September 14, 2009

Thought of the Day: Obamamaton Race-Card Sharks



If opposing Obama makes almost anyone a racist, then we’ll have to ban football. Because from now on, anytime someone of one ethnic background tackles a fellow of another ethnic background, even though he’s playing for the other team and has the ball, it will be racism.












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June 24, 2009

Thought of the Day



Ifind it ironic that all the pro-abort liberals who wanted government out of the equation between a woman and her doctor now want government in the equation between all patients and their doctors, not only deciding which elective procedures they can have, but which life-saving procedures they may have, as well. And the pro-abort liberals are alright with that. This just kicked libs out of the abortion debate completely.



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June 20, 2009

Thought of the Day



When does a liberal support the death penalty? When it's called "Nationalized Healthcare".



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March 25, 2009

Thought of the Day: Dear Reader Meets the Press



I am literally cracking up upon discovery that Barack Oprompter's press conference came on during NBC's "The Biggest Loser".


The multi-layered irony is delicious!



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March 19, 2009

Thought of the Day: Diobamacal Materialism


We've gone from Lenin's dialectical materialism to Obama's didactic materialism: In one the Revolution kills you; in the other you get lectured to death.



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February 18, 2009

Thought of the Day



When conservatives are in power, it's about government accountability to the people; when libs are in power, it's about the people's accountability to government. As the ShamWow guy says (sort of), it speaks for itself.



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August 27, 2008

The New Spirit of the Age Lacks Something: Freedom



Nancy Pelosi wants to ban broadcast media with which she disagrees.


Barack Obama's lawyers seek to prosecute the creators of a valid political commercial depicting uncontestable truths about the candidate. John McCain, Ted Kennedy, and George W. Bush pass a law preventing ordinary citizens from buying advertising air time to make public statements in broadcast media supporting an issue, idea or candidate 60 days before it can have the most effect: an election.



No, that's not Russian or Chinese you're hearing. Now Democrat politicos and corporate lobbyists have Denver police arrest an ABC News reporter doing the work of journalists as they always do and on public property.The sight of cigar-chomping police defiantly ignoring the constitutional rights of this reporter and telling those filimg to "shut it off" should send shivers down the spine of every American. First Amendment? No problem. Now shut up or you’re going to jail. Meanwhile, no one dare touch the pornographer, because of course, it’s big money and the pols like it. Incidentally, though news producer Asa Eslocker will likely be acquitted and ABC may sue and win its case, the damage is done: the public may never know which business and political VIPs were at the meeting inside the Brown Palace Hotel or why. There is definitely a stench. 


We knew it was a bad sign of course years ago when business and political interests were forcing cops to look the other way when they ran across illegal aliens, the new lifeblood of business slave labor profits – at least profits for those at the top. Cops were clearly not being allowed to charge illegals in auto accidents (as they have done in Dallas and likely other places), pull over cars with obviously fraudulent dealer tags, loiterers obviously drunk in public with massive amounts of alcohol on their person, etc. (which I've documented myself).


Then there are those who try to enforce the law (lawfully) and who find themselves at the mercy of a very unhappy government, as in the cases of border agents Ramos and Compean, whose ten year prison terms for shooting an apparently armed and brandishing illegal alien drug smuggler were more severe than many illegal alien child rapists get.*  So it should be no surprise that as political and monetary interests have already set the precedent of controlling the actions of police rather than local laws and the constitution it should move from one area - the failure to enforce local and state ordinances and laws simply because the accused is a suspected illegal alien and therefore the merchandise of the new plantation owners - to the now politically popular idea of silencing political opposition, merging the two in order to give it teeth. At the same time we watch as around the world, Vladimir Putin, Hu Jintao, and countless other autocrats and bureaucrats systematically strip citizens of their freedoms, their ability to influence the direction of the policies that directly affect them, and at times even their lives. From Communist China to the unaccountable, unpopular, and undemocratic leviathan that is the EU, local control and justice suffer along with restricted freedoms of speech, religion, and self-defense in favor of perverse new friendships between government and business interests that would make those from traditional Japanese society blush.


This is the age we live in, where Pelosis, Putins, and Hus guide the misery. Sadly, one need only look around the world and then right here at home to perceive what clearly is defined as the new Zeitgeist. The corporate-government complex has finally found a way in which both members succeed by simply deciding they will not let the people stand in the way any longer. We are in an age where "informal agreements" take on the force of law more so than laws themselves, where democracy is much talked about in the same manner an abusive parent speaks of love.


We of course cannot say that we didn't see this coming. The 2000 elections were about the search for a president who could run the country like a business. If only, we were told, we could find someone to make government work with the efficiency of business at every level. While no doubt some levels of corporate efficiency are good in government, I recall a Founding Father once warning against a government that was too efficient, that could move too swiftly. This trend of blatantly ignoring the will of the people began to reverse, however, in the 2004 election, as bloggers and small media absolutely decimated attempts by big media and others to alter that outcome of the presidential contest. And they did so, not by calling for the silencing of big media or of anyone supporting John Kerry's campaign for president; they did it by simply bringing forth the truth and the evidence that supported it.


The last hurrah for popular power was in 2006, during the illegal immigration debate in Washington. Congress and the President wanted to push an amnesty package through and force it down the throats of the American people. Again, bloggers, small media, and the American people shouted it down with a deafening voice calling for an end to amnesty talk and the start of enforcement and a fence on the border. Congressional phone lines practically melted from the volume of calls coming into Capitol Hill in numbers heretofore not seen in the history of our Republic. This, however, would not bring the anticipated outcome of Congress capitulating, as the Constitution demands, to the will and welfare of the American people. Instead, we watched on in horror and a sense of dark twisted betrayal as Senator Specter on the floor of the Senate stubbornly looked right into the stunned faces of every American and informed us matter-of-factly, “The will of the Senate will prevail.” That was the day our Representative Republic died. Sure, it has been plagued by countless diseases, from invasive and tyrannical taxes to excessive regulation to the lack of interest in protecting the rights of lawful citizens in favor of the criminal. But when representatives stop altogether to represent in sufficiant numbers and in fact, divorce their first love - the electorate - in favor of unethical business and the most un-American ideological interests, a telling and repugnant stench begins to waft through the air.


A humorous video with an unfortunate touch of modern truth


Only we the people can revive the freedom and security our Founding Fathers and countless battlefield heroes have passed down to us at considerable cost. Ironically today, even the big media that benefitted from the absence of competition during the decades of its government-sponsored monopoly is seeing that its decision to sell its soul to the devil for that monopoly of ideas and mediashare was something of a Dante's choice. While it may not be doing the math yet, it is beginning to experience for itself what it thought would not come to its door. A revival of the original intent of liberty as envisioned by our Founding Fathers will take a lot of grass-roots work; yet, if we choose not to, we will be forced to explain to the generations who follow why it is we let them fall into a new Dark Age of ignorance and mass misery and repression. Both conservative and liberal should be frightened of the present mentality flowing through the great capitals of the world today. Tim Robbins knew nothing of a "chill wind blowing" when he cleverly used it to make political hay. There indeed is a "chill wind" blowing now, though, but I would imagine neither he nor the Pat Buchanans of the world, nor those in between stand to benefit from it, for when political freedom is lost to one honest citizen, it is lost to all. Thus it would behoove every ordinary citizen to stand up against this trend away from popular determination and force both government and business to respond to their interests rather than the other way around.







Death by 1000 Paper Cuts blog quotes one cop telling the ABC Producer, “You’re lucky I didn’t knock the f..k out of you.” He also goes into a bit of the investigation ABC is attempting to do about these crooks.


The Lonely Conservative blog bemoans, "An ABC News producer was investigating the role of lobbyists and top donors at the convention. He was outside a Denver hotel, standing on a sidewalk trying to obtain pictures of Democrats and their big donors leaving a private meeting." Unfortunately, this isn't just a sickness of Democrats, although Dems may, pro forma, open up the throttle a bit more, that Dems and Rockefeller Republicans will get to autocracy, just at different times, isn't particularly comforting.



BLOGBAT, MAY 15:: All God's Children... Except for the Americans


*U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton is said to have, along with a crooked court, concealed exculpatory evidence, thus rigging the trial against Ramos and Compean from the beginning. President Bush is naturally not expected to pardon these innocent men. For a man of faith, the President apparently lacks a certain fear of God for gross acts of injustice.

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November 03, 2007

Blogbat Thought of the Day



The neglect of Central Americans inside Central America is not solved by the abuse of Central Americans inside the United States.



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March 13, 2007

Philosophical Note #437



Editor’s note: I haven’t done PNs in awhile, but have been missing doing them; so today, I bring them back into the collection of things fun and fascinating to read at this blog. Also as mentioned earlier, things are still non-stop for me (though last night’s performance by world-renowned concert organist Ann Elise Smoot which I and a friend attended was a real treat!), so I’ll try and write more substantively when I have a chance. For fellow Russophiles out there, I’m tracking that pretty intensely right now too! It’s fun to see how the newsies are starting to report on the obvious! :)


Like the poor, the critical we will always have among us. Neither knows best how they might be helped, for their chronic membership does not desire help; such only wish that you were just as they. Indeed, being poor or critical is much like being a wounded wolf, who in his state has forgotten the protocols of the healthy and now believes his plight to be a far safer thing, and an outsider's desire to help, a threat. Lay down your shield and offer your hand, and he will despise you for it. He will see your vulnerability as merely mocking his weakness, your intrusion an incursion, and your hand as something to bite. He will remain wounded and you will risk joining him.


Only mend a wounded wolf when you know he will let you, and only help the poor and critical when they are ready to be helped.


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November 30, 2006

To the Success of our Hopeless Cause!




Asking the question what will Putin do to stop the unstoppable samizdat movement in Russia and elsewhere in the near-abroad, he may wish to consider the inherent danger of taking on the people.


This video is dedicated to the countless dissidents who fought the bear and won, living to tell about it and overcome all odds to make the hopeless cause a fait accompli. Interestingly, the Moscow Helsinki Group just celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, as noted on the U.S. State Department website.


Putin and his friends would do wise to take notice. As history has shown, when they kill a man his ideas multiply ten fold.


I put together another YouTube piece today, loaded with quotes from former dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn. The song, “Nas Ne Dogonjat” translates to “Not Gonna Get Us”. I’m not a huge fan of T.A.T.u., but I thought this one would work. English lyrics here.






No surprise here: Putin may suspend Russian constitution and run for third term (no doubt with more fixed election results to come in this “managed democracy”.


Russian citizens put livelihoods and lives on line to protest against Putin and for human rights in Moscow.






More-on the Putintate Putz: Radiating the Love


Ode to the Putintate Putz





Soviet-Era Intelligence & Ideology (Part I)


Soviet-Era Intelligence & Ideology (Part II)


The Life and Times of a Puny Putintate Putz


Russia: Secrets Well-Ignored and Poorly-Kept


Russia: Oil Slick of Contradictions


Let’s Talk About the Axis of Oil


Moving Forward on the EMP Threat


Most Muscovites Say US Ally, Not Adversary


Putin Deplores Collapse of USSR


Wormwood: The Moscow Legacy


The Axis of Oil


Russian Oil


Axis of Oil: Village of the Damned


Russia: Pensions, Poverty, and People-Herding



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November 15, 2006

Thought of the Day: Avoiding the Kissinger of Death

Formulating a coherent foreign policy 2008 forward



In foreign policy, acting on what you wish to be but is not is like driving up to a red light and accelerating in the hope the light will change before you transgress the intersection, thus avoiding a serious collision.


Yet this wishful thinking is increasingly becoming U.S. policy around the world. Aside from any rare occasion of luck, this liberal policy guarantees negative, if not disastrous results.


As we witnessed in Vietnam and have also seen to various degrees and in various forms with Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea, China, Russia, and others, including right here in North America with our current border and trade policies with Latin American states, such wishful thinking is unhelpful. In reality, those who oppose us will only gain in number as respect for U.S. policy in the far-abroad and the near-abroad continues to dissolve.


Casting aside all lessons re-learned during the Reagan era, we seem doomed to repeat a spiraling cycle of avoidable losses, which could be side-stepped were common sense again to replace mugwumpian, prevaricatory, and beltway and academia ad populum thinking. In other words, were we to abandon the political autism brought into effete popularity decades ago in large part by the Kissinger mentality and revived (because no mediocre deed goes unrewarded) by the Clinton administration and this Bush administration, the needs of Americans and the rest of the world would be much better served.



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November 05, 2006

Thought of the Day: Communist China's Enablers

Western appeasers and useful idiots



Libs and McCain Republicans can often be simplistic. For instance, when you say “China” to a lib or a McCain Republican, chances are the only thing he or she is thinking is of cuisine with funny-looking mushrooms and “Horsie Go Slowly” playing in the background.


The fact there are real people with real human interests and needs and rights that are being violated by their government which is being subsidized by greedy Western businessmen and winked at by ideologically misguided liberal elitists scarcely if ever enters their minds.



EARLIER POST: Quote of the Day - Woolsey on China



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October 23, 2006

Notes from the Garden Journal: The Everyman



I have a confession to make. Some of my best friends are liberals and libertarians. It’s true! Sure, we disagree – and will always disagree in certain areas, but these friends of mine can be pretty reasonable, or at least they usually are.


In the case of liberals, this is why I try to make the distinction between the radical left and someone who describes himself a liberal, who has arrived at his opinion honestly either through much contemplation or casual perception of data accurate or not. In the same vein, the distinction can be made between a pseudo-anarchist and a garden-variety, home-spun libertarian. Such a friend generally doesn’t get bent out of shape when others hold differing views. Indeed, one key element we all have in common is the sincere curiosity about how the other has arrived at his position. Such sincere discussions often shed light on the views belonging to oneself and his companions. And it seems often to bring up a curious other phenomenon: agreement in core ideals, disagreement on strategy.


The danger is being naïve enough to believe that such discussions can be honestly achieved with radical liberals, anarchists, communists, Mexi-fascists, Islamo-Nazis or by any means real Nazis, since those falling into these groups openly adhere to a predatory ideology which demands all opposition be smashed and silenced.


A case in point would be a group like Hamas, which calls for the destruction of Israel in its charter. Now, regardless of your position on Middle Eastern matters, it is without question that Israel has good reason not to attempt negotiations with a group that has already publicly stated it will use every tactic including negotiations to bring about that component of its charter. Such groups are not honest dialoguers but war-mongering barbarians, who owe the credit for their existence somewhere upstream to an equally extremist regime that keeps the fire stoked.


Today Mark Levin revealed on his nationally syndicated talk show that Massachusetts Senator and lifeguard reject Ted Kennedy may have collaborated with the KGB to help the DNC leadership unseat President Reagan in 1984. Additionally, it was revealed by Christopher Andrew and KGB defector Vasili Mitrokhin as well as Bill Gertz that KGB and Chinese agents have worked diligently to support the work of the radical left in the US and elsewhere. Similarly, we saw German provocateurs working behind the scenes to stir up ethnic Germans and others sympathetic to the Nazi cause to bring about policy congruent with Germany's geopolitical strategy. They likewise found support and significant funding from willing accomplices and useful idiots. Ironically, as Levin points out, it was Ted Kennedy’s father who was also a supporter of Adolf Hitler. So was Henry Ford, whose company later went on to become a huge supporter of radical left causes once what they saw as the next best thing was lost. Ford was an example of what I call the godless-industrialist, to differentiate him from the garden-variety successful and honest entrepreneur or Fortune 500 executive. Capitalism in the hands of honest men which serves the needs of the people (as it usually is and does) is far from harmful to the poor; in fact, quite the opposite. As renowned economist Hernando De Soto noted in an interview last year, “The constituency of capitalism has always been poor people that are outside the system. Capitalism is essentially a tool for poor people to prosper.” The so-called godless-industrialist quickly and without any difficulty switched from wildly praising the regime of Hitler to that of Stalin as soon as he saw which way the war would go.

What the radical movements and evil, dysfunctional personalities all share in common is one single thing (aside from oppression of the middle class and removal of all hope and help for the poor): the lust for power and a willingness to use any vehicle to deceive enough people into allowing them to attain it. It’s also why even as Lenin promised to hang the industrialist with the very rope he manufactured, the godless-industrialist enjoys the use of dysfunctional regimes that oppress their people (such as those under communism) to do the weaving with incredible profit margins.  


While a normal and reasonable person can discuss different ways of looking at the world, radicals stirred up by the power-hungry seek only one thing: absolute power for those upstream (though they may not realize they are carrying the water for their adored leaders or valued backers and may think the power is only for themselves).


This is why you can have a radical liberal Rockefeller and it’s why you can have a group like the Workers World Party that celebrates him. It’s why you find a Republican President like Nixon appeasing the Soviets and Chinese to increase trade, costing the lives of millions more dissidents in those countries, or a George W. Bush and Senate leadership seeking amnesty for illegal slave laborers and befriending anti-American communist and far-left groups in order to enhance the profits of unethical businesses at the cost of hundreds of lives of both the border crossers and US residents each year. It’s why human rights front groups can endorse people like former KKK clansman Democrat Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia and say nothing in support of Viktor Yushchenko, whom the Russian government sought to assassinate to prevent him from becoming head of Ukrainian state. It’s not about ideas or dialogue, but power. There are other examples, including The Holocaust while it was ongoing, the violent suppression of students in Tiananmen Square (many of whom were also communist party members – but somewhat more moderate), the Prague Spring, the crushing of the Hungarian uprising, the giving of bombs that looked like toys to children of Afghani freedom fighters – all done by the Soviets, and I could go on.


Why do communists starve to death millions of dissidents in Ethiopia, China, or Siberia? Fear for the loss of power, not the loss of an idea. Any communist with a knowledge of history and a decent intellect knows communism is bankrupt; a front-ideology for those interested in power. Power is the same reason Pinochet butchered his people, as did Hitler, though hate was a vehicle; likewise with Castro and so many others this past century alone. An idea can stand when no man does; it carries on though forsaken for generations at a time, but power must be mollycoddled like a sickly infant.


Communism is particularly evil due to the fact that while it’s similar to other forms of radical socialism such as Nazism in that it claims to be a movement of the people but instead silences any movement of the people, it also is better at franchising its myth among Third World elites and academics (partly thanks to the misdeeds of the godless-industrialist). The people want policies that promote their freedom, the stability that comes about from popular rule – that protects families and moral virtues, the weak and infirm, and the basic, most intrinsic worth of the human spirit. Such policies promote a stronger, not a weaker middle class, as sought by radical socialists, radical Islamists, the godless-industrialists, and their ilk.


The Greeks in large thanks to Cleisthenes were first to learn that democracy and its resultant policies which raise the tide of prosperity and liberty for the largest number of people requires a strong and stable middle class, as Aristotle later is famous for noting. It is why, as we’ve seen played out almost continuously prior to 1776 that countries which have a weak middle class tend to have a strong elite upper class or a weak upper class easily toppled by a strong lower class, elements from which then become the new upper class, all at the distress of middle class and the “worker bees” of the lower class.


When I sit and talk with my liberal and libertarian friends, as well as my conservative friends, we share a desire for the propagation of our values of honesty, integrity, healthy continuity economically and socially. Sure, we may take sporting shots around election time and sincerely disagree on certain matters, but then again, we are not sycophants. And unlike a truly fraudulent populist Arizona Senator John McCain who traipses across partisan lines for the sake of power, any consensus or synthesis here comes from a genuine, ground-level populist sense of self-preservation, which I define as the need of each person to live his life as much as possible unmolested by neurotic, power-mongering sociopathic elites and elitist “wannabes”. Most people are reasonable, but those who lust for power will never be, nor will they have your interest at heart. Being a cog in someone else’s wheel only means you get run over every time the machine moves forward.


While voting this November, Americans should pick the candidate who most closely supports (and has a record of supporting publicly and privately) the middle class and the human values celebrated by it. Others around the world should feel no shame in seeking to have those values reflected in their own governments also. Though people will never agree on certain issues, if reasonable people worked together instead of being pitted against each other like useful idiots, we might get a bit more done worthwhile. I say that knowing that politics around the world is a necessary (and at times fun) sport where trading barbs is occasionally actually very useful when violence or other lawlessness does not come into the picture. But let’s make sure that it’s not just a show that shuts out the rest of us. That, I suppose is just a thought.



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April 21, 2006

Quote of the Day



Terrorism is the preferred weapon of weak and evil men.


- The Great President Ronald Reagan



If the man who rightly identified the Evil Empire were to expound on that, he’d most likely add that totalitarianism is the preferred weapon of strong and evil men; and we all know that strong and evil men use weak and evil men to do their dirty work.



Terrorism is merely a part of which its sum is totalitarianism. And none knew that better than the Gipper. We need to see more of that clarity in our foreign and trade policies.


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September 02, 2005

Folks Will Remember This Decade



This has been a decade of our most bitterly disputed presidential election, the revealing of the largest corporate scandals on record, the worst foreign attack on our soil and now the worst natural disaster in American history. And soon all of this will possibly be followed by the worst energy crisis ever. We are being literally jarred awake as one who falls asleep at the wheel and drives off into the containing wall.


And the decade is only half-over.


Anyone still like to "party like it’s 1999"?


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April 19, 2005

Philosophical Note #523




A lot of monkeys with art supplies does not guarantee a Picasso - and throwing more monkeys at the problem won't provide one either. But tell that to the federal government.



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March 14, 2005

Philisophical Note #122




This one involves a little footwork…



Don’t tell a beaver not to hold his breath.




(Follow this link, click “real facts”, in the pop-up window type in cap # ”3”)



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January 26, 2005

Philisophical Note #283



Don’t expect the man who eats an entire bag of dried apricots to make it out of the house in the same evening.




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