplying munitions and men against Iraq and Israel. Where did Iran and Syria learn how to better use terrorists as proxy agents in indirect warfare? Well, from the Soviet Union, of course. As for communists and their love of such tactics past and perhaps present, that’s for another time…



Fairly Unbalanced


Courtesy the Daily SmailOur friends at the British rag the Daily Mail have done it again with their slanted coverage of the two creepsters (the ones who look like death-warmed over in the cutsie photo shot the DM arranged) who were kicked off a plane by a unanimous 150 passengers last week. You can read my original post on this here. The Daily Mail, which seems to have a habit of not posting comments by opposing viewpoints, had this to say (inflammatory language noted in boldface, my musings in brackets):


Two Asian [used to confuse the reader – the DM means Pakistani – just like the ones arrested in the real terror plot last week] students have revealed their shock and despair after being thrown off a plane because other passengers feared they were suicide bombers.


Manchester Umist students Sohail Ashraf and Khurram Zeb, both 22, said they sympathised with nervous travellers, but urged people not to be paranoid about Muslims.


"We might be Asian, but we're two ordinary lads who wanted a bit of fun," Mr Ashraf told the Daily Mirror. [Aw, how touching]


"Just because we're Muslim does not mean we are suicide bombers." [But when you behave strangely and dress in heavy coats in the middle of one of the hottest summers on record, you get to have some extra attention. Might I also add that the passengers couldn’t know you were Muslim, they just knew you looked suspicious.]


The pair were marched off the jet at gunpoint after fellow passengers alerted officials on the flight back from Malaga, Spain. [The DM makes this sound as if they were all but executed by firing squad. I wonder how the DM reports on the treatment of Israeli civilians bombarded by Iranian-donated terrorist missiles. I suppose we’ll need to wait on that one…]



Border: Catch and Release at an End? Read the Fine Print


Associated Press announced with the deceptive headline today that the catch and release program of ICE had been eliminated. Asterisk. Actually, catch and release continues for the vast majority of illegals – Mexican nationals (many of whom are here for criminal reasons or simply to mooch off the system... or be exploited by our ignoble slave-factories). In all fairness to the AP though the deception is really all Chertoff’s et al. The ones to be caught – the now-famous OTMs will be caught and detained… when they’re caught. Unfortunately, if we were to employ any serious effort to catch all of the OTMs intending terrorist behavior, we might wind up straining out all the illegals, and that would be very bad for big business as it apparently strives to make its last big profit before the terrorists shut down the party. The latest figures of course show that over 150,000 OTM’s were caught in the past several months… remember that 2x1 ratio I mentioned here? For every illegal we capture, 2 get in no moleste – and that’s the low estimate. Imagine 350,000 OTMs a year getting into this country (probably bringing weapons caches and everything they could ever possibly want to conduct sabotage, recon, and bloody terrorist acts right here on our soil). And apparently some were sporting al Qaeda-style military arm patches: Fox News and others reported tonight that some arm patches with logos including depictions of 9/11 (seen above) and Arabic scrawl were found in the no-man’s land along the border.


But this kind of operation should be nothing new, so why should we respond any differently than the last time militants were crossing our borders:


Sandinista guerillas formed the basis for a KGB sabotage and intelligence group established in 1966 on the Mexican US border with support bases in the area of Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana and Ensenada… Among the chief sabotage targets across the US border were military bases, missile sites, radar installations, and the oil pipeline (codenamed START) which ran from El Paso in Texas to Costa Mesa, California. Three sites on the American coast were selected for DRG [Soviet sabotage and assassination units] landings together with large-capacity dead-drops in which to store mines, explosives, detonators and other sabotage materials. A support group codenamed SATURN was given the task of using the movements of migrant workers (braceros) to conceal the transfer of agents and munitions across the border. SATURN’s headquarters was a hotel belonging to a Russian-born agent, codenamed VLADELET (“Proprietor”), in Ensenada fifty miles from the US border in… Baja California. VLADELET’s two sons, both born in Mexico but assessed by the KGB as “Russian patriots,” owned a gas station which was selected as a hiding place for DRGs and their equipment as well as a base from which to conduct sabotage in the United States.


(Andrew, Christopher, and Mitrokhin, Vasili. The Sword and the Shield p. 363)



Now if we can find a whole soccer stadium of Mexican nationals to chant “Osama, Osama, Osama!” during a game against the US team (not to mention the undesirables who protested waving Mexican flags a few months ago right here in the US), I think the terrorists should have no trouble at all finding willing accomplices just as well as the Russians did. Wisdom demands we take notice and take action.



Borderline National Tragedy


Photo Courtesy The TennesseanMeanwhile OTOTMs (other than other than Mexicans) continue on their rampage wreaking havoc on American families. The latest victim: Mary Sadler of Bellevue, Tennessee. Mary was beaten to death by an illegal alien who decided to drop in and demand money. Why not? He came to this country illegally and demanded free healthcare, a free ride free and clear from immigration authorities so Wal-Mart can meet its quota, so why shouldn’t he think he could just walk into a person’s house uninvited and make demands; he already did that once. By the looks of the smashed up interior of the home, it looks as if Mary put up quite a fight. I wonder if some in Washington might call her a vigilante.



Hopeful Signs on the Business Front


Some businesses have begun suing competitors who are undercutting them by hiring illegals. Aside from a good move all around, winning such suits (and some have already been so resolved) will then provide something to go on for any federal investigators who might for once be interested in leveling sanctions on unethical businesses. But as good as this news is, don't forget to vote this November!



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August 22, 2006

Border War: September Slated for Film on Crisis




A new film, Border War: The Battle Over Illegal Immigration, which debuts next week in Los Angeles theaters is set with little doubt to be a cross-strata point of interest. Since I haven’t seen the film, I can’t formulate an opinion about the project with respect to its production or content, so I’ll wait on that. According to Human Events Online, “The Los Angeles premiere will be on August 31, followed by theatrical premieres in Phoenix, San Diego, Nogales, Ariz., Washington, D.C., Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas and Houston.” If the film shows some success, it will no doubt enter many other markets thereafter. You may wish to not wait for it to come out on video however, since there is a remote chance that could be delayed: HEO says the publishing rights for video and broadcast were recently purchased by Genius Products, owned by two prominent leftwing Hollywood types (however, that is probably not the case – and – if the movie is poorly put together, it most certainly will go to video quickly).


The trailer seems to indicate that the film will address the strange friendship between unfriendly foreign interests, drug lords, human smugglers, corporate interests, and politicos in the perpetuation of the dysfunction on the border. One poignant moment in the trailer arises when a ranking member of law enforcement asks, "What would happen if a senator were killed (instead of only a law enforcement officer) by Armando Garcia?" Garcia is the illegal who deliberately shot and murdered a Los Angeles county Sheriff officer (David March) during a traffic stop and had bragged he would kill any law enforcement officer that tried to pull him over. Sadly, if (God forbid) such a heinous act against America were committed by an illegal, we probably would see a different response by some of the politicians in Washington than those we’ve heretofore seen after the vicious slayings and assaults of law enforcement and private citizen alike. The fact however is that all human life is sacred and we should be doing everything to protect it both in the US with proper border security and levels of interior enforcement and in Mexico by pressuring that regime to move away from the corruption that prevents its poor from having its property ownership safeguarded and its honest hard work, initiative, and entrepreneurship rewarded.


Of course the border crisis rarely brings to such vivid reality the crisis in Homeland Security it is creating as it pertains to our nation’s hospitals. Though DHS has called on US hospitals to stock up on necessary supplies and prepare for the possibility of a massive terrorist attack (or wave of attacks) or a natural disaster, they cannot because funds and resources that would go into this are being spent instead on illegal aliens. Indeed as most already know, many hospitals are having an increasingly difficult time just staying afloat.


The film will no doubt touch on this issue and others to one degree or another. Its timeliness two months before the November elections cannot be ignored either. We’ll also have to wait and see what impact that has, though the issue is certainly ready to be the top issue (if not among those at the top) this time around.



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August 21, 2006

Court TV Debut: Inside the Border War



A truly eye-opening series debuted tonight on Court TV. Inside the Border War tracks border agents from California to Texas as they track down and apprehend illegal aliens and drug traffickers. Set aside the politics folks, because this is inescapable reality. The show airs weekly at 8:00 pm Eastern. You can view video clips from the show by visiting its website.


Fresh-picked lies a human skull and scattered bones in the desert; scattered too, the environmental crisis of trash literally everywhere choking vegetation, endangering animals; the changes of clothes left by the river… then agents discover a large group of illegals and in their numbers those not here for the first time – wanted felons being sought for heinous crimes – sometimes against Americans who weren’t protected by their government – committed during the last sortie.


One border patrol agent puts it succinctly:


“They came in illegally, so we already know they are willing to break the law.”


And then there’s the inescapable drug-alien connection. Over 90% of most types of illegal drugs come across the border from Mexico. After pulling over a pickup with 11 illegals stuffed together and concealed in the back, one agent matter-of-factly pointed out that it was a common tactic for drug smugglers to use groups of illegals to attempt a crossing in order to distract border patrol so that the drug smugglers are able to get across undetected. There is no doubt that failing to control the border puts tens of thousands or millions at risk to be used as pawns for drug smugglers; this is just one other way that this occurs. How many exactly die or are abused, those who drown in the Rio Grande, while building tunnels, while hiking the desert or so they’ll keep quiet is probably impossible to know. True compassionate conservatism demands we shut down the border to illegal crossing.


But many greedy corporations and those who number among the greedy politicians in Washington don’t value human life as much as they do power and money. And what if a foreign national comes to the states legally on a work visa as part of one of the many already existing guest worker programs? As Lou Dobbs pointed out last week, many of these workers are being paid illegally low wages and threatened with being fired (which means deportation) if they complain. To say that our illustrious senators are unaware of this abuse – or that it won’t grow more expansive if amnesty is offered and the guest worker program is expanded is sadly naïve. The fact is that those who profit off the backs of these victim-laborers will have nothing of a fair system. Indeed, if big business shows not even the slightest interest in the American interest, how would it be possible for them to show concern for a foreign worker who to them is little other than an expendable slave? Of course this logic leads us to understand how big businesses and drug runners interested in abusing foreign laborers have common cause.


One of the recurring themes in the show tonight from several border patrol agents was that they are simply outmanned. Outmanned both by the illegals (some of whom are shooting and throwing rocks at border agents) and outmanned by big business and Washington.


Another agent on the move under the starlight tells the camera “we are the front line” here to protect Americans who are sleeping in their homes nearby from people who may want to do them harm. Sadly, these agents put their lives on the line in what every day appears to be a losing cause, the 30 pieces of silver already weighed and handed over.


Some facts mentioned during the program likely already known by many but worth repeating:


There are over 500,000 illegal aliens already inside the US who are wanted for secondary offenses including murder and sexual assault. Politicians and the owners of large companies like Tyson who hire illegals live in large homes with 24-hour private security, can avoid inner city hospitals, and can send their children to schools that speak English and lack an MS-13 presence. The pro-amnesty elites do believe in building borders and fences, they just don’t believe they should be built to protect all Americans.


Conservative estimates are that there are two illegals who successfully penetrate the frontier for every one caught by border patrol. Real world numbers are probably much higher, which is why towns across the country (such as most recently, Farmers Branch, TX, near Dallas) are being forced to craft their own laws to do what the Constitution demands of the absentee federal government: to "establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity".

The border patrol is stretched more than ever because now many agents are being called off of border watch to protect the unarmed National Guard cynically sent down to deceive Americans into thinking the border crisis was being addressed. Meanwhile, the latest figures indicate that well over 10 million illegals now mooch off the American taxpayer, while running down health, education, social services, and creating a health risk with poor hygiene habits and the diseases being brought in. Illegal aliens entering the country also provide cover for sex-slave trafficking and even worse – assaults committed in the middle of the desert where no one is ever likely to even know they happened. And, as already mentioned, such assaults may not always be between aliens.


The show is truly riveting and worth checking out. It finally tells the truth that no amount of rhetoric out of Washington can smother: cold, real, unflinching. The America Americans face.



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August 02, 2006

Planet Obvious: China War Machine Looks to Space

Red Planet War Preps



Photo courtesy AFPIn a stroke of common sense genius, a team of unidentified pointy heads at China’s National Defense University (and likewise elsewhere) have published a report admitting that China’s next strategic area of military involvement will be outer space. Bravo. Of course, this might be China admitting it’s lagging behind collecting on its wish list. After all, even the Soviets talked less and just did. And given China’s claim it wishes this to start international talks on space militarization, maybe it also knows it’s behind the US in (yet) some (other) aspect out there.


Nevertheless, it’s been obvious (despite some articles by the AFP) that China desires very badly to militarize space and even gain supremacy in this area, so China’s expressed desire for courtship is no shock to the literate. And as if no one could see this when so much of what is known of American military methods is now based on satellite technology, from JDAM technology to reconnaissance, communications, navigation, and eventually even anti-missile satellites. Indeed, China (and others) may well see American space-based strategic technologies as the Achilles’ heel of US capabilities.


To some extent they may be right. It’s indeed no secret that the current US model relies heavily on high technology utilization and perhaps less so on preparations for multi-front, multi-theatre actions, even in light of activities that have been and look to be expanding and not diminishing across the globe.


US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s infamous pre-9/11 doctrine of maintaining forces sufficient only for a single-front war and more recent statements by other officials (elected and not) after 2001 who seem to think technology is one of the only factors (if not the primary factor) in war-winning seem to be examples of some domestic disconnect. But, if what they are saying be the case, then why have we still not taken overwhelming action against foreign spying. Even after the release of the stunningly damaging book (The Sword and the Shield by Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin) on the Cold War KGB (revealing the exposure of thousands of Soviet operatives and operations), KGB’s successor the SVR, China’s spies and operatives, and those from many other countries and organizations (including Hezbollah) have increased their numbers and activities within the US and against her interests around the world, not decreased them, since 1999. Almost, if not, just as bad are the steadily easing trade restrictions on the export of technology to regimes such as China or to countries which have weaker export restrictions than we do. 


Further, China and allies North Korea and Iran have made no secret of their desire to target US satellites as a preemptive move in any serious conflict with the US. Tactics mentioned include using killer satellites and detonating a nuclear-tipped missile in lower orbit, using the EMP (electromagnetic pulse) to fry the circuitry of satellites – especially those most of which are not hardened.


Certainly, an attack on communications and infrastructure is a key aspect in the book on cutting the war with your enemy short; we know that and certainly they know that.


Another aspect of the use of space is perhaps that of keeping nuclear warheads on satellites which can be launched and detonated high above the target – even an entire continent – creating an EMP that would completely kill most if not all non-hardened technology civilian and military that was invented since the end of the 19th century.


The fact that China wishes to militarize space is no surprise; nor is it that anyone else sees it, be they Russia, Iran, China’s “Mini-Me” North Korea, other bad guys or any of the good guys.



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June 22, 2006




Yet another tragic truism those unable to hide behind walled-in compounds must daily face: illegal aliens are almost always exempt from prosecution regardless of the crime. If caught, bureaucratic bumbling, political correctness, and laziness mean the unlawfully present hostile foreign national is free to go his way and almost never punished, free to harm more American citizens who do have a right to be out and about.


The murder of a Tennessee couple recently by Gustavo Reyes Garcia who was driving drunk and fleeing police officers is just the latest installment of this tragedy.



Officers of course found beer containers in Garcia’s suburban (which no doubt was being driven with the standard illegal alien faux paper license plates – this usually tells police not to bother stopping the driver).


But the beer is no surprise – many illegals seem to think alcoholic beverages are an auto accessory. So many of us have seen suspected illegals cruising up and down the road, windows rolled down, cheesy music blaring, while chugging their beer, tossing empty bottles out their windows to the silence of supposed environmentalists, and driving with unrestrained babies … among other things. I’ve occasionally seen the Dallas Police begrudgingly talk to the illegal motorists. What was said? Something like, “Hey man, you can’t do that, alright?” Of course the officer does nothing and leaves, letting the illegals laugh and finish their beer as he drives off.


And how many times have illegals committed murder, rape, identity theft (now apparently a government-sanctioned behavior care of the US Senate’s latest bill) and other felonies with no fear of prosecution? For further atrocities committed by illegal aliens while morally culpable authorities stand by idly, follow this link.


This indeed is the sad, human cost of illegal immigration. A tragic end to the lives of countless innocents. Never mind the lost jobs, the suppressed wages, the environmental crisis, Americans are being directly injured and murdered, and, when they seek medical attention, may not find that either anymore. And it is the pro-amnesty crowd that, along with many illegal aliens and certainly the Mexican government who are morally responsible.


Greed begets tears; let us not to forget to remind our policymakers of that by contacting them without ceasing.





Nashville Radio Talkshow Host Phil Valentine broke the illegal alien aspect of story


Garcia's criminal record: lengthy as War and Peace, but mostly war


Local paper blames accident on SUV, no mention of illegal alien


Similar Crash in April Kills CT Corrections Officer


Illegal Kills Tampa Officer in Crash


More Heartrending Victims of Illegal Aliens


JUAN MANN: The Amnesty Scam




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May 27, 2006

"Somebody's" Dumbest Criminals

 Those sneaky ICE guys...




Sometimes when I read stories like this, I think I hear the Vonage commercial music beginning to play in the background. Aparently ICE is stepping up captures of fugitive aliens with standing deportation orders, according to a recent story out of Minnesota from the AP. The federal officials who have the authority to make arrests, have been doing this at a whopping (for Bush-era roundups) one a day. Well, one per business day. (Does this mean Bush and Fox have agreed we get to keep Minnesota?)


Of course, not all parties are happy, including illegal aliens (understandably, since their scam is threatened) and the libs in city hall who hire them.


But instead of admitting this, they hope they can put a stop to this “aggressive” new policy of ICE through semantics: It seems ICE officials are at times identifying themselves as police.


I know if you’re half as much horrified about this rotten tactic as I am, then you’re already trying to prop your eyelids open.


Let’s look at this: We have armed federal officials given the authority to make arrests who need to establish quick cooperation in an environment where linguistics may not be (shall we say) the most reliable (and those in first contact may not have exceptional IQ’s, may be intoxicated, or may be children). While there might be many who do not understand “ICE” for whatever reason, even a four year-old understands the word “police”. There’s also the benefit included in the word’s ease of being understood due to its similarities to the Spanish policia. Although ICE officials didn’t say to my knowledge “we are local police”, it also would seem a federal agent would have the authority to say whatever he thinks will expedite a safe and quick surrender, just as any member of law enforcement local, state, or federal would.


From the AP story:


Rosalba Valenzuela is among the Twin Cities residents who have seen the approach close up. She said her daughter woke her up about 6:30 a.m. on Jan. 31 to tell her some men were there. She found that her 11-year-old son had let in two men who identified themselves as "police."


Valenzuela said they showed her a photograph of a black man she did not know and said they had information he was in her house. When the agents asked to search it, she consented. Only later, she said, when the men went to her sister-in-law's house using the same tactic did she realize who they were -- ICE agents searching for her brother.


Sounds as if she can’t even keep her story straight, which of course isn’t very honest. Keep reading:


Agents found him later that day. He was deported to Mexico three days later, she said. His wife and children eventually followed because they had no way to support themselves, Valenzuela said.


Now that’s interesting (though it deals with a slightly different matter), and right out of the mouth of the AP. It looks to me to be as laboratory as laboratory conditions can be for those on the people’s side in the House and Senate and so many of us who have been saying all along that if you go after the employers of unlawfully present foreign nationals, many of those illegal aliens will leave the country on their own. But this has more to do with intellectual honesty in Washington. Let’s get back to the Valenzuela household:


The priceless quote in the story came near the end. Remember when Valenzuela had trouble keeping her own story straight while talking to the AP reporter? Here’s what Rosalba had to say about those ICE officials: 


"It really bothers me that they came to my house with all these lies," said Valenzuela. "We expect people to be honest."


Surely she didn’t mean lies and dishonesty like hiding from federal agents after receiving a deportation order and harboring a fugitive; not to mention coming into the country illegally to begin with, committing fraud to find work (and also possibly committing other acts of conspiracy in coming into this country and getting that job, and the pro forma bogus paper tags for their car). Of course the man’s likely committing of yet another separate offense sufficient that it drew enough attention from generally uninterested authorities to get him ordered deported in the first place was probably the real doozie. He had to work really hard to get himself on ICE radar. As Bush would say, "It's hard work".


Not only were Rosalba and her brother, et al dishonest, they’re living proof in principle of why habitual gambling is a tax on stupid people, and why they are today's America's Somebody's Dumbest Criminals.


If only the wife could have collected on the social security benefits he stole…



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May 25, 2006

Wal-Mart Says "We Hate America" This Memorial Day



The Uncooperative Blogger has posted something everyone who shops at Wal-Mart should consider. It’s how Wal-Mart chooses to attract Memorial Day shoppers this year: Image c/o Uncooperative Blogger and the Coalition Against Illegal Immigration




As I commented at UB, funny how Wal-Mart didn’t go into high gear promoting all things French during Cinco de Mayo. Apparently insensitivity only runs one way and Wal-Mart thinks that somehow after the American outrage and millions of calls, faxes, and e-mails to Congress against amnesty, you’ll just take this lying down.


Let’s disappoint them. (And remember to buy your Memorial Day flags and other supplies somewhere other than Wal-Mart).


Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Bentonville, Arkansas 72716-8611


You can call Wally-World's head office at this number: 1-800-925-6278


Investors call this number (and please do): 479-273-8446


Or you can contact their corporate HQ by e-mail here: http://walmartstores.com/GlobalWMStoresWeb/navigate.do?catg=221


As well as your local store:



You might also enjoy taking their survey where you can add more of what you think::




EARLIER POST: Wal-Mart attacks free speech





Check Texas Up Roar's letter to Wal-Mart; also more at Right Truth




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May 24, 2006

Amnesty and Aping the Banana Appeal




In a recent sound byte from the border, George W. Bush seemed to agree with John McCain that those opposed to amnesty understand the meaning of that word as well as they might a word such as banana. Ironic coming from someone already known to be language-challenged (and I’m not talking about the definition of vigilante here).


But interesting choice of comparisons, bananas. Bush seems to like bananas. He not only prefers those who run republics dealing in them over his own people, he seems intent on planting his share of trees here too.


And here to show him how, his mistress is in town. In classic banana republic style, Vicenté Fox touring the western US like Hitler taking a tour of Austria, wants everyone to be blamed for his own country’s failures but himself.


He feels that since Mexico has problems we should somehow feel guilty about it. Well, it’s about time Mr. Fox begins to feel guilty for harming so many of his own and our people so he can expand his business relationships and stuff more dollars in his pocket.


At best Mr. Fox, you are just another greedy member of the Mexican elite trying to scam whomever you can to insure your golden parachute; at worst, you’re nothing more than a two-bit economic terrorist and land-grabber, threatening to damage the culture and economy of a foreign country if it will not acquiesce to your demands. Those demands of course are to let Fox destroy our culture and economy, but he thinks we can’t put two and two together.


But both Fox and Bush are wrong, as are their allies in the Senate and the media and the conglomerate of chambers of commerce, communists, everyday criminals, and illegally present foreign TB carriers. America does support strategic active deportation and it wants to see it begin with at least half the Senate.


Mr. Bush, Mr. Schumer, McCain, Kennedy, and Mr. Fox, you may want your amnesty by any other name, but we’re sorry: We have no bananas today.



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May 18, 2006

Quote of the Day



When you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you do not wait until he strikes before you crush him.


– President Franklin D. Roosevelt



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May 14, 2006

Borderline Kinky

Texas may be ripe for a popular electoral revolt



Texas Independent gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman may have just found his ticket to the big time. Up until last week, he was little more than a self-described parody, an iconoclastic comic relief act among a field of plastic Barbie-girl candidates taking themselves much too seriously.


But after Kinky’s interview on Fox News this week with Neil Cavuto, he has suddenly been thrust into new territory as the only candidate actually siding with the vast majority of Texans on the need to guard our borders and go after employers who hire underpaid and unlawfully present foreign nationals.


During the chat, Kinky was trenchant about the need to rein-in the border crisis, and to bring an end to the cabal of corrupt businesses, corrupt governments (foreign and domestic), and the invading hordes crippling our infrastructure who’ve found common cause against the Texas voter.


But is populism a lost art? Sadly as we know, no one else running for governor this year has embraced a remotely pro-border enforcement plan. The Democrat candidate beetles about in pro forma fashion across the state uttering common nonsense like Democrats usually do, the Ex-Republicanis Carol Keeton Strayhorn wants to let us eat her pro-amnesty, pro-open borders cake; incumbent greasy-head RINO Rick Perry still has his finger in the wind to see how much he needs to hewn his rhetoric so he can return to busine$$ as usual after the election. (A former party chairperson in another state – and now the campaign manager for one of that state’s gubernatorial candidates – once asked me if I thought Perry would make a run for the White House in ’08, to which I managed a measured, but truthful assessment despite my sudden queasiness.)


But can a maverick such as Kinky be taken seriously? Does he deserve to be?  A populist he may be, but a good strategist that remains to be seen. First, he needs to be able to flesh out some of those agendas he wants to put forward once in office with a realistic plan for meeting them. Anyone can have epiphanies in the shower, but after about the age of 5 it takes a lot more than that to facilitate change.


I spoke with Friedman’s office in Ft. Worth Friday. The older gentleman with whom I spoke wasn’t sure how Kinky planned to bring about this saner, enforcement of law in Texas Kinky bellowed on about with Cavuto; nor did he even know as much as I just learned during that brief FNC appearance. The volunteer also didn’t think anyone would know for at least two more weeks since their office would be closed for much of that time ostensibly to convert from signature drive mode to candidacy headquarters mode.


Even with the slow beginnings of Kinky Friedman’s independent bid for the governor’s mansion in Austin, he seems to realize he has a better chance this year than for quite some time hitherto in spite of his sputtering start. Certainly, as many analysts have already pointed out, this year looks to be one that favors the unaffiliated (i.e. anyone not present at the scene of the crime). And this won’t change unless conservative Republicans can beat back the Rockefeller Republicans, or at least get the message out that they are on the voter’s side but need reinforcements. Since the aforementioned are lacking in this year's Texas governor's race, whether Kinky can turn the most important issue to Texans (the border) into votes much depends on what he does with it.


So while Friedman’s rhetoric was with all candor, a breath of fresh air (alas! Someone out there in the governor’s race hears the people), he doesn’t get off that easily. While his colorful demeanor reminds us of the best of what makes Texas unique – and would fit neatly alongside portraits of governors named Hogg who christened his daughters Ima and Ura; or even miniseries material like Sam Houston – substance, as always, needs to carry the day. Not that Kinky Friedman’s opponents have any either, but Texans do hope to find one candidate this year who does have some.



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May 07, 2006

Los(t) Rangers



Michelle Malkin has a rundown of some interesting quotes from e-mails and others regarding yesterday’s insulting choice by the Texas Rangers organization to celebrate a foreign holiday by renaming the team Los Rangers for the day...for now. Bad move for a Red State baseball team, but appropriate for a team formerly owned by Mr. “it’s not Amnesty” himself: George W. Bush. How fortunate as well that the Mexican consulate approves of the new jerseys.


Big business seems to think if they can push their self-serving amnesty down our throats a little harder, we'll just fall in love with the idea. I say, keep it coming, along with the Anti-America protests, and the closings-for-a-day of businesses that hire unlawfully present hostile foreigners: this only makes the job of the American voter and consumer that much easier (though I think it would be fun to show up at their next home game with signs saying "No To 'Los Rangers', Yes to America", and so on).


Since ethnic Germans are Texas' largest legally present group, I wonder if we can expect to see Feldhüter von Texas emblazoned across their shirts the next time baseball strikes carry the season into Oktoberfest. Probably not, since Germans, along with the rest of those who immigrate here legally, learn English.


So much for watching the Texas Strangers play ball; go Astros.


More at Cam Edwards, Rue St. Michel, and Gringoman


RELATED: Daily CAII alien roundup (figuratively, for now) at A Lady’s Ruminations



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May 05, 2006

France-Awareness Day



In recognition of México’s Cinco de Mayo holiday, Americans should let Mexico’s government know just what we think of its imperialistic meddling in our internal affairs by flying the French flag.


It also is no doubt important that we express sensitivity to the oppressed French who were only trying to find work no Mexican would do. After all, family values shouldn't stop at the shoreline.


For those unfamiliar with Mexican history, Cinco de Mayo commemorates the French – Mexican war. Of course, the historical difference is that unlike France, we beat Mexico in the last war, as we will in the next, if their politicians are foolish enough to continue pushing for it.


Nevertheless, the French flag can be occasion to make a statement; a statement that says that we can make it difficult for the Mexican government in all of its comings and goings and at every turn; after all, we are by far her leading trading partner.


Even as Vicenté Fox continues to promote the current teaching of reconquista in Mexico's school textbooks, and continues to think he has a serious chance to recover land lost in Santa Anna's humiliating failure, he's about to face an enormous reality check; the American people have clearly begun to flex their political muscle.


And as always, we do it with style! Yep, there’s even a time and a place for the Tricolor alongside the Stars and Stripes, so fly them with felicity.


Vive la France!



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May 02, 2006

Shop-America Day a Success!



Here are a few of the items I grabbed while shopping to support America yesterday:


I purchased two GlobalSat BT-338 WAAS Enabled multiplatform Bluetooth GPS devices. Aside from being among the best for reception and battery life, these also work with both my Toshiba Portégé M-200 Convertible Tablet-Laptop and XV6700 Pocket PC Phone. Among other items nabbed was also a badly-needed sport-case for the phone, a visit to the car wash (lots of Americans doing jobs Americans will do there yesterday), and of course I filled up the tank.


Say, I wonder how many unlawfully present foreigners boycotted their drug dealers yesterday?


On another note, but on the theme of toys and gadgets, I’m considering adding a podcasting or similar feature to this blog with updates from time to time. If I do it, I’m going to enlist a lifelong friend of mine to join via telephone as co-host. This will keep it flowing and the subject matter actually interesting, as opposed to just listening to me. I’ll update you as information warrants.




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May 01, 2006

Not These Immigrants



There are some parts of town where immigrants and the children of immigrants number by far in the majority. In such communities, you’d expect by hearing news accounts that every business would be closed, every school would be empty, and every soul would be among the throngs that never showed up downtown.


Calling illegal aliens immigrants is like calling a high school dropout a graduate.


But such an expectation would be amiss if it were held, because unlike those bandied about the news as “immigrants”, real immigrants love America. In fact, they loved America even before they came to America; they loved America so much, they revered its laws, its customs, its values and way of life, and still do. As also did my grand parents who were among them. Unlike the worthless shirks – the unlawfully present hostile foreign nationals who give no regard for others waiting in line fleeing far worse conditions than they, nor for those already living here, the immigrants who came here for the American dream, both to realize and to preserve it lived today as any other: continuing to make that dream come true for them and America by going to work, going to class, and buying goods and services.


Let’s not let the leftwing media tarnish the good name of the immigrant. How dare they, after all, for we Americans and legal aliens are all here thanks to legal and loyal immigrants they and no one else built this country. Calling illegal aliens immigrants is like calling a high school dropout a graduate. Every time the media call the hate-America crowd of foreign pawns of Mexican aggression “immigrants”, it’s a slap in the face to the rest of us. Where's the sensitivity, one might ask.


Lawlessness is what has led to the Third World status south of the border; it was that way before America even existed and will continue to be that way until there is a major sea change. Now illegals want to bring the Third World here. Let’s send them and their crooked poverty and corruption back. If they want to stew in their own juices rather than learn the American paradigm, let them, but let them do it far, far away from here; and let the press learn the difference between an immigrant and a barbarian.



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A Day with Our Country Back



Remember what I said in my previous post about today’s being like a Fourth of July for Shoppers?


I hopped in my convertible with a friend and drove around a bit around lunch time and found people driving about with flags pasted all over their cars, parking lots full and every business we saw around here open.


Traffic is a bit different though: no inebriated illegals careening through the streets with beer bottles and paper trash flying out the windows.


Wal-Mart, Sam's, Autozone, Just Brakes, all the restaurants and grocery stores, banks, health clubs; even Mexican restaurants are open today, only fuller and with employees who actually speak English!


It really looks as if today was the Great American Boycott of Illegal Aliens.


For those of you shopping for groceries today, remember that Tyson foods and Prairie Fresh Pork hate America and have shut down operations today to let their unlawfully present foreign workers take the day off. This of course has cost them millions, but let’s make sure it’s only a fraction of what Americans can do to them.


Also, here are some random news items and ideas for us:


As we know not very many businesses are participating in the boycott (wise move) and many are being rewarded in a fat way for remaining open. Also, those who lost pro-illegal workers may find they have a higher profit margin today.


By the way, hasn’t Tyson been busted in the past for hiring illegals? Wasn’t it a big scandal? I seem to remember a pattern here. If anyone is investigated, we should certainly start here.


But let’s make sure all such businesses pay a price. We need to create a hierarchical list with the biggest offenders and largest firms at top. We then need to begin sending that list to ICE and Homeland Insecurity until they begin mumbling about us in their sleep.


Also, Texas Senator John Cornyn had nothing to blistering words for the pro-illegal demonstrators protesting outside his office today. In addition, he articulated a rather emphatic opposition (more so than previously) to any kind of amnesty.


Good work everybody! We’re showing corrupt government and business officials who’s really boss.



TODAY'S EARLIER POST:  Make a Run for the Shopping Mall!


RELATED: Michelle Malkin's Two Cents, A Lady's Rumination as always has a great roundup, and the Minuteman National Blog cites some April stats that just show what we've been saying all along: if you talk amnesty, they will come.


And just like the Nazis rallying in Germany protesting in conjunction with sympathetic Nazi ethnic Germans against Czechoslovakian internal policies, we have these fine folks.



Posted by Martin at 12:42 PM | Comments (5)

Make a Run for the Shopping Mall!



It’s here, kids! Today is our much-anticipated day - without - an - unlawfully - present - Anti-American shirk! It’s time to shop till you drop (and report/boycott any businesses that are closed, of course)!


They promise not to show up in public, filling our stores and malls and exposing us to TB, Polio, Cholera, and the language of their conquistador Spaniard masters in Mexico City, and we promise to enjoy a day like the Fourth of July… only with LOTS of shopping.


Sure, the jury’s still out on whether the unlawful foreigners will refrain from using our hospitals at our expense, but at least we know they will be saving taxpayers – those who have a right to our system – millions by not showing up for educations intended for Americans and legal aliens.


And by the way, let's be clear: today is not a "day without an immigrant"; such language is an insult to those of us whose families came to the United States legally and love this country. Today is a day without anarchists, Sandinista and Shining Path rabble rousers, cowards, sex-offenders, and other America-hating dogs ready to bite the hands of the same administration that feeds them, along with an element of the sadly misguided (res ipsa loquitur).


So without further ado, here’s a quick roundup of some of today’s early fun in the blogosphere:


Michelle Malkin: José, can you sí what’s wrong with a Spanish National Anthem; Latino Issues dubs the Spanish remix “lyrical hijacking.” Appropriate language considering the weak attempt at economic terrorism our uninvited guests are making today.


Angel at Woman Honor Thyself blog has some great posts enumerating our unenforced immigration laws, and why the President and the Senate should learn to enforce them if they plan to continue enforcing any law on any US citizen (which I presume should have more liberty than an alien). She also has a few words about the abuse of American public services, all thanks to the Supreme Court that allows it, an Executive that will not enforce and deport, and a senate that only wishes to fund programs which apologize for our being American.



Meanwhile Jim Gilchrist and the Minuteman National Blog offer us a suggestion on how to respond to Anti-America candidates this election year asking for your money (in the event corporate contributions and bribes aren’t enough):


When you receive solicitations from political parties and candidates who support illegal immigration, may we suggest that you cut and paste the .jpg file into your favorite word processing program, resize it to the size of money, print it out and mail it in. Some of us write on back, "Fake pesos to you, real American dollars to the Minutemen. NO AMNESTY"


You can also take advantage and mail copies to your senators and congressmen, even putting this image into your email. We got it in an email!


Strong As an Ox blog also has posted some fun for the family... well, actually for making one. Here are a couple of  excerpts on a latina's duty to the fatherland to remain barefoot and pregnant making conquistadoritos:


“Maria, it is your patriotic Mexicana duty to make a baby with me tonight.”


“Maria, you think I am just a peón, but I am a Reconquistadore, a gallant soldier in the Army of Reconquista. And tonight I want to enlist you in this noble cause.”


It gets better, so be sure to check it out.


The beauty of course, or the irony if you will, of today’s refusal to show up for work (among illegals that do) is that they end up hurting most their un-American American partners in crime. They are actually causing more justice to befall these employers than the Bush administration would have ever wrought. And on that note, America once again has the last laugh.


Have fun and shop, kids!



RELATED: The Cost of "Helping the Economy" by allowing the invasion to continue c/o a review of Mexifornia at Atlas Shrugs


More at Hyscience


Report Businesses that hire unlawfully present hostile foreign nationals here and here, and by calling ICE: 866/347.2423. Also try to take pictures (safely) today and tomorrow when the illegals that actually work return to same. This will help demonstrate further what these unscrupulous employers are all about, plus it has a fun psychological effect - illegals and corrupt business owners hate being photographed!



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April 21, 2006

Quote of the Day



Terrorism is the preferred weapon of weak and evil men.


- The Great President Ronald Reagan



If the man who rightly identified the Evil Empire were to expound on that, he’d most likely add that totalitarianism is the preferred weapon of strong and evil men; and we all know that strong and evil men use weak and evil men to do their dirty work.



Terrorism is merely a part of which its sum is totalitarianism. And none knew that better than the Gipper. We need to see more of that clarity in our foreign and trade policies.


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April 20, 2006

Quote of the Day



He who does not punish evil, commands it to be done.


- Leonardo da Vinci



Not that anyone expects John McCain and the open borders crowd, or the China-enablers to get this, but it’s comforting to know that Americans who will be voting in November do.


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April 17, 2006

It’s Official: May 1st is Shop America Day



Mark Johnson of Human Events Online has posted a fun little piece reminding us of the upcoming holiday: Conservative Shopping Day, or, as I call it, Shop America Day. Excerpts below:


As you no doubt know, illegal aliens and their handlers plan to hold their next Senate intimidation rallies on May 1, better known as the Marxist holiday of “May Day.” The May Day campaign will consist of yet more anti-law-enforcement marches and a nationwide “boycott” of shopping. The aim of the boycott is to demonstrate the purchasing power of the 11 million immigration criminals demanding amnesty. The boycott will also include a general strike by immigration criminals, who are being encouraged to skip work that day. Now it appears that illegal aliens are here to just skip the jobs that no American is willing to skip.


Mr. President, I support you in Iraq, but I’d really find better friends in this hemisphere than Marxists and anarchists.


Mark continues:

If the boycott and strike are successful, this means that May 1 will be A DAY WITHOUT ILLEGAL ALIENS! Lines will be shorter. Clerks will all speak English. Businesses that have been honest enough to hire legal residents will be poised to finally enjoy a competitive advantage! It will be morning again in America. Every actual American should make a point to get out and support those businesses and counteract the criminal boycott movement.

Spend like a congressman! Spend like George W. Bush! Heck, spend like Teddy Kennedy on a junket to a distillers’ convention.

Show the doubters that a day without illegal aliens is not a crisis, it’s just a good start…SPEND, GRINGOS, SPEND!

Lastly, be sure to make note of which businesses can still function on a day without illegal aliens, so that you can patronize them everyday for a long time. Let’s turn the day without illegal aliens into an everyday thing.



Well, maybe not to Wal-Mart, but let’s all get out there on May 1st with our tax refunds and shop like drunken senators sailors!



Hat-tip: Free Republic




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A Day Without Americans



A great idea I ran across today at A Lady’s Ruminations, April 17 has been designated in some areas as “A Day Without Americans”, and it’s catching on fast.


The idea is to remind businesses and Congress upon which side their bread is buttered.


In a twist of what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul, many are asking, what will it profit big business if it gains 12 million illegals and loses 250 million Americans who spend far more per capita.


I agree it’s time we Americans show some muscle, so I’m joining in.


As per an idea of a similar flavor I posted last night at Free Republic, I suggest also that we incorporate the following into our daily lives:


1. We can begin boycotts or limited boycotts of illegal-friendly businesses, calling them and letting them know what we are doing.


2. We can report businesses we know hire illegals to ICE: 866/347.2423


3. Remember those flags we had on our cars and wore on our clothing right after September 11? I think we can make a statement of solidarity and patriotism by bringing those back too. It reminds us that we are the majority and we’re standing up for our country. I’m already beginning to see some of this where I live and I can’t begin to tell you how good it is to see it.



More here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.



UPDATE: A Freeper suggested that on May 1, the day of the scheduled pro-illegal walkouts and boycotts, we go out en masse and spend like crazy.


Another Freeper suggested we also make note of which businesses are closed; if they are doing so in solidarity with anti-America foreign nationals, we inform them that they will no longer be receiving the business of Americans.


Once Americans flex their muscle, this problem will be taken care of just like any solitary, annoying gnat.


UPDATE II: May 5 and June 30 have been selected for our National Days without Americans, to put greedy, unethical business and fatcat pols in their place.


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April 12, 2006

Congress Says, Shut Up and Pay Your Taxes



Turns out the senate did hear quite well America this past week as the outcry amassed and we demanded Washington secure our borders. In fact, the senate has grown weary of the annoying drone of know-nothing taxpayers attempting to leverage more influence on their public servants than big business and foreign nationals. So the senate has decided to do something about it: It plans to rid itself of the annoyance once and for all.


Forget about Campaign Finance Reform, the FEC and the blogosphere, because this puts all of the previous attempts to silence legitimate political speech to shame:


While I haven't read through the entire bill yet (it's pretty late), WorldNet daily and others are reporting that the senate has already passed by a vote of 90-8 The Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act of 2006 (S.2349, a bill that would effectively stifle the voice of the electorate petitioning the government for a redress of grievences by outlawing the grassroots lobbying of congress.


From LifeSiteNews:


Johnson pointed out that S2349 which passed the Senate 90-8 on March 29, "would regulate for the first time grassroots activism."  The bill defines 'grassroots lobbying' as "the voluntary efforts of members of the general public to communicate their own views on an issue to federal officials or to encourage other members of the general public to do the same."


"The bill does not start off by regulating all constituent contacts with members of Congress," said Johnson. "But it does adopt that premise that that is a type of lobbying." 



A house version is currently being adopted and may come up for a vote within a fortnight, and Democrats are said to be trying to insert similar language currently missing from it.


"This is really an agenda that certain groups like Common Cause use to restrict grass-roots democracy so certain privileged elites will have more influence on public policy," Johnson told LifeSiteNews, saying he believes Democrats are trying to insert language that restricts grass-roots activism.


But of course, yet again it's not just Democrats, as the vote clearly shows.


The first to cry foul has been pro-life groups, but conservatives supporting other issues such as border control should take notice. While the left is good at protesting in the street, conservatives generally get their point across in Washington by getting organized and contacting their representatives.


While the other parts of the bill designed to reign in gift-giving (it covers a lot of territory) aren't really such a bad idea, the language about grassroots activism could end or severely restrict our rights as citizens (even as foreign nationals march in our streets to a responsive senate), if the final bill goes through committee and gets signed in this form.



Call or e-mail your US Senator here


Call or e-mail your US Representative here


Contact the White House here, or by telephone and e-mail:


Comments: 202-456-1111

Switchboard: 202-456-1414

FAX: 202-456-2461



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Daily Border Collies



We have some illegal immigration follow up stuff to do today, so let’s hop right in.


First, Citizens for Immigration Reform has posted its photos from last weekend’s pro-enforcement rally in Dallas (cute bug, no?)


CFIR was joined by several others for a successful movement that will grow even more successful as the sleeping giant awakes and sets things right in accordance with our long American tradition.


Our next item: A Lady’s Ruminations has posted yet another tireless collection of links and summaries of the day’s top immigration blogs and news, so be sure to check it out.


The Oh, Really? Factor: Love him or hate him, or even if he usually just annoys you, Fox News Channel's Bill O’Reilly is one of the biggest friends to Americans when it comes to the issue of border security.


Today he had Dr. Mike Waller of the Center for Security Policy on. Waller is a Mexico expert (click here to read his bulleted summary of the Mexican constitution as it addresses immigration).


Waller’s share time with O’Reilly included citing such facts from Mexico’s 54 page constitution that:


- It is a felony to enter or remain in Mexico illegally. This includes tourists and students who overstay their allotted time in the country.


The punishment? Up to 2 years in a dingy Mexican prison, followed by deportation.


Even naturalized Mexican citizens or those visiting with a valid visa can be expelled for any reason, any time. Other ways naturalized citizens are subject to 2nd class status: They cannot vote, hold office, cannot be a military officer or member of clergy, among other things.


And Mexico does not faint from enforcing these rules either. According to Waller, Mexico deports more illegals than does the US (which shouldn’t be hard even for a country the size of Haiti. Essentially, Mexico accomplishes this by putting its military on both its northern and southern borders, and hunting down and immediately deporting any illegal it finds in the interior, without any due process.  


- If illegal aliens staying in Mexico don’t like it? Foreigners are forbidden from protesting; and since natives who protest against their government in Mexico take their lives into their hands, it’s a good guess foreigners would do well not to even say something negative that could be overheard…unless they are carrying some pocket cash, of course.


Now none of this is anything new for those of us who have been following this issue for a bit, but it’s still fun to air out the dirty little secrets of hypocrisy and Emperor Vicenté’s foreign meddling.


Earlier today, Laura Ingraham had another stellar broadcast today, featuring a number of calls from Hispanic Americans angry about illegals invading our country and resenting, as other legal immigrants do, the audacity of these criminals to come here voluntarily while breaking our laws, then protest to demand special treatment.


Laura had an excellent interview with Arizona Senator John Kyle, though her best sound byte was from an illegal alien marcher: “Americas the most racist country in the world". Which of course is why he decided to leave Mexico (apparently only the world’s second-most racist country) to get here. That makes sense.


Laura also featured a segment with sound bytes from a local Arizona station that was doing a little activist journalism: doing all but shouting si se puede into the microphone.


Lastly, speaking of slanted coverage: SRN News (Salem Communications) was calling the protesters and rabble rousers “immigrant rights supporters” during its radio newsbreaks today. Apparently no one has asked at SRN just how jumping ahead of legal immigrants respects their rights.



UPDATE: Right Truth has a must-read: It's Not about Immigration, It's about Power. From Vicenté Fox to Osama bin Laden and every nutty group and government in between, demagogues are afoot.


What we’re seeing in the streets is a naked assertion of power by outsiders against the American nation.



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April 10, 2006

What if I Protest in México?



Imperial Flag of Mexico (c. 1827)Heather Mac Donald, one of my favorites (and perhaps a secret crush), has posted another arresting article at City Journal dealing out death-blows to the pro-amnesty crowd.


Indeed, her piece illustrates (by offering examples of how American protesters are treated in Mexico) how the whole push for illegal immigrants’ rights outside of their home country is a scam on the highest order.


Mac Donald gets it: These protests aren’t a civil rights’ issue, they are a foreign policy matter being dealt with sadly in wholly Carteresque fashion.


Hat-tip, Michelle Malkin



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April 09, 2006

Los Diablos de la España

La Raza and the errands of fools



History’s Revealing Quote of the Day:


“This is our homeland, long live The Race!”


No, that wasn’t taken from Adolf Hitler’s address from the center of Vienna after the Austrian Anschluss of 1938.


The quote instead comes from the conclusion of a speech made today by a member of La Raza in the heart of downtown Dallas.


La Raza, of course, is a group of México-loyalists who also claim to believe in the superiority of their “race”. It is important however to note that this sense of superiority does not translate into courage south of the border.


In fact, it is probably an overcorrection to the degree of suppression and servitude under those of Spanish descent since the time of the tragically brutal invasion of the gold-hungry conquistadors 500 years ago. Still, members of La Raza remain strangely too uneager to overthrow those "white Spaniard masters” (in Mexico, from Vicenté Fox back to Santa Anna) whom they still serve – and perhaps for good reason: people who protest in Mexico tend to disappear.)


As for explaining the extreme anti-Semitism of La Raza, it's simply another puzzling incongruity with the organization. After all, it was the forefathers of the Spaniard conquistadors, the Romans, who oppressed, then tossed Israelis out of their homeland. The return of Isarel it would seem, would be the ultimate reconquista. This lack of intellectual honesty further suggests that La Raza is simply doing someone else's bidding.


Thus, we arrive at the term Mexifascist; the strange coexistence of the espousal of supremacist ideas in places where people are more accepting, and the absence of such articulated ideas in places where they would seem to follow in direct response to true maltreatment, seemingly to the benefit of a State from which they came. As can also be seen throughout history, the definition, along with the term racist is fairly well interchangeable with hypocrite and coward.


One sign held up in Dallas today read, "You come from immigrants too". This is a good point, but it helps to prove the La Raza crowd in its public discourse wrong: Americans don't hate immigrants; Americans are immigrants. Americans only dislike law breakers. Americans are tolerant, accepting, and generous. Those who love this nation and its laws are successful beyond their forebears' wildest dreams.


Loyal Americans of Mexican descent of course have overcome all of the old baggage and were happily living here free and prosperous, by any worldwide definition. They knew all too well that it was the elitist heirs of that yet thriving racist Spaniard tradition – the good ‘ol boy network down south – that made things so unbearable for so many living there. They've seen that America by contrast is Heaven. 


And before the conquistador pawns in La Raza began bringing in its thugs, those Americans were confident they had left hell behind forever, too.



UPDATE: Lady Jane at A Lady's Ruminations blog jotted down some important facts about the Mexifascist myth of Aztlan (looks like "Aryan", doesn't it?) a few days ago. Read up and remember that the Southwest is the new Sudetenland.



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April 08, 2006

Dallas Pro-America Rally: Day 1



Today’s was the first (and smaller) of two pro-America immigration rallies scheduled for this weekend - the other is set for tomorrow. I’ll try to have some pictures up later on (unfortunately, my camera died, so I’ll have to link to others who have them later).



Media Coverage and Checking-In with WBAP


Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for the whole rally, but before I left a very cute reporterette with WBAP (AM 820) happened to interview me. The sign I was holding stressed how important it is that new immigrants be loyal to their new homeland. As a grandson of legal immigrants, I told her, I knew what it meant for my grandparents to come to this country and how honored they were to be here, but that was during a time of saner immigration enforcement. I also told her I supported a guest-worker program, but obviously not the kind offered by Senators Cornyn, Hagel, et al. And granting legal status even to those who have arrest records for other crimes is worse than bad policy – it’s certifiably insane. We needed a plan that first included enforcement, I explained, and then we should look at a sensible, limited worker program.


The WBAP reporter was also curious about our venue at Walnut Hill and Central Expressway (Hwy 75). Good question, since downtown might be offer better exposure. Tradition is most likely the reason – it’s been CFIR’s spot for some time now, as per my reply, but since I’m not a CFIR member, it’s a mystery to me too. I’m sure the girl with the sparkly eye shadow eventually found her shop-talk answer somewhere though.


WBAP was still there when I left, and I give them credit for really doing a good job. Unlike other media who obviously already had their stories before they showed up and were unwilling to have any facts confuse them. Among those were some who chose to come half an hour before the protest was announced to begin, the video from which will no doubt will be used to spin the event as something attended by about 20 people. Nothing could be farther from the truth at this weekend’s first rally, though – WBAP says it was over 300. Two TV stations, a Spanish station and KXAS NBC5 were among those who came early and left in a big hurry. Clearly channel 5 had more important things to do, like broadcast the results of its online poll, “How much are you willing to pay for a cup of coffee?



The Folks, the Flags, the Spirit


I met several wonderful new people today at the pro-rule of law protest in North Dallas. The rally went off well with great attendance, lots of American flags held by those who love them, great signs (including Forget the illegals, deport the Senators), and other signs which likely portend the outcome on election day.


In spite of the cold, windy, and overcast day, we had many new Americans present thanks in part to the insulting parades of lawless protests by illegal aliens, and to the fine senators who prefer them over the taxpaying citizen. Yet many more Americans than have time to show up at these rallies are calling their congressmen in historically unprecedented numbers and making election day decisions even now that will, to put it in a different vernacular, rock Washington’s world.


Among those today were members of Citizens for Immigration Reform (who hosted the event), ProtestWarrior, Freepers, union members, and of course the otherwise politically unaffiliated. Demographics as always, included white collar, blue collar, old, young, white, black, hispanic, Asian, and other flavors of patriotic American. One lady was assisted in her wheel chair by another person to the spot where she unfurled and raised a huge Stars and Stripes banner, though there were several other such flags of enormous size. Some flags were the historical kind, reminding us of that noble struggle during the Texas Revolution, including that famous red and green “1824” ensign. But the winner for best flag by far went to a lady waving and honking at us from her old VW convertible painted to resemble a Texas flag, who later joined us after a couple of victory laps.


The senate had better take notice -this is middle America. If members of the house are wise, they’ll utterly reject anything like the “legalization” bill that just went comatose in the senate. It takes quite a bit to get the American people to crash the phone systems in Washington and show up at these rallies, and Americans won’t likely forget by election day; not as long as illegals continue to cross their paths every day, reminding them there are two standards of law in this country: enforced against citizens and legal aliens, not enforced against illegal aliens.


By the way, I regret to mention that Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison voted for cloture on the senate’s presently derailed amnesty bill. She’s also up for re-election this year. Find how your senator voted here.


Et tu, brute?


Like a jilted spouse, the American people will have only divorce on their minds this November if the senate fails to duly repent in sackcloth and ashes, though it may already be too late despite any amount of legislative genuflection they may muster.


But at least our poor senators won’t need to worry about losing their maids and yard help – they won’t have any money with which to pay them.


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April 07, 2006

A Night with the RNHA



First, I was going to do this two days ago, but haven’t had the chance until now. A Lady’s Ruminations blog has posted an extensive list of valuable links and info on the immigration debate, so you should go there and check it out.



The Liberal media won’t tell you, but there’s really quite a number of hispanics around this country that think these pro-illegals’ rallies are nothing but nonsense.


I had a great time last night with the Dallas Chapter of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly listening to various candidates and speakers and discussing the isssues. Chapter Chairman Jason Villalba hosted a forum for local and congressional Republican runoff candidates to tell us why we should vote for them Tuesday.


A couple of the candidates whom I really liked included Amir Omar, congressional candidate in district 30 (about 75% Democrat) did a great job explaining his face-to-face method for connecting residents with issues and short -circuiting the Democrat party’s stranglehold on the district. So far he’s been invited to several predominately Democrat churches in the district because he connects so well with them on school prayer and other important social issues. Omar, a son of legal immigrants is also strongly pro border control and understands how unfair it is for illegals to cut in line ahead of those who have the character to do things the right way.


Teresa Hawthorne, who’s running for Judge, Dallas County Criminal Court No. 6 was another great candidate and one with whom I had a chance to speak afterward. Among the things most impressive was that she started law school at age 39, taking night classes while working days as a teacher. So I’m pretty certain she’s no slacker.


After the forum, Jason then opened up the floor to discuss the current immigration crisis. We heard from a number of folks and most were informed and wanted the laws enforced.


One elderly man who spent most of his life in Mexico City until he immigrated here legally had very harsh words for Vicenté Fox and the elites that run that country. But he also had some harsh words for the pro-illegal demonstrators. He said it was obvious the protests were nothing more than a leftwing endeavor and contrary to our conservative and American values. He suggested they protest against Mexico instead.


Later, a woman noted that on Spanish-language radio even though many of the hosts are left-leaning and pro-demonstrators, many callers were mad as heck the protests took place.


Another fellow cited the staggering economic disaster in Texas ($2.6 Billion net revenue lost) caused by illegals – one that far outweighs any setbacks due to housing hurricane Katrina victims. This includes any revenue gained through cheap illegal labor and so forth.


While opinions on a guest worker program differed among those present (as they would in any group), everyone was comfortable sharing his or her position.


In response to one woman who was a bit on the ethnocentric side and at least as soft on illegals as John McCain, Jason Villalba reminded her “We are Americans first” and that “we are a nation of laws”.


As someone else noted last night, it’s too bad the media choose to ignore loyal American hispanics when looking for the “hispanic view”, but I suppose it suits the media’s largely leftwing agenda to race bait, create conflict and ignore the real issues and roots of problems being faced.

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April 05, 2006

More on Cornyn, Immigration



Time for a little immigration follow up:


Loose Ends


First, I haven’t heard anything else about that Dallas-area boy who allegedly was suspended for flying an American flag while at school, so either KSKY made an error reporting on the Skyline Colorado debacle where a student was suspended for two days, or it was a mistake on the part of the listener. In any case, if in error, I apologize.


Also, John McCain is feeling the wrath of the AFL-CIO. He was booed today by union members upset over illegal immigration's toll on wages. I wish I’d been there to see that!


Melissa Sánchez, who contacted me yesterday, has posted her article at the Ft. Worth Star Telegram website that covers the upcoming Citizens for Immigration Reform rally. It seems to be pretty fair, although it doesn’t go into detail to explain that it is the Democrats who are trying to keep the House provision to make coming here illegally a felony.



Senator Cornyn and the Immigration debate


The issues of the immigration debate, as Andy Rittler, the North Texas regional coordinator for Senator John Cornyn noted today when he addressed the Dallas County Young Republicans, is as unique as each person who weighs in on it. While there are the loose cannons such as those who propose the repugnant idea of shooting illegals trying to cross the border to the La Raza (The Race) crowd who want reconquista, most Americans are closer to the actual middle.


The question is whether the bills currently before the senate are close to that middle or farther to the left and thus out of step with the wishes of the American people: closed borders, at least selective deportations, and no amnesty.


Andy’s talk was to help draw out the differences between Cornyn’s immigration bill currently about to go to conference committee and the amnesty bill offered by Kennedy et al. While there is no doubt Cornyn’s bill is the best currently making the rounds in Senate chambers, it remains weak in some key areas, particularly with respect first to a fence: the argument against a fence is that illegals and coyotes dig tunnels and can go around any partial fence. But this negates the fact that a fence would still greatly mitigate the mass flood of immigrants and help border enforcement focus on breach areas including tunnels. By Andy’s own admission, Cornyn’s bill plans to take advantage of new technology that can see through the ground and find tunnels. Even with the added border patrol numbers, a fence would only help to equalize things, rather than being overkill.


Citing US Government sources, Rittler noted that there were an estimated 100,000 other-than-Mexican (OTM) aliens crossing the southern frontier in 2005. That’s up from “just” 40,000 the year before. As we’ve learned from 9/11, it only takes a small handful of that number to be terrorists to cause untold tragedy. Forget about the fact small traces of nuclear material were able to be smuggled right through a border checkpoint (amounts that could be later assembled to make something much larger), these materials, along with biological, chemical, automatic and other weapons could be smuggled across our border every day and we would not know about it. Smuggled just as easily as the millions of illegal aliens coming this way, sex-slaves forced south, and billions of Dollars in illegal drugs headed north as well.


The Cornyn plan is also weak on what to do with illegals already here. It does ask them to leave and apply for a visa in their home country, but it gives them five years to do it and enforcing that will be as difficult as enforcing the current laws. I can hear it now: we can’t just punish 12 million people for not returning home to register


But Cornyn is one of the key Senate Judiciary Committee members who voted against the recent Kennedy McCain amnesty bill and has led the charge to make it DOA. And his bill does talk of strengthening penalties for businesses who hire illegals. The problem again is will the government look the other way just as it is now, or will it change its ways. Currently ICE is oft less than willing to take action when illegals are found – even when those illegals are reported directly by local law enforcement who have these illegals in custody. So any bill, as well written as it might be, will take much more than some new rules, it will take a philosophical shake up and I fear that won’t happen until the American people… or some course of events makes it happen.


Incidentally, speaking of the American people, Rittler said today that after the protests by illegals began in earnest, Senator Cornyn received more phone calls from Americans who have had it with these ungrateful and illegal illegals and those in government who continue to cater to them than he had ever received in his time in the senate. The capital switchboard has been going nonstop. In fact, several Texas congressmen’s phone systems have been completely crashed by the volume of calls by Americans.


And folks, it goes without saying these Americans will vote.


 Admittedly, this will require a great deal of civil debate and some compromise – and there can be some good compromises. But clearly illegals who are engaged in denigrating the United States and its people do not deserve to be left here. Additionally, a strategic deportation would help to send the right message to those living here illegally and those thinking of coming. Fortunately, Cornyn’s bill does call for deporting illegals who have committed a felony or three misdemeanors while in the US and denies any chance of citizenship or visa to them or anyone who has been asked to leave but hasn’t.


It is also unclear how the Cornyn plan would reimburse local services, such as law enforcement, medical facilities and schools for money lost to illegal aliens, though Rittler indicated the senator thinks such provisions are necessary.


But with respect to schools, the bill does have an amendment which calls for English and American History to be taught in some greater degree, but the effectiveness or its degree of implementation was not addressed this evening.


Of course there are several bills floating around at this moment, and of those bills each has several amendments, but the most noted amendment to Cornyn’s bill that failed was an attempt by Kansas Senator Brownback to make it illegal for ICE to talk to the Social Security Administration, effectively making it impossible for ICE to verify the employment status of a worker based on his Social Security number.


The debate will continue, though it probably will be at least May before anything gets close to the President’s desk. While I do believe a limited guest worker program is a good idea, I think this needs to come after enforcement, otherwise those in Washington are going to be far too easily tempted to return to business as usual, even as more Americans suffer from the presence of illegals who disregard our laws, our environment, and our flag.


Some say that enforcement isn’t humane. I say, what about being humane to all the Americans living along the border who are having their lives threatened, their property overrun and stolen or Americans living in the interior who are victimized by the tens of thousands of illegal aliens who’ve committed violent felonies and are currently on the run. And there are even more in jail. As we’ve all heard before, presently 95% of incarcerated murderers from Los Angeles alone are illegal aliens. What about those who die because the hospital that could have invested in new ways to treat them, was bankrupted by illegals. What about those who have a right to be here or are patiently waiting in line to be here, sometimes for decades to join family members already legally here? Shouldn’t humaneness start first at home? And isn’t it likewise Mexico’s job to start being humane to its people? Which country has the most millionaires in the world right now? Mexico. So it’s not a matter of that country being unable, it’s a matter of it being unwilling. Our humaneness to the Mexican people should involve forcing Fox’s government to reform. Now is a great time to do that too, as Fox’s political party faces stiff opposition from Leftwing challengers this election cycle. The question is whether our government will get it’s priorities straight and let responsibilities fall where they belong.


To be sure, an effective plan for curbing illegal immigration includes closing the borders, punishing businesses that hire illegals, and pushing the Mexican government into helping its own people, instead of trying to protect its elites by dumping a 1/5 of them and counting into the US. And part of punishing businesses includes Americans beginning to boycott or partially boycott businesses they know hire illegals, as well as products made in Mexico. But how the legislative side of this takes shape in the senate is as yet to be decided; and while Americans have been calling their congressmen in greater numbers than probably any other time in our history, that pressure will need to increase before we see anything like what is truly needed presented for Presidential signature.


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April 01, 2006

PLANET MORONIA: Traitors in the Classroom



The Outrage of the day:


KSKY reports a Dallas-area student was suspended Friday morning for flying an American flag as he drove onto campus. Even though several "students" over the past week have brought to school and openly displayed Mexican flags, none of those were disciplined.


No doubt there will be legal action and no doubt the school will lose, but it’s everything you need to know about the more-often-than-not anti-American public school system.


I ran across this outrageous story when KSKY reported it during one of its newsbreaks this evening. Details are still a little sketchy and so far I’ve found no other information, but I’m sure we’ll hear more about it.


It's amazing to me how hundreds if ungrateful and most likely illegal students and Mexi-fascists can fly their "chicken-and-worm" flags without reprisal, either from the school or from law enforcement officials, yet if one patriotic American student - the one student who has a right to be there - displays an American flag, officials scramble into action.


Dallas, it's time for a political purge.


UPDATE: A Colorado School has banned all flags from its campus. This happened not in reaction to pro-illegal alien students taunting other students with Mexican flags, but only after other students began bringing US flags to class. At best, Skyline High School can only claim it is treating all flags equally; but as we know, all flags don't deserve equal treatment - especially in a government-run and subsidized school.


EARLIER POST: Dutch Schools Ban Own Flag for Fear of Offending (February 04 2005). We knew this was coming to America, I suppose. But we'd better fight it and defeat it.


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Power to the People: Taking Charge on the Immigration Debate



Laura Ingraham’s radio show was red-hot Friday.


Here are some excerpts (you can hear the rest at her website) from her first hour on (what else) immigration:


Segment One


Segment Two


Laura gets it.


Later on in the show one caller said his landscaping business (doing the work no Americans supposedly want to do) went under because illegals were able to start competing businesses without being forced to get the necessary licenses, tax ID’s etc., while another caller asked, “why don’t (the illegals) go home and fix their problem (instead of running away from it)?”


The man on the street gets it.


Laura also quoted George J. Borjas, economist at Harvard Kennedy school of government from a Washington Post article: "What immigration really does is redistribute wealth away from workers and toward employers," and highlighted the dropping wage for blacks out of high school. She also quoted AFL-CIO leader John Sweeny who pointed out essentially the same thing.


George Borjas and John Sweeny get it.


Laura’s sound byte of the day came from none other than Lou Dobbs:


There are 280 million legal citizens of this country. They are the ones carrying the burden of 20 million illegal immigrants. Oh, it's a great benefit for illegal employers. But don't you dare suggest that it is a benefit to working men and women, who are watching $200 billion of wages disappear every year because of illegal immigration. They're paying for their health care. They're paying for their children in schools that are overcrowded. We are failing the people who built this country, the American middle-class. Don't tell me how important illegal immigration is, because it's utter nonsense.


Lou gets it.


Why don’t the Wa$hington elite$ get it?



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March 27, 2006

Invader Update: Mexiforniacation



Many, even in conservative circles and in conservative radio, such as Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt, have repeatedly voiced the sentiment that expelling the 12 million illegals now living here would be impossible, impractical and would never happen.


But I think we're seeing more and more why expulsion, at least of those raising a raucous and being exceptionally deviant is not only an option, but a necessity.


Indeed, it is surprising now to see how quickly the fence-sitting among conservatives have found religion on this issue.


So in addition to the bills currently before Congress, I think it’s also important that we make sure that whenever an illegal alien (or any foreign citizen) comes out into the open to denigrate the United States on US soil, he be immediately detained and deported.


Here we have in the LA protests tens of thousands of non-citizens who are chanting anti-American slogans, talking of reconquista, ethnic-supremacy, and doing the bidding of a foreign power that uses them like ill-educated pawns. Of right concern, many of these pawns may be willing to take the side of, harbor and even aid a terrorist. These are exactly the kind that should be giving our Department of Homeland Security sleepless nights. It’s also why deportation of rabble rousers be among the very first things we do to set the new tone for how things will be from this point forth.


But there’s a good side to the protests, believe it or not. Each day the illegals are out protesting, business sees just how easy it is to live without them, which is good for any slave-labor addict. Additionally, schools will no doubt enjoy the more hygienic and education-friendly environment; and taxpayers will be saving a mint not saving the entire Central American continent from poor subject-verb agreements and a lack of good math taught in foreign tongue.


If we need to spend billions to round up and blithely transport these miscreants back to whence they came, so be it. Our federal government created this problem by ignoring it – and the American people and now it’s time to own up.


As for any guest worker program, I may sound a bit soft here, but I do support a program, and in fact suggested this many months ago. I think a fast track visa system would be a worthwhile policy, provided that among other things the borders and immigration laws are strictly enforced, workers are paid a fair wage (no more of this slave-labor, taking advantage of foreign workers garbage) and background checks are thorough. Also, no entire families to milk our healthcare and welfare systems.


As for those already here, I support the guest worker program for those illegals too: our prisons need more laborers.



Why Stopping Illegal Immigration is Not Only Vital, but Inevitable (January 2005)



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NFTGJ: On “Preserving a National Spirit and Character”



That ground-shaking sensation under your feet might well be the United States getting ready to vomit out illegal aliens that have heretofore infected it with so much social sickness and literal disease.


Any effort to mitigate losses by the infecting organism at this stage is utterly hopeless, and will neither mitigate nor forestall the host's chosen action.


Nevertheless, let’s walk down the path of absurdities a bit and shoot down a couple of the left’s key talking points:


- The left has been welcoming the illegal Mexican invasion calling it "diversity" for some time, but it is precisely this invasion which so overwhelms by numbers other groups legally immigrating, that threatens diversity.


And we need to call "racist" the red herring that it is. Most, if not all large countries in this hemisphere are made up of white, black, Indian and other groups. Mexico is no different. Unfortunately, Mexico has historically been very racist and run by elite white Spaniards, but this is neither our fault nor our problem. A Mexican is no more a race than an guppy is something other than a fish. Disliking illegal Mexican invaders is no different than disliking annoying Frenchmen, any Canadians who happen to be snotty or an annoying person from New Jersey. The racism charge falls helplessly flat before any thinking person.


Despite the fact most sociologists, anthropologists, and other experts since W.E.B. Dubois have agreed there is no such thing as “race”, the left often throws out the term “racist” as if it truly means anything. Of course the argument is that this is really about ethnocentrism. So the argument goes that it is the Mexican culture which makes its people a minority; that the fact these illegals speak Spanish makes them somehow a minority and an endangered species. The difficulty with this of course is that Spanish-speaking people represent the largest language group in the Western hemisphere… nay, the entire world! Minority, my foot!


But English is the language of our Constitution and if we lose respect for our language and don’t control the borders along with requiring assimilation by legal immigrants, we deny our children the ability to readily read and understand for themselves our founding documents or other key aspects of our history that have made us great.


- On the “doing jobs Americans won’t do” front, we need to admit to ourselves that this is a sick way to treat a symptom – "we" being both our politicians and even those of us opposed to illegal immigration. The problem is that illegals do jobs we aren’t making our teenagers do. Instead, far more of our teenagers than is indeed healthy are driving shiny new cars, buying designer clothes with their parents’ credit cards and learning nothing of character and responsibility – and certainly very little of love of country.


If you want to do your kids, and indeed America a favor, send the illegals home… with your teenagers' cars, designer duds, purple hair and tats… and stick your kid in Taco Bell or the local riding stable to clean stalls.


Plus if that teen gets into a wreck (in the car the teen pays for) on the way to the job no one wants to do, he or she  won’t get the illegal alien accident exemption, which translates into lower insurance premiums for the rest of us and probably fewer accidents. The illegal alien exemption of course applies to many things, especially in sanctuary cities, but here it’s when authorities give a pass to illegal aliens who cause car accidents by looking the other way, leaving the other driver to pick up the tab.


You can read more, including some of the ways our Founding Fathers weighed in on the issue by going here and here.


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March 25, 2006

PLANET MORONIA: The Running of the Bull




How nice of them to gather in once place for us and show us their pretty teeth. It is precisely these kinds of protests that help demonstrate just how disloyal these invaders are and how necessary it is to send them packing. If we had more elected officials who did the people’s business, we’d be sending border agents in right now to ship these losers out, (and it probably wouldn’t hurt to thoroughly disinfect the place of TB, typhoid, malaria, polio and every other exotic thing illegals are bringing back to America thereafter). It is without a doubt one of the most important and historically vital matters for us to consider as we approach this election year.


Why should we as Americans, legal immigrants and welcomed visitors be held hostage by these intruders? This is our country, not there’s. There’s little doubt that rounding up these unwelcome and smelly anti-America protestors would take care of a good number of the ungrateful, deadbeat cretins we should have stopped from crossing the border in the first place, not to mention put the rest already here and those thinking of coming on notice that we will not be messing around. It goes without saying that illegal aliens have no right to be here, but as Lady Jane (at A Lady's Ruminations blog) pointed out, they also have no rights here, period; except to go home if they haven’t committed any other crimes since breaking in. But the ICE’s commitment to a do-nothing policy is no respecter of persons, particularly law-abiding American persons.


The chicken-and-worm flag-waving protests are just further fodder for those who question the security-mindedness of an administration given to making deals with Dubai to control our ports or with the Chinese who have threatened to nuke Los Angeles to be in charge of inspecting ships entering our ports for nuclear material. Just where does common sense, official duties to the Constitution and the American citizen fit in here exactly?


Americans of hispanic descent are also sick of having their names drug through the mud by lawbreakers who, like barnacles, attempt to attach themselves in the eyes of society to these good people. Josue Sierra at Latino Issues blog expressed those concerns when he wrote the other day, “I am a son of immigrants. My parents are Cuban. But I am an American, born in the United States, and sworn loyal to my country. It is days like these that make life harder for people like me.”


Once again, the soft-racism of the left is hurting good Americans of all stripes.


As a grandson of legal immigrants, I’m likewise unwilling to tolerate any longer legal immigrants being given 2nd Class treatment in favor of the kind of refuse we see taking to the streets. The minute a non-US national begins to protest our government (and therefore its people) in our streets, he should be loaded up, carted off and only by the sheer excellence of American good will be heard from again at his port or on his side of the border. I make that last point especially because it is well-known today that were we Mexico, we’d give no second thought to shooting any illegals we saw attempting to cross from Guatemala.


The lawbreaking aliens need to go home and take the plank out of their own eyes before coming up here and digging around for specks in ours. And I think it’s also very much time for our government to start to enforce its immigration laws with at least the same fervor it has for going after loyal Americans who screw up their tax returns.


This is why it needs to be our turn to get out on the streets and show our more  cowardly representatives that we not only infinitely outnumber the illegal miscreants tying up traffic in various cities this weekend, we demand that we be heard. And if we do so, it will also send shockwaves that will reverberate around the heads of anyone else thinking of any more ways to compromise American sovereignty and security. Unlike the illegals, we do have rights, and it’s time we stand up for them unwaveringly.


I’ll be letting our fine civil servants know, and I hope you do to:


Call or e-mail your US Senator here


Call or e-mail your US Representative here


Contact the White House here, or by telephone and e-mail:


Comments: 202-456-1111

Switchboard: 202-456-1414

FAX: 202-456-2461



Let them know you are offended by these arrogant intruders and will tolerate no more disrespect from their ilk or further policy shell-games in Washington.


RELATED: Crime Victims of Illegal Aliens


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March 20, 2006

Simcox to Speak at William and Mary



Look for the fur to fly tomorrow at William and Mary College. That’s when Chris Simcox, patriot and President of the Minuteman civilian border crime watch group is set to speak on that campus, according to a press release on his website.


There is no mention of the event on the William and Mary school website, though there is a link for an event at that date and time which covers the life of Mohammed and his relationship with wife Aisha: "Muhammad: The Prophet, Statesman, Husband & Father."


The free lecture by Simcox is to be delivered in the Great Hall at the Wren Building. It's sure to draw interest and a few questions. Particularly, how long will it take a the pro-criminal, anti-American leftwinger to show up and attempt to deny Chris his First Amendment right to free speech by heckling him, and, show a pro-forma inability to wait for the scheduled Q & A planned for after Simcox concludes his address.


As you may have heard, in February a Pro-Life woman was punched in the face on campus at William and Mary by one of our fine, peace-loving friends on the left. So disrespect, even violence coming from leftwing militants has happened before at the school. While we certainly hope that isn’t the case when Simcox comes to speak, we also hope the school provides appropriate security.


Patriotic Americans living in the area need to get the word out to be there and show their support for the Minuteman founder.




BLOGBAT RELATED: Illegal Immigration and the Environment


For Officials Who May Be English-Challenged: A Definition of Vigilantism


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March 03, 2006

Fighting the Wormy-Chicken Party



Canyon County, Ohio District I Commissioner Robert Vasquez is running for congress.


Commissioner Vasquez became famous for billing the Mexican government $2 million (about equal to one good drug bribe to Vicenté Fox) to recover costs incurred by illegal aliens who’ve gained entry largely through the silent complicity of the federales. He also sought to use RICO statutes to go after businesses that betray their country by hiring illegal aliens. I featured him last year in my blog for setting an example so many regular Americans wish would be followed by those who happen to be among the spineless wonders in Washington.


Vasquez who is of Mexican family descent is running as a Republican for a vacant Republican seat against garden variety liberal Democrat Larry (federal) Grant.


And he did it in flamboyant style (AP c/o Boston Globe):


Canyon County Commissioner Robert Vasquez entered the race for Congress earlier this month, and did it in characteristically provocative fashion, making the announcement at a Mexican restaurant that shares a building with the Idaho Migrant Council -- one of his more vocal opponents.


"My people -- as I'm often accused of turning my back on them -- my people are American. I've got an American flag hanging in my office, not the Mexican chicken-and-worm or whatever it is," Vasquez said in a swipe at the eagle-and-snake emblem on the Mexican flag.


But lest you think the Associated Press is “fair and balanced”:


Experts say Vasquez is trying to tap a rich vein of anti-immigrant resentment rooted in the social costs of immigration and working-class fear of low-wage competition for jobs.


Of course the next paragraph tells us who their experts are: Richard Baker, a liberal professor in Mexican-American Studies at Boise State University.


Professor Baker and the mouse in his pocket tell the AP, "The people enthusiastic about the Vasquez candidacy are working-class people concerned about their employment future who end up scapegoating Mexicans.” So there you have it. If a liberal professor said it, it must be true. Poor dumb Americans, blah, blah.


But even if the AP had used no quotes and even if they still declined to say whether they were citing a liberal elitist or a conservative expert, since the liberal buzz word “anti-immigrant” was used, it’s always pretty safe to assume it was just the Associated Press being the Associated Press again.


Liberals are funny creatures, after all. Try not to think about the fact most of us came here or are related to those who came here legally and had to work much harder and wait much longer to get in because we or they actually wanted to be loyal American citizens.


Just remember, to a liberal if you are an anti-America, pro-Mexican-government and pro-illegal immigration person of non-Mexican heritage, you’re celebrating diversity. But if you happen to be a pro-America, anti-Mexican-government, pro-American citizen and pro-legal immigrant, then you get to be labeled “anti-immigrant" (of any stripe). Never mind the fact there is nothing more anti-legal immigrant than the illegal alien lobby.


And in the case of loyal Americans of Mexican descent like Robert Vasquez, rather than being hailed by the left as “celebrating your culture”, you can be sure you’ll get to be labeled as “divisive”. Divisive of course here means daring to want the best for people of your own ethnic background along with all people regardless of race – also known as the MLK doctrine. The opposite is what liberals stand for, or divisiveness according to the dictionary definition.


The hypocrisy of the left is as always pretty transparent, but nevertheless endlessly fun to point out.


In my book, Commissioner Vasquez is a true patriot.


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February 20, 2006

Dubya on Dubai




As many already know, members of both parties in Washington continue to call on the Bush administration to step in and block the proposed UAE port-security deal currently in the works.


Today some 9-11 families came forward to express their concerns about security for the port in New York being handed over in what seems counter-intuitive considering the federal government couldn’t wait to de-privatize airport security after the September 11 attacks.  


In many ways it seems the current administration is iron and clay feet of the Reagan, Carter and Nixon administrations, surprising us constantly with which foreign policy philosophy comes into the light on a given day. On very good days, we get Rice-wing Republican foreign policy, but you never know for how long or for what. Other days, it’s Henry Kissinger, corporate anarchy and geopolitical naïveté.


Michael Chertoff and others including the President seem adamant sufficient oversight can be provided despite the fact that only a small percentage of containers arriving at our ports are inspected now – less than 10%. But there’s a saying: keep it simple, stupid. Failing to do so in the very least weakens public confidence in your national security strategy and your administration (which should have Republicans worried).


I understand the administration with its need to build confidence and stability in Iraq and continue the successes in Afghanistan wants to build bridges instead of burning them in the muslim world. But once again, it seems the sentimentariots have won the day over people with a good notion of healthy boundaries.


Still people seem surprised the administration seems content to hand over our major ports – and our childlike trust to Dubai. But it’s nothing new.


Is it any surprise coming from an administration that trusts Mexico to help with border control?


I think someone will be replanting the daisies at Ronald Reagan’s grave this week.


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February 05, 2006

NFTGJ: Birds of a Feather



Just a thought to ponder:


Who's courting South and Central America these days? China, Cuba, Iran, (formerly) Saddam's Iraq, Hamas, Hezbollah, and al Qaeda. Wow, what birds of a feather.


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January 13, 2006

Prepaid Phones, Mr. Bin Laden?



Hear ye, hear ye.


ABC News is championing a new headline full of intrigue and wonder: Surge in Sale of Disposable Cell Phones May Have Terror Link.


Ya think? That and an illegal drug-and-every-other-organized-crime link.


But doesn’t this seem as though it should be common sense?


It was about this time two years ago I was at a phone store in Dallas and commented to a friend that this could be a bad idea unless we force potential terrorists and criminals to get lobotomies.



And speak of the Devil:


The Midland, Texas, arrest report police also identified the individuals [all six arrested after buying 60 of these pre-paid phones at a local Wal-Mart] as linked to a terror cell:


"Evasive responses provided by the subjects, coupled with actions observed by officers at the onset of the contact prompted the notification of local FBI officials to assist in the investigation," the report said. "Upon the arrival of special agents, and as a result of subsequent interviews, it was discovered that members of the group were linked to suspected terrorist cells stationed within the [Dallas - Ft. Worth] Metroplex.


Fast forwarding a couple of years later, ABC splashes the above quote and, by the way, that Pakistani and other foreign nationals (not to mention I’m sure MS-13 and other gang members) may be using these phones to undesirable ends.


The report also mentions that in one instance over 100 phones were sold to someone in a single purchase at a Target store in California on New Year’s Eve.


But anticipating this wasn’t rocket science; especially after similar widespread purchases of pre-paid phones took place in Madrid just prior to the terrorist attack there:


The story quotes Roger Entner who is a communications consultant, "The application of prepaid phones for nefarious reasons, is really widespread. For example, the terrorists in Madrid used prepaid phones to detonate the bombs in the subway trains that killed more than 200 people".


Still, ABC News has arrived on its shiny pony to show us what we who are in flyover country had long ago observed as a possible risk.


I only hope the FBI et al surreptitiously watch such things long before ABC News and the rest of MSM notice. At least I sleep better hoping they do.


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December 22, 2005





The Jacque Chirac of the West, Vicenté Fox this week threw a temper tantrum, threatening to essentially engage in an act of war (by stirring up populations of illegal Mexican aliens); a war that would last approximately 30 minutes if we’re having a bad day. The reason for his verbal incontinency: the border fence that is planned to go up and end the invasion at America’s Trier.


I think Fox is actually a bit frightened, to be honest. I sense more than just a frustrated political agenda at stake here. The Mexican government through corruption and ineptitude has squandered much that came of US investment inside Mexico (and there is a lot of it) and has refused to institute a system ruled by laws rather than crooked men, thus perpetuating the cycle of poverty which allows over half of Mexican citizens to live in horrid conditions. If Mexicans can no longer run away from Fox and the Mexican congress, they will be cornered and forced to bring about change – and at best that means Fox and other polis will find themselves unemployed; at worst something more familiar to local custom since the nation’s departure from Castilian rule.


Fox is an easy target too: Fox himself is not of native Mexican lineage; rather as half Irish and half Spanish, he stands out undeniably as part of the long-standing Spanish-Mexican elite ruling class that is so much to blame for the state of affairs in that country from the time of Santa Anna to this day.


While I think we should have a program in the US that allows Mexican workers to be vetted at the border, put on a bus and transported to growers and other temporary employers, Fox will stand for nothing more than amnesty. Fortunately, our sovereign country is not in the hands of a foreign despot and our Congress has just told Mr. Fox where he may go.


There has also been a little bit of hypocrisy on Fox's part: Mexico has had its army placed on its southern frontier with Guatemala for years now. The troops are known to shoot-to-kill and abuse illegal border crossers:


Although the Mexican government has complained repeatedly about the treatment of its own people by U.S. authorities who arrest them as undocumented immigrants after crossing Mexico's northern border, [Guatemalan shelter operator Amilka]Vasquez said [Mexico's] own human rights authorities have done little to look into the Central Americans' grievances.


What Fox and the other corrupt officials in Mexico are now seeing is what I told you was inevitable several months ago. We Americans like to make things happen, which is really another thing which has unfortunately heretofore separated us from certain third-world regimes.


We do wish Mexico the best – it is in everybody’s national interest – but Mexico will never be healthy until it faces its own demons rather than running away from them, tied to them at the ankle.



RELATED: Blogbat Archives April 11: “They Just Want to Work: Three Key Ingredients to a Healthy Border Policy”


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November 28, 2005

Bush on the Border




President Bush today announced to America that there is a border problem. While there are a lot of reasons to like the president, for the past five years this matter of the border has not been one of them. Acting as if he had just discovered this, Bush explained during his speech in Arizona today that illegal aliens often commit other violent crimes, are involved in drug trafficking, and basically flout our rule of law. Bush explained that ours is a nation of laws (I suppose to differentiate ours from that of Vicenté Fox’s Mexico, ruled by corrupt old-guard Spaniards). Mr. Bush’s epiphany comes also strangely enough as the cacophony of popular voices crying out to do something about the border crisis has reached its peak. Bush may be sincere; who knows, he may even be a born-again borders guy. But coming in this late in the game smacks of insincerity and as a magnificent CYA for a guy who’s currently flirting with the 20’s in his presidential popularity rating.


Be it a CYA or a real attempt at reform, there is a catch. Many are already saying that Bush’s refried guest-worker proposal is nothing more than amnesty warmed over. Or, as Congressman Tancredo put it on Fox News today, “lipstick on a pig”. Bush though did mention amnesty directly and did promise his proposal was not an amnesty. Of course, I would like to be fair to the President, so I’ll wait to see if “this is not an amnesty” means that Bush’s proposed policy is factually not an amnesty.


Amnesty or not, any guest worker program needs three things in order to be a good program: the thorough vetting of potential international workers and the making sure that these workers are being paid a fair and humane wage. The third of course being enforcement, which only will be successful if those doing the enforcing and the laws to be enforced actually have teeth. This final part makes me a little weary of any new plan coming from an administration, of course. It is this administration that has heretofore all-but obstructed any effort to bear teeth at the border and has then criticized private citizens for doing what the administration refused to let the government do.  So what might go a long way is first to implement a guest-worker program that involves having our national guard work as guests of the communities that live and work along the border.


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October 08, 2005

Blogbat Publicitus Weekly Roundup



An interesting week with some newsmakers in Dallas. Beginning with a rally to protect our borders, this week also included run-ins with Karl Rove and Former CIA director R. James Woolsey.


Last Saturday was a highly successful Citizens for Immigration Reform demonstration in North Dallas. As such rallies and demonstrations always do, it served well to remind us that the illegal immigration issue is one that has truly been raised by the people – and is a grass-roots movement that will only continue to swell until its goals have been realized. As a sign of our good things to come, I stumbled across a five dollar bill as I got out of my car – (modest, sure, but it helped me pay my tip at P.F. Chang’s later that weekend...).


I would say our group was a fairly decent size for something lasting only 90 minutes. The group numbered around 30; however, the support was overwhelming among those walking and driving by - folks of every imaginable cultural stripe, as the case typically is. We even had some of those passing by decide to come and join us.


I think one of the things however that really stuck out about this event was just how much it reflected America and how much it really demonstrated that agreement on the need to control our borders is a universal American thing, not a hyphenated-American thing of any kind. We had among our numbers retired citizens, young families, college students and young professionals; Americans of black, white, hispanic, Asian – and other ancestries. We even had two or three very energetic 8-year olds running up and down waving American flags exclaiming "God bless America!" In a nutshell, a true cross-section of Anywhere, America standing up for national security and for protecting Americans from the sex offenders and violent criminals who also are not presently being filtered out at the border. It was a good thing to see, although not surprising when we consider that close to 80% of America knows it’s time to do something about the borders.



Wednesday I had the chance to attend a Karl Rove appearance before a relatively intimate gathering.


Rove, who next week will testify for an unprecedented fourth time before the Grand Jury looking into who leaked the name of CIA spook Valerie Plame, was in Texas to visit prospective colleges with his son. While Rove probably did not "out" Plame, testifying so late in the game of a grand jury investigation could wind up snagging him on a technicality, and it's possible he agreed to testify in hopes of clarifying the details of earlier statements.


I found Karl Rove to be a truly gregarious fellow; he spoke conversationally, relating stories of the President’s and First Lady’s fondness for wild game and Jurists named Miers.



Finally, Friday was spent at the SMU Cox Business School to hear former CIA director R. James Woolsey.


Woolsey began his talk by expressing how delighted he was to have been so warmly welcomed at SMU since he was not just a lawyer after all, and someone who worked for the CIA, but also a Clinton appointee at one time to boot.


The former director spoke mostly about the strategic implications of Arabian oil and his hopes that one day cars would compete with horses to get their fuel from prairie grass. With the price of gas, I suppose Woolsey’s thoughts could best be summed up by saying that if wishes were hybrids, than beggars would drive.



Oh, and speaking of prairie grass guzzlers, Thursday I happened to look at a couple of horses to buy (I'm in the market for a good Dressage horse, FYI)… but that’s probably not as newsworthy or as interesting of a thing, so I’ll spare you the details.


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September 09, 2005

Water World Saga: America’s (Or Somebody's) Dumbest Criminals




The news wire is reporting that some illegal aliens in the Katrina path may be afraid to receive aid for fear of being deported.


Some may cry that they have a right to aid, and I agree. These illegal aliens are perfectly entitled to aid. In fact, we can offer to give them free transportation back to their home countries where they can receive as much as they want, any time. After all, family values shouldn't stop at the border. If they are dumb enough to stay here and die, then these people are nothing more than suicidal nutcases that no one could help; and that is no one’s fault but their own. Remember, the illegals by definition are breaking the law by being here and that has with it inherent risks and definite consequences –which, by the way, is how it is in every country on the planet, including their countries of origin.


Furthermore, if the illegals didn’t get the hint that New Orleans isn’t exactly the best place to hang around right now, then there is no amount of aid that will ever help them (or anyone else refusing to evacuate) in the way that they truly need it: i.e. getting their heads examined.

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September 05, 2005

A Compassionate State?



Texas: saturated with around 200,000 American citizen refugees, the state has decided to turn away any additional people forced from their homes in New Orleans. But Texas is not apparently saturated with millions of illegal aliens even as millions more are on their way.


What is wrong with this picture?



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September 02, 2005

Folks Will Remember This Decade



This has been a decade of our most bitterly disputed presidential election, the revealing of the largest corporate scandals on record, the worst foreign attack on our soil and now the worst natural disaster in American history. And soon all of this will possibly be followed by the worst energy crisis ever. We are being literally jarred awake as one who falls asleep at the wheel and drives off into the containing wall.


And the decade is only half-over.


Anyone still like to "party like it’s 1999"?


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August 25, 2005

Some Future Baseball Players




Illegal immigrants forced a border patrol chopper down yesterday after pelting it with rocks, damaging one of its rotors.


Of course we know the illegals were simply plying their skills as ball-players, right? After all, they are coming here because they just want to work!


Unfortunately it's not known if any player scouts were present on the border for the exhibition.


(Please try not to think about the illegals who make up 1/3 of our total prison population – in some countries sexual assault and kidnapping are considered lines of work – our failure to understand that is due to our ethnocentric Americanism).


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June 29, 2005

Foxed Up

No wonder so many Mexicans of American-Indian descent are fleeing Mexico’s long-standing oligarchic, plantation-style white-supremacist Spaniard government. Michelle Malkin shows us how that government is proudly adorning its postage stamps in 2005.


Oh, did I mention Mexico’s elites are a bunch of racist, hypocritical third-world con-artists?


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May 31, 2005

Some America-Haters More Equal Than Others



Question: When is the only time President Bush opposes amnesty?


When it’s Amnesty International.


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May 30, 2005

California Refuses to Extradite Child-Rapist



The Minuteman Project is claiming California authorities are refusing to extradite a child-rapist and illegal alien who fled to Mexico and then turned up again in federal immigration custody in Arizona May 14th.


According to the website, 26 year old Juan Marin-Velasquez was arrested near Naco, Arizona by border patrol agents who discovered the felony arrest warrant while doing a background check on Marin-Velasquez. The background check turned up a warrant from the State of California charging Marin-Velasquez with having sex with a minor. Marin-Velasquez remains in federal custody pending a turkey-shoot immigration hearing.


Border patrol agents arrest around 60,000 illegal aliens a month in the Tucson sector, however many tens of thousands of other illegal aliens are said to make it into this country without incident – a good number including petty thieves to felons wanted in Mexico as well as the United States. Some of the forays into the US look less like crossings to find "work" and more and more like criminal sorties.


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May 23, 2005

Blogbat Publicitus:

Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminar Day 1



Speaking to us tonight was noted and almost always eloquent commentator George F. Will, who offered to us some interesting observations on the life and times of nation building, the key ingredients thereof for other countries and those that have gone into our own.


Will said that the road to a democracy china - and Iraq etc. was one which lead simply down the way of economic prosperity since, as he stated, trade and commerce promote civility and civility is the antithesis of war. It was by implication that this method was really the only ingredient necessary, as Will cited US policy toward China since the Nixon days forward as proof in the pudding. But he seems to overlook the obvious, which is that the pudding is still in the oven. As Will himself pointed out, quoting Leon Trotsky – “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you”. This can also apply to the fact that a well-fed crocodile is merely a stronger crocodile tomorrow who still wants to eat you. Clearly, what is needed alongside any economic development is moral development among private citizens and within their government – for it is disregard for human rights and a love of corruption which squelch long-term development. Whether Will simply did not play this up sufficiently is up for debate, but he did seem to realize a common morality and civility were key factors in the building of the US from the time of its inception. Will rightly pointed out that long before we had the economic and political revolution in the late 18th century, we had a moral and cultural one. And I suppose that even George Will realizes this on some level, for during the course of his speaking in this vein, he posited whether the Iraqis will prove to be at such a point in history or not.


In describing what he thinks has made America great – he points out with absolute accuracy that not only was commerce necessary - he cites the important role of Alexander Hamilton in that development - but a deep sense of morality. And he is right, but this also must be the case in order for despotic regimes such as China to come around. Indeed a great part of the success in West Germany after World War II was not only the introduction and growth of commerce but the moral turning and renewed sense of conscience and respect for human rights and civility that protected and allowed for an environment in which just commerce could flourish along with the great wealth it produces not just for the elites, but also for the average man or woman – as true long-term evidence of democracy. Without morality the strong by rule of nature abuse the weak and in that you will have one form of bondage or another, but rather equal be it commercial fiefdom or communism.


Will also fielded several questions from the audience, including ones on the matter of illegal immigration. Sadly here, he seemed to feign ignorance of the real issue: illegal immigrants rather than immigrants in general are what most Americans find objectionable from a moral standpoint as well as a national security and infrastructural one. This issue of course is the one the average American has no trouble distinguishing but many in Washington and New York etc. as well as academia and even the Pew Research Center seem not to luminously understand (hat-tip to Cam Edwards for the Pew story). Finally after being pinned down by a direct question about the legality and morality of illegal immigration by a third member of the audience, Will seemed to backpedal from the strong-arm avoidance tactic and admitted he believed illegal immigration as opposed to legal immigration was wrong and that borders should be strengthened – and even almost slipped and used the “S” word – as in “sealed”. But this took a lot of arm-twisting to bring him to acknowledge the distinction and it might be also said his overriding romanticization of illegals was no sign encouragement for those of us who still realize a sever blindness has stricken many on the east coast, who are as yet apparently unaware of the necessary common sense clarity available apparently only to those on the “front lines” at present.


But Mr. Will is an enjoyable commentator in person as he is elsewhere whether he presents his ideas in spoken form or written. And even though he may be wrong or failing to fully convey his beliefs on a few matters it certainly was good to hear from him tonight.


Tomorrow we will be hearing from  Larry P. Arnn (who also addressed us this evening as well) discussing “Statesmanship in Wartime”. Larry is president of Hillsdale College. After Larry Arnn Malise Ruthven will be speaking. Malise is an expert on comparative religion and author of A Fury for God: The Islamist Attack on America. He will be discussing the Origins of Islam. After lunch we will be treated to hearing from Frank Gaffney Jr., founder of the Center for Security Policy as he talks to us about “Meeting the Domestic Terror Threat”. Judging by an interview with a local (Dallas) radio talkshow today, this will probably deal in some large measure with the growing concern for Iran’s deployment of an electromagnetic pulse (or EMP) device. The dangers of EMP’s of course are something about which former CIA director R. James Woolsey has spoken and written over the years and no doubt will come up for discussion when Woolsey closes out the event by speaking to us concerning “The Long War of the 21st Century: How We Must Fight It”. We’ll have more on all of this at the end of the day, as it were.


Related Post March 30: Details of the National Leadership Seminar in Dallas


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April 26, 2005

PLANET MORONIA: Rumsfeld Understands Borders




During a Defense Department news conference at the Pentagon today, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said the continuing problem with terrorists in Iraq was due in equal measure to “porous borders”.


So you heard it from the Secretary of Defense: “porous borders” make a country vulnerable to terrorists who want to get in. Common sense 101.


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April 11, 2005

“They Just Want to Work”

Three key ingredients to a healthy border policy




The most common argument you hear from romantics living in exclusive neighborhoods or any point north of Ohio is that illegal aliens are simply here for no other reason than to work – something that to me seems on its face disturbingly prejudicial. Illegal aliens are individuals like the rest of us, so to paint this image of a “Happy Julio” in his checkered shirt smiling all the way as he does your dirty work at barely-subsisting wages is not only a lie, it’s of the forms of cruelty that only find their match in Southern slavery or the plight of 19th Century sweatshop or California railroad workers. It is both part of an unmistakable elitist glance toward the Mexican and the average American.


Instead of this however I recommend a more responsible approach, which would include not romanticizing the illegal alien and not demonizing him, but instead calling things both good and bad for what they are and then building a sensible approach around the reality. For example, we know that about half of illegal alien Mexican nationals come here to flee poverty and corruption back home and find work. We also know that about another half come here to live off the dole (because American welfare is better than Mexican welfare) or commit violent crimes against our citizens. Drug trafficking is just such a thing, and drugs brought across the Mexican border account for over 70% of all illegal drugs brought into this country. Imagine what it would do to the street value of crack cocaine if the Mexican border were sealed? Anyone who is interested in the rights of the urban poor should want to seal the border. But these drug smugglers also threaten and intimidate citizens living in towns and communities existing on both sides of the border, causing financial losses and even human ones. Sometimes the violent criminals even kidnap Americans and carry them back across the frontier never to be heard from again. Such is the case with the current and agonizingly disturbing boom in the sex-slave industry, in which American girls as young as 13 are being whisked out of the country (mostly via California) and into Mexico. Indeed, open borders works both ways. And this ugly side of things is not exactly the racist Happy Julio the out of touch elites may have wished it to be.


So the realist knows we must do something to stop the Mexican alien who wishes to abuse and commit crimes against men, women and children on this side of the border, or has fled Mexican authorities (such that they are) for doing the same on his side of the border. But I think it’s also fair to offer opportunities for those who do desire honest work and a chance at a better life provided we have a way for separating the worker from the dangerous criminal (the sheep from the goats, if you will) and addressing other problems which have long precipitated this exodus from Mexico.


While I actually agree with some of the more compassionate members of the left (such as fellow Texas blogger Andy at Searching for a Better Way) that a “guest-worker” program can be part of a solution by matching honest worker with honest employer, I think we already have such a program (the work-visa) and should look at ways we can utilize it in a more tailored fashion while also applying the necessary stick to that carrot by forcing those wishing to work here to register with the U.S. Government and respect its laws, which happens first by enforcing the borders. When the borders are enforced, then comes the carrot, which if constructed properly, will funnel the types of people most deserving with employable skills through the visa process. And if there are Mexicans to be matched to otherwise neglected jobs, then this is the perfect way to make everyone happy. Perhaps one method in this is expediting the process of obtaining worker visas for documented Mexican and Canadian citizens. This would help us keep the economic side humming even as we weed out the criminals we are presently sorely failing to identify at entry. (This weeding out serves only to protect the basic human rights and safety of not only our citizens, but also those of the foreign workers.)


Those who may oppose such a policy might argue that by expediting this process we may allow some in who carry bogus papers, etc. This already is going on and the method for detecting such fraud could and should be improved across the board. In the meantime, millions are crossing into our country with absolutely no background information, positive knowledge of their intentions and no accountability.


As I hinted at above, a second condition under which I would allow so-called migrant workers from any country not on a terror watchlist to enter with this plan would be if I knew there was a method to insure that the migrants would be treated humanely and compensated fairly by US employers. Let’s face it, today most of them are not being treated humanely and stories of abuse are more than prevalent. As much as the lawless coalition and the “corporate middle” including rather sadly, the Bush administration try to make it sound as if they are pushing for policies that “care” for these people (that is, the half of them historically shown to be genuinely interested in work and not in crime), in fact it is the very policies of this "coalition" that have promoted the self-same forms of abuse we worked so hard to free ourselves from at the end of the 19th Century. Abuses such as sweat shops, indentured servitude and even outright slavery and perhaps worse are blots on our national history we should not and must not revisit. The ones coming here who are merely seeking peaceful work and bread for their families deserve better and so do we.


A final term for such a program as indeed has been pointed out in other posts here is that there be some sort of agreement with the Mexican people to begin to face up to their domestic problems instead of running away from them. They have gotten themselves into their situation and only they can make it any better through their patient, dedicated sacrifice. It’s how America made it this far and it’s the only way Mexico can do it as well. If “viva México” means anything, it should mean this.


We have a choice in dealing with this problem. We can either continue to be little Pollyanna’s pretending to import Aunt Jemima-bottle caricatures of human beings we know little about and arrogantly look down on and continue to mistreat them even as their evil twins wreak havoc on our civil society or we can do the right thing by resuming the course for the coming generations toward that civil and equitable society we as Americans have long labored to attain.


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April 09, 2005

Notes from the Garden Journal: When Is It Vigilantism




President Bush recently referred to the hundreds of men and women now volunteering in Arizona with the Minuteman Project as vigilantes. What action have they collectively taken to earn this title? They decided to sacrifice their personal comfort and time to sit outside for hours on end watching for criminal activity then reporting that activity to authorities.


Isn’t it strange how the word “vigilantism” now means this. It is one of those words which seem to have suffered some inflation over the years. For example in the 1980’s the definition commonly applied in the mainstream media was the one which referenced Bernard Getz, the New York man who shot his would-be mugger and instead found himself facing jail. It was then applied by those on the left or who favored a particular course of lawlessness (such as the unrestricted use of illegal drugs) to diminish the public stature of anyone seen by such as one directly responding even in the cause of immediate defense of person or property.


The definition by the way of “vigilante” according to Dictionary.com (for simplified reference) is as follows:


vig·i·lan·te   (vj-lnt)

1.                               One who takes or advocates the taking of law enforcement into one's own hands.

2.                               A member of a vigilance committee.



So simply seeing and reporting crime now is vigilantism? If this is so then why aren’t there prosecutions en masse in Arizona today of these so-called vigilantes? Are they vigilantes or is the government simply siding with the lawless because it has become itself lawless.


But still the Bush administration is saying "vigilantism" applies to anyone who does nothing more than see a crime being committed and report it. By the President’s own definition, your quite legal local neighborhood Crimewatch runs afoul of the law and our valued social mores. Defense attorneys must be partying like there’s no tomorrow...


So calling these guys vigilantes makes about as much sense as this.


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March 29, 2005

Notes from the Garden Journal: On Those Judicial Tyrants

Ruminations on Terri Schindler and the future of the courts




-Martin Kite-Powell



Truly the wheels of justice move slowly in this country, but that is actually a blessing. Our government was purposefully designed to do just that because our founders knew that a government which could rashly act with little effort was one which threatened the people.


If you’re like me, just a lay-person watching the Shiavo case unfold, you’ve had little option but to turn off the news for the past few days. The scope and magnitude of the Terri Schindler tragedy is so great no one with any conscience or the weakest sense of right or wrong – and who knows of the horrors of Stalin and Hitler as well as the details of this particular case – could honestly not be deeply grieved by the dangerous foray that is this most heinous violation not only of Terri’s basic human right to live, but her right to be free from a painful and extended death at the hands of another person.


I posted about this earlier someplace else and someone brought up a point I thought was a valid one. The point is that the husband’s right to make decisions for his incapacitated wife (or the wife for her incapacitated husband) trumps those held by anyone else. This is recognized not only in the American legal system, but also by the laws within both Judaism and Christianity. But that is not really the question at play here, as many have already noted. It is whether that right continues to be recognized when evidence points to factors which diminish the care-taking spouse’s trustworthiness to execute faithfully their responsibilities in the interest of their charge. As I stated elsewhere tonight, as a matter of morals - and we thought I'm sure the law - No husband has the right to slowly murder his wife by starving and dehydrating her to death, as in Terri’s case or to quickly murder her by beating her over the head or doing any number of other things one might be so inclined to do to cause life-threatening harm to his or her spouse. It has been a long-standing concept that one surrenders his rights when he attempts to infringe on those of another citizen. That fact in the case of the Schindler’s and Shiavo’s renders all else moot. In a healthy situation, the state would have fulfilled its roll and Michael would have immediately forfeited recognition of all rights to her charge when he:



1. Committed adultery, bore two children with another woman and took up residence with the new woman.


2. After suing an earlier doctor for malpractice and promising to use the money for Terri's rehabilitation during the trial, afterward never spending a cent for such.


3. Was alleged to have abused emotionally (and perhaps physically) and was suspected of being unfaithful to Terri even well-before her "accident", based on the testimony of Terri's closest friends.


4. ...along with his case were brought into question when testimony by an equal number of physicians along with that of several individuals who were once as disabled as Terri now is, but were able to recover speech and even sufficiently as to rejoin society in some form or another, presented a reasonable doubt as to her permanent or even “persistent vegetative” state.


5. Sought to have her killed by starvation and dehydration.




Perhaps in a court unlike that of the tyrant Greer's in which the facts were not fully explored or the 11th circuit et al where the outright refusal to grant de novo review prevented those facts from ever becoming part of the appeal, Terri would have been protected, as per our own Declaration of Independence which promises to protect for us among all else, Life (not to mention the 8th and 14th amendments which provide that life, liberty or property cannot be taken without due process).


When Terri dies, the real issue behind this will just be getting started. Between this and the case which is just now coming before the U.S. Supreme Court: whether we are legally bound by decisions made by the International Court of Justice in the Hague, it will probably be the beginning of the end for the judicial tyranny as we know it along with the odious decisions such as the one which allowed this travesty in Terri's case.


Still, what we want to see most from Congress and the president is to muster the courage they need to address this matter four-square. Remember that Thomas Jefferson while president fired about half of the then-sitting federal judges. Furthermore, I think the question of whether a lower court can override a congressional subpoena will also be addressed ad nauseum. Congress' response I thought might better have been, “you made your ruling, now let’s see you enforce it”, and a case for that could be made. But no matter what side one may take on whether congress, the president and governor Bush were as proactive as everyone thinks they should have been, it is vital we continue to remember the imperfect, yet blessed following truth: We are a country ruled by laws and when judges or anyone else breaks those laws, there are appropriate remedies for addressing it. But the wheels do turn slowly- too slowly for Terri’s case, but in the big picture they may well end up preventing a lot more “Terri’s”. 






Michelle Malkin links to another excellent piece by Mark Steyn in which his logic utterly vivesects the pro-death-for-Terri camp. In the part she quotes he says,


There seems to be a genuine dispute about her condition -- between those on her husband's side, who say she has ''no consciousness,'' and those on her parents' side, who say she is capable of basic, childlike reactions. If the latter are correct, ending her life is an act of murder. If the former are correct, what difference does it make? If she feels nothing -- if there's no there there -- she has no misery to be put out of.


Also see this


And Insane Troll's blog notices who "hasn't got time for the pain." He quotes a supporter of Terri's death by starvation attempting to sidestep reality:


In advanced cases of ketosis, the nervous system response is dulled, and patients rarely feel pain, hunger or thirst. There is also some evidence that ketosis can produce a state of well-being or mild euphoria.


To which he responds, "'Patients rarely feel pain'? Er, somehow that doesn't comfort me."


It didn’t comfort me either.


It seems to imply someone on the pro-death side left out what happens in cases of ketosis, mellitus and starvation/dehydration in general until they become “advanced”. But I don’t even play a doctor on TV, so how could I have common sense?



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February 24, 2005

Turmoil in the Americas: Made in China



Editor’s note: I am back from my wonderful break, but I couldn’t stand being away for so long. It seems our times much to my frustration remain far too interesting to ignore and refrain from offering perspective. In fact, I've spent the past several days wondering what my first serious foreign policy post since two weeks hence would cover. I found it today. My time however was refreshing and though I never made it down to the coast as I had hoped, I did spend a good deal of time playing with horses and catching up on reading several books and a few other worthwhiles I've earnestly been trying to finish. Oh, and that sidebar--- well, keep patient, the fix is coming ;-)




-Martin Kite-Powell


Of ever greatening interest to some more recently has been the expanding role of Chinese interests in international economic development and national policy. It seems even among members of the press, this is becoming more noteworthy. On the other hand, many conservatives have looked at China as a hot-button issue since long-before September 11, 2001. We noted back in the 1990’s that China was beginning to treat the US more like the adversary of the Korean War days than a partner against Soviet expansion.


But more recently, such observations about China have become more mainstream, as the evidence continues to overwhelm even the most timid conservative skeptic. Times, they are a-changing. The declining US dollar, Chinese investment in US and other interests abroad and a noticeable shift in express American foreign policy, most notably with the nomination of new CIA chief Porter Goss along with word of the President and Secretary of State Rice discussing more fervently the matters of Taiwan, French and the German sales of arms technology to the Beijing dictatorship and other matter seem to be the bellwethers. Even so, the Chinese seem to be making incredible strides for a very Soviet-style cause right underneath our noses.


CNN reports China is making grander overtures to the Caribbean. Just last week Goss speaking of a less-than-sunny China, seems to be preparing the nation for the realities as they have been appearing coming out of Asia for awhile. I mentioned to you last year how the Chinese regime was beginning to aggressively woo central and South American countries. So are you ready for this: the second cold war has already begun.


South and Central America and China are getting very cozy. According to a recent article in the Christian Science Monitor, William Ratliff, a fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution paints a comparatively unhappy picture for the Bush’s popularity in the region, versus that of China’s new dictator Hu,


"It is telling that Hu is spending more time in South America over this fortnight than Bush has in the past four years…Hu will come over as much more interested in Latin American people," he suggests. "His sweet, soft-power vibes leave Bush sounding like a foghorn."


But we are not merely falling short in the public relations race. Just as we propped up the Soviet Union during the Nixon, Ford and Carter eras with free trade including high technology, and watched as the soviets turned around and took advantage of that for military superiority and global gains, we will see China do the same. A self-interested dictatorship is always a self-interested dictatorship.


Taking the lead economically over and squelching Taiwan is China's first priority. But it is a good proving ground for their long-term strategy which includes similar behavior with other free markets and nations. Taiwan is a model, so watch Taiwan closely because it portends what they may well intend for us.


Maybe right now is the best time, in fact to ask ourselves, is an economically powerful and more robust china a good thing?


We (those of us in the general public) seem to think that the closed-off North Korea example is the rule for militant dictatorial regimes; however this is very much not the case, rather the opposite. One need only look at Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Iran, Saddam’s Iraq, the Soviet Union and Cuba (yes Cuba) as examples of regimes who have successfully courted the West for strategic gain. They were definitely smart enough to understand they must do business in order to gain its trust, tie its hands and grow sufficiently from an economic standpoint that their militaries would have the tools needed for imperial expansion. In short, to paraphrase the predictions of a famous 20th century communist, to sell the West the very rope with which to hang it. It is arguably both a sad and sick thing that we willingly sacrifice so many innocent lives in wars down through the years that could have been avoided had we (and by “we” I mean the free world) simply stopped feeding the monster until it died.


Communist China is anything but a paper tiger. Communist China, from all indications very much means business and sadly for either them or us, it will either be they or we who survive and not both. That failure to coexist is that of the Communists, not ours and they have proven this to be the case worldwide throughout history both in how they interact internationally including the very method in which they came to power and ahve maintained that power in their own countries.


Hitler's Germany was an economically powerful and internationally popular nation in the late 1930s. It maintained a technologically superior, more robust military at the time of the onset of WWII than did the Allies. Yet they were only a country of some 80 million, virtually landlocked in Europe and on the doorstep of a powerful rival: the UK.


The Soviet Union was much larger in terms of population, but only for a short time made inroads economically, again thanks to the West. Whereas Nazi Germany killed somewhere over 10 million people, the Soviets murdered well over 20 -and some say over 30 million. Fortunately, we can thank our own refusal to succumb to apathy and the great work of the Reagan administration, which cut off the Russian tumor's lifeblood (even if today it seems to be making a bit of a resurgence with dubious military alliances and interior repression of civil liberties) it withered to nearly nothing during the time of the 1980’s and early ‘90’s.


The Communist Party in China is our new threat, but potentially far more lethal, with the potential over time to effortlessly actualize what the Soviets could only crudely attempt to build worldwide. And I use “crudely” only in relative terms, since no one hardly doubts the Soviets did a pretty good job of building allies and satellites in Asia, Africa, Europe, South and Central America and the Caribbean. China is a nation of over a billion souls, whose economy, though in many areas still somewhat backward finds its technology industries booming, along with her military. As are her alliances. New ties are springing up all over the world and older ones are strengthening. Beijing is finding staunch allies in France, and new ones in South American countries like Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico and others. Her Communist leadership remains in power and still holds to the call to destroy America, just as it did when it sent troops across the 38th parallel into South Korea during the 1950's in its suicidal, but overwhelmingly saturating and successfully bloody "human waves".


But the good news is that slowly, but visibly nonetheless, some in a position to do something are beginning to wake up to the threat. From hopeful signs under the White House and Pentagon to the House of Representatives, where Rep. Tom Tancredo (R ) Colorado helped to author a resolution calling to reverse the Carter-era decision to end recognition of our strong and faithful Asian ally Taiwan, Sinopolitique is starting to raise a higher profile. Even as some, such as those in the Senate, continue to ignore the problem, if the US were to join with her allies and shut off the life-support for the unsustainable Communist regime in China that enslaves billions of men, women and even children, she would just as surely fold as has every other government from the backward Soviets to wealthy, but Apartheid-run South Africa. Fox News recently reported that were Wal-Mart alone to pull out of China, she would be all but devastated. Surely, part of finding success in fighting this Cold War, as with those in the past, is in joining with our allies who also want to see freedom preserved for their children, and are willing to join with us in this common cause. So Tom's resolution is a good way of getting off on the right foot.  


For those who say that economic isolation won’t work, we not only have the model of the Soviet Union and others to say otherwise, we have today China herself beginning to practice the very same thing on Taiwan. Now whether they plan their subjugation of Taiwan et al through ruthless economic isolation to starve them out or by direct and sudden military invasion or a combination of both we shall have to wait to see.


But I think it is clear to any and all who have an ounce of eyesight that China is just another in a long line of such despotic regimes and cunning expansionists in history since the time of Troy, which must at all costs be defeated. Our generation ignores this Trojan horse to our peril.


In summery, we need to begin seriously considering whether it profits us to ignore the lessons of history; whether it is to our benefit to continue dancing closer to the edge of that precipice or if we, for our children’s sake will rise up in the manner of the heroes who’ve gone before us to save our Freedom. This time perhaps also wisened by their great sacrifices of the Greatest Generation in order to begin this work early. We have done this once before very recently as I've mentioned with regard to the 1980’s dismantling our then-mortal enemy, the Soviet Empire. The lessons of history beckon our action today. And I think we need to ask ourselves this today while we still can, and in so doing establish a new era of hope for countless billions around the world, including securing such for our very own.








Jane’s South America Assessment


PDF Document: The Republic of China–Central American Economic Development Fund


CSM: China Eyes New Turf: South America

When President Bush arrives here Friday for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum, he's likely to be met by student protesters already in the streets chanting against "globalization," "colonialism," and the US occupation of Iraq.


But China's President Hu Jintao is getting quite a different reception. For two weeks now, he's been cutting ribbons at new factories in Argentina, enjoying beef barbecues in Brazil, addressing congresses, and announcing investment projects as he and 150 Chinese businessmen make their way across South America and on to Cuba.


Heather Mac Donald: What We Don’t Know Can Hurt Us

Mac Donald explains an important principle: how apathy, poor intelligence and lethargic foreign policy provide a fruitful breeding ground for America's enemies





Earlier Blogbat Top Posts:


How Bad Are Human Rights in CCP-Controlled Red China?


SHOCKING VIDEO: Stormtroopers' Rape of Human Rights in China


The Communist-Islamofascist Incest Triangle

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February 04, 2005

PLANET MORONIA: Dutch Schools Ban Own Flag for Fear of Offending



-Martin Kite-Powell


Most schools in Holland are now banning the Dutch flag out of fear of “offending” immigrant Muslims who came to Holland but prefer not to be reminded of it.


Many of the immigrant Muslim population are apparently of Turkish origin, invited in as "guest workers" under an agreement between the two governments back in 1964, according to Radio Netherlands (audio report available here). The article says that Turkish residents feel the fact Holland would have its own unique culture is unacceptable: "People weren't prepared for life in the Netherlands." Of course, with Islamic leaders such as Necati Genc, more than willing to fan the flames of ethnic tensions and who choose to live in a dream-world of not being seen as a foreigner in a country in which you are foreign, there is going to be tension until one side capitulates and ultimately integrates into or is subjugated to the other. The buzzword for that is Balkanization, and politicos asking "how high" whenever radical Turks demand the Dutch jump isn't helping things out much for anyone either.


And one wonders why things have gotten so out of control.


If anything, this example together with the many other difficulties the Dutch have encountered since the 1960's amnesty for laborers should serve as a warning to the US and as another reason why Bush's "guest worker" plan for illegal aliens (many of whom have no sympathies at all for the new country they find themselves in) will cause far more hurt than good.


Sadly now, as we have seen in the news the Dutch flag in Holland has become deemed “racist” by officials. Students are banned from bringing or wearing their country’s flag, or so much as wearing shoelaces of red and blue. Meanwhile immigrant students have no restrictions as to what they may wear, which might reasonably include outfits bearing anti-Western or anti-Jewish statements. This is pure stupidity.


To the Nth degree.


More at Jihad Watch.


And Hyscience.


And if you read Dutch, the actual flag-banning news account can be found here.


Hat tip to the Roth Report on the Holland schools.






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January 31, 2005

Gaining Momentum

Why stopping illegal immigration is not only vital, but inevitable



Martin Kite-Powell



The door is about to be slammed on illegal immigration. As the pitch continues to rise there is but one certainty: the tenacity of the American of all backgrounds defending his homeland for his posterity. President Bush and some of the congressmen who are suffering ignorance of the situation need to be corrected and soon will be in an awakening of somewhat politically rude proportions. I find it obligatory for us to lend them that charity as we take care of the business they swore to do in our stead.


Any among them discovered to be taking hits under the table from large corporations now hiring illegal aliens at slave-labor rates may not fully realize what is about to take place in our nation, but what is about to happen is something akin to Ukraine’s Orange Revolution. And no corrupt stone will remain unturned.


This is usually not an activist blog. But it is and always has been a blog that discusses ideas and the application of those ideas. And when meaningful events converge with ideas, and those ideas follow the principle of a free and sovereign people being protected by their government, as it is the duty of all governments since the beginning of civilization to do, then such compel me (and in reality, all of us) to not only evaluate the mechanisms of change, but to lay a shoulder to the wheels thereof.


The issue of stopping illegal immigration resonates deeply today with the vast majority of Americans of all ethnic and cultural stripes. It is not an ethno-centric contention or even purely an economic one. It is rather a matter of morality, whose clarity alone can provide the resonance necessary to build the coalition required to assure justice.


Some have argued that restricting the flow of illegal aliens deprives them of opportunity. However, it should be obvious to any thinking person that if a ship is too heavily laden with refugees it will sink and no one will be the better from the protection of that ship.


In an age where divisiveness across the country is at historic highs, this is one of the very few matters where most Americans actually agree. The biggest among those who presently oppose the American people on this issue of vital importance: officials in Washington. Now that the media dam is breaking and even more information is pouring out about how the “alien-industry” has hurt our country and compromised its morals and rule of law and violated the dignity of the immigrants we desire – those who obey the laws and wait their turn, it is hoisted upon us, the people, yet again the dreaded responsibility of righting the ship before it slips asunder. Americans everywhere are beginning to be counted and already Congress is hearing about it.


There are a number of organizations and grass-roots groups that are actively working on border issues, applying pressure in government offices here and yon and providing the public with the accurate and vital damage assessment we need to awaken others. Some of them are the Minuteman Project and the Federation for American Immigration Reform.


But we also need to devise a systematic machine for change. Below is a humble and early-incarnation of just this.



The Three-Columns Plan


By far, most illegal aliens cross because we allow them. It is further true that most of them only come because we invite them. Our focus therefore must first be with canceling that invitation and then hemming up the border to take care of the ones left who lack adequate fashion sense.


The illegal immigration problem has been for many years an ever-enlarging structure built on three primary pillars.


These three columns of illegal alien-bait which now exist must be destroyed, and can be so destroyed if undertaken in a well-considered manner. Such a strategy will literally inspire most illegal aliens here (the vast majority of them, in fact – which means getting your town back, your hospitals, public buildings, parks and clean neighborhoods back) will have no desire or practical means to stay. They may resist a short while like a crack addict at the end of his supply hoping for an 11th inning salvage by the ACLU or some other group of mentally ill politicos, but eventually we will see a mass-exodus back to whence they came (hopefully to build their own country instead of running away from its economic and corruption woes).



Private Sector


First: Corporations that have bought corrupt government officials and who hire most of the illegal workers currently residing here. The corporate aspect of this is in my opinion truly the soft underbelly of the whole animal, which is why I believe it’s important to really place a lot of focus here first. These folks are easily harmed by the bad press which comes of prosecutions, scandal, consumer and worker-revolts et al. We can do this with whistleblowers within these companies and private investigations of accounting records, interviews, surveillance and snooping perhaps a bit into the personal lives of decision-makers from suspected companies. Another simultaneous tact is the organization of boycotts, letter-writing campaigns to force enforcement of applicable laws and media scrutiny. This hurts bottom lines, damages egos and basically spells b-a-d for any company. Such plans as carried out by fringe groups have historically been met with limited success. However instances in which a large and popular grass-roots movement was involved have in fact rather well hit the mark. Simply put, a business can only take so big a hit and continue to show positive growth. By employing these tactics we may insure that those engaged in unlawful and unethical business practices harming America may themselves be harmed.



Public Sector


Second: Hospitals, schools and social services. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities that offer free healthcare without any question regarding citizenship, thus favoring the health of one illegal over the health and safety and ultimately the lives of its many citizens must be made to act in a more responsible manner. Hospitals should treat the seriously ill regardless of his or her status, but must report them to the police, who must in turn enforce immigration law (see Third column). Since hospitals are responsible for matters of public health and are already required to report known criminals, only their compliance will be new. Schools and social services are possibly one of the more difficult of these and this one will likely fold once the popular momentum created to destroy the ones before them finally arrives at this doorstep.


Now taking out these first two columns will only very marginally, if even noticeably at all take care of the drug or terrorist problem on the border. Therefore we need to address the third column.


Third: Border control and security. Providing border agents with the tools and manpower they need both to protect the border and to do inland sweeps. Forcing Law enforcement to report and detain illegal immigrants (the rates of arrests will help to further highlight the problem), punishing cities that offer a "sanctuary" practice (which puts us all at risk) and enforcing strict regulations about who can obtain ID and what constitutes that legal ID. We also must not allow the so-called anchor-babies (children born in this country but to illegal aliens) to be an excuse for illegal families to remain in this country in just the same way we do not allow marriages arranged purely to gain U.S. citizenship to be recognized. In fact, those who get caught doing the latter can and do face jail time. We must also begin getting tough with Mexico and other countries who refuse to extradite Mexican or other nationals who are rapists and murderers indicted of crimes in this country.


If we do this right, we will all have the pleasure to see Uncle Sam say "uncle".




This may not be the best or most succinct set of plans, but I think it can be something with which to work in a steady and relentless manner.


I think our biggest focus right now should be exposing the corporate higher-ups who have been involved in hiring illegals and covering it up. We must remember that big companies are made up of mortal people just like you and me. These folks can really be held accountable for their actions (their companies as well can face stiff sanctions). When we begin to see these crooked, slave-master corporate executives escorted to courthouses in handcuffs like Ken Lay and given ten-year sentences per violation, it will both shock and amaze some of us with delight at how quickly this column of illegal alien allure quickly vanished into the stuff of memory. Then we can move on to the next one.


All it takes are a few noble investigators. Just a few resourceful and nosey people and a sprinkle of whistleblowers to crack wide-open companies that hire illegal aliens (such as high-profile Home Depot is suspected of doing). Insiders can be the biggest heros: they have the best access to the damning information that could literally rip a company’s unethical practices wide open and in so-doing help to insure the safeguarding of our future. Company outsiders can do much to scare up the goods, too.


Folks, it’s time.






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January 28, 2005

UNT Eagles Take Flight Over Passionate Issue




-Martin Kite-Powell



Wes Roth at the Roth Report today posted a link to a controversy brewing at my old alma mater, The University of North Texas. At issue, whether illegal aliens should continue to invade unmolested, as the Bush administration proposes.


The North Texas Young Conservatives decided to illustrate the White House policy of lawlessness and anarchy by dressing three of their members in bright orange shirts with the words “illegal alien” on the front and “catch me if you can” on the back and dispatching them about the campus.


The NT Daily – UNT’s campus paper tried to spin it as a divide among ethnic lines however, but failed to mention in the spirit of full-disclosure that millions of Americans of hispanic origin are equally disturbed by the influx of illegal aliens and the TB, leprosy (the first cases in modern American history have been discovered spreading inside our borders), and third-world behaviors that do not have the opportunity for betterment because of the vast size of the current influx and the tendency among many therein to enclave.


North Texas has been known as a more left-of-center school for some time, so I truly admire the courage of the YC on this campus in particular.


The article seemed otherwise balanced and pretty well-written. It also allows for public comments, where I happily left my two cents. Of course it’s moderated so we will have to see if the ed staff tries to be fair & balanced. If not, below is what I posted:






As a grandson of legal immigrants, I think this YC (to borrow a leftwing term) “awareness campaign” is very much and to the point and necessary. After all, this yard belongs to Americans of all stripes, but Americans first nonetheless. This has nothing to do with ethnicity; in fact many Hispanic Americans are vehemently opposed to illegal immigration. Those who say otherwise are horrifically guilty of stereotyping and the blind ignorance which only comes about as a result of intellectual laziness or more nefarious motives. If you guys can make it to Houston Feb 10, respected Former Houston Candidate Orlando Sanchez will be speaking on this topic. See my blog for more info:


BTW. This NT Daily article has also been linked to at wesroth.com and will be linked to at my blog later. Go Eagles!



Yes I know, that last line is replete with pathetic school spirit, but it’s still a great school for the academic (and the pizza-lover) and has a better choice in color than either the cultish Texas A&M or UT. So despite its occasional dysfunctions and football frustrations, I’m happy to see it in the news.



UPDATE: The NT Daily has posted my comments and seems to be running quite a good thread of interesting opinions there. Some are wrong, of course, but informed debate (despite some of the name-calling from a few on the other side) and honest discourse when taken regularly with lots of water and vitamins, can be fun and beneficial.



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January 26, 2005

Stale Milk Department

Agence France Presse: Americans warned about dangerous US-Mexican border travel



"Violent criminal activity along the US-Mexico border has increased as a product of a war between criminal organizations struggling for control of the lucrative narcotics trade," the department said in a travel advisory.


“…But we wouldn’t want to actually step in and do something because it might offend the radical fringe,” the advisory’s author thought to himself…


For those living in towns near the Mexican frontier, border terror is nothing new. For many years already home owners and citizens have been living under the heavy hand of violence from Mexican nationals that would put Poncho Villa to shame.



UPDATE: Also see here.


UPDATE II: Newsmax reports on the rise in kidnappings and other gruesome cross-border chaos occuring in the past week,


Historically, drug-related violence was generally confined to the Mexican side of the border, the Post report disclosed. However that pattern is changing, advised officials.


Last weekend, for instance, in Laredo (on the U.S. side of the border) firefighters found the bodies of two young men, with hands bound, in the trunk of a car that had been set ablaze.




Border Officers: We Lack the Tools to Do Our Jobs (Newsmax)


The Prophetic Words of AFL-CIO Founder Samuel Gompers in a 1924 Warning to Congress







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Former Houston Candidate Orlando Sanchez to Speak on Immigration Matters

Those of you living near Houston will have a golden opportunity to hear a wonderful speech Thursday February 10. 2004 Republican Houston mayoral candidate, Orlando Sanchez will be speaking on the need for the “Americanization” of new immigrants, most likely as it applies to the interests of natives as well as newcomers.


The event will be held from 7-9 PM at the Tracy Gee Center, 3599 Westcenter Drive in Houston, hosted by Texans for Immigration Reform (a group of all cultural backgrounds who want to see sanity restored in our immigration policy).


For more information on the free event you can contact TFIR by visiting their website or by phone: 713/612.2617. No reservation is required.


If you are in the area, this should be well-worth your time.



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January 25, 2005


Robert Vasquez and the folks at the Minuteman Project


-Martin Kite-Powell




This month we offer Blogbat.us’ very first National Hero Award to a great man and a great American: Canyon County, Idaho Commissioner Robert Vasquez.


On the 12th of January Canyon County District I Commissioner Vasquez announced he would declare the county a disaster area in order to recover lost revenue due to the economic devastation of invading illegals coached by their government in the art of bleeding dry social services in the United States and the steep jump in the prison population in his state.


Commissioner Vasquez who is of hispanic heritage said the Mexican government was encouraging its nationals to get off the Mexican dole and move to the United States to become someone else's problem. The pamphlet, "Guide for the Mexican Migrant" published by the government of Mexico shows Mexicans how to avoid American authorities, live off the welfare system and commit other crimes against the Americans.


He also points out the dangers posed in disease control and prevention with un-matriculated foreign nationals.





The Canyon County Board of Commissioners adopted the measure on the 18th, calling the requirement to care for illegal aliens an unfunded mandate. The Board has submitted the declaration to Governor Dirk Kempthorne.


Back in April of 2004 Vasquez sent the Mexican government consulate in Salt Lake City a bill for $2 million to pay for the costs of "keeping" the illegally entering Mexican nationals who have settled in his state.




My fellow American's, constituents, friends and neighbors expect their county commissioner to spend the taxes on services for American's not on illegal alien's healthcare, education or detention.


The reality is we are securing the borders of Iraq but we are not securing the borders of the United States, that is the reality.


Naturally, the race-baiters and pro-lawless groups oppose commissioner Vasquez. The Idaho Migrant Council says,


They would, because no native born American wants to work for those wages to work for those conditions and I think historically if we look at it America it has been built and has prospered based on illegal immigration.


So in other words, the IMC has no problem with the abuse of illegal aliens for the monetary gain of unethical employers who favor slavery of non-citizens (the kind who can "disappear" or be abused in other ways and nobody notices) above honest work and honest pay. Groups like the IMC have obviously sold out the pride of their own heritage and the aspirations of those who come to the United States legally.


They add,


I think he is trying to pander to the racism and the ignorance that still exists in this country.


Mr. Vasquez is racist against people of hispanic heritage?


Ex absurdum, ad nauseum.


Meanwhile the crescendo of silence continues to grow from Leftwing environmental groups about the well-documented eco-catastrophe caused by the illegal aliens.


Robert Vasquez is just one of many millions of Americans of Hispanic origin who want to defend America from being the place where Vicente Fox’s government dumps the people it no longer wants. Because of that Commissioner Vasquez is a true hero and he deserves the admiration and respect of every American.






Honorable Mention:


A worthwhile and vital group, the Minuteman Project is looking for civilian volunteers from all states and backgrounds to peacefully help protect the Arizona border with Mexico during the month of April. Donations would also be greatly appreciated.


James W. Gilcrest, the group’s founder has been featured in the Washington Times, on the Laura Ingraham Show and is scheduled to appear on FNC’s Hannity & Colmes later this week. He told me in an e-mail today that while there are no such plans in other border states, so far 15 people from Texas have volunteered and the MP website says there are 222 from 35 other states ready to participate. This is a cross-cultural group that is not about being against the illegal alien – they know he is only the symptom of a problem that originates right here. It is about boundaries. So while we welcome those who come here legally, we must stand for the rule of law and equal access and opportunity to all in the legal immigration process. That very rare and precious rule of law is the very form upon which our Constitution was able to be established.


The website also offers a message board where people can coordinate and discuss these issues as they affect their own states or on the national scene.


The Minuteman Project hopes to create not public awareness, since the public is already painfully aware of the problem, rather public solidarity and unified outrage and...the government awareness that is so badly needed here.




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USA Today: 2,000 new border agents aren't part of budget, Ridge says



By Mimi Hall


President Bush will not ask Congress for enough money to add 2,000 agents to patrol the nation's borders in his 2006 budget, even though he signed a bill last month authorizing the increase.


Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said Monday that Bush's new budget, to be released in early February, will propose a "good incremental increase" in the number of agents. But he made it clear the number would not approach 2,000. The new agents were to be the first hires toward doubling the size of the force over five years.


As part of a sweeping intelligence bill passed in December, Congress called for nearly doubling the size of the Border Patrol by adding 10,000 agents over five years. The agency has about 11,000 agents; 90% work along the southern border with Mexico…


Read More



What's wrong with this picture?




Hat tip to Drudge.










Earlier Post: Ding-dong the Witch is Gone (Almost)

“Ass-a” mule-ing likelihood anyone would vote for him as Arkansas governor


The Arizona Republic reports that authorities in Mexico have detained the man who allegedly called FBI and other US officials with news of the 16 people whom he said crossed into the United States believed at the time to be headed for Boston.


Feds forced down a small plane carrying four Chinese illegal immigrants from Mexico into Texas. Michelle Malkin is wondering if these four are involved with the "Boston" Chinese nationals who are said to have illegally crossed the border from Mexico last week.



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Ding-dong the Witch is Gone (Almost)

“Ass-a” mule-ing likelihood anyone would vote for him as Arkansas governor


-Martin Kite-Powell




Asa Hutchinson, the man who looks like Beavis of MTV's Beavis and Butthead and currently “serves” as Undersecretary of the Border and Transportation Security Directorate will be leaving us soon.


Much to the horror of criminals and terrorists everywhere, the Undersecretary is due to depart us en grace March first. Perhaps after that homeland security can once again march forth.


It is said he is considering the chances of a successful bid for Governor of Arkansas in 2006 (word of this began leaking out as long ago as 2003 with the original assumption that he would run in ’04). Blogbat considers this a wonderful idea for him and we would like to see him attempt to win elected office after alienating the entire conservative base of the Republican party across every nook and cranny of this country. I think many of us would even consider moving to Arkansas for the sole pleasure of casting a ballot against him.


Before his post at DHS, he was a failed drug czar. I suppose his next post explained why the war on drugs never went anyhwere. This particularly so since he never connected border control (past which 75% of all illegal drugs slip) with anything beneficial to the survival of civil American society. And then there is the thing which irritated him the most: enforcing the law.


Why such strong feelings? Speaking for Blogbat, Asa is bad news for anyone who gets him. While I may not feel comfortable designating him another Vidkun Quisling, I personally feel he has his hands in a few questionable cookie jars and it is only a matter of time before we find out which, what, who and where.


Those of us who think defending the borders from terrorists, drug traders and illegal aliens (I am the grandson of legal immigrants), will probably be shooting off fireworks, dancing in the streets and perhaps naming their first-borns after the month of his last day in Washington. It will be a good day for all patriotic Americans. As they say in the middle east (well, sort of), may Asa's home be surrounded by the litter from a thousand barrios and may border-crossing Islamofascist terrorists choose his home not ours. (And may the spit of a thousand camels splurp across his long, scrunchy little face too.)








BREAKING: The Arizona Republic reports that authorities in Mexico have detained the man who allegedly called FBI and other US officials with news of the 16 people whom he said crossed into the United States headed for Boston.


Feds forced down a small plane carrying four Chinese illegal immigrants from Mexico into Texas. Michelle Malkin is wondering if these four are involved with the "Boston" Chinese nationals who are said to have illegally crossed the border from Mexico last week.


Looks like Nick Queen at Patriot-Paradox blog got his November wish

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