October 22, 2009

CNN: Nagin Heads to Cuba for Disaster Advice. What?



Epic mayoral fail heads to Cuba to find ways he can fail better. Because no one handles natural disasters like Third World and communist countries:




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September 07, 2009

Michael Moore: "Capitalism is Evil…Except for Mine"



The great political scientist Michael Moore tells us all again why it is the very system that lifted mankind out of the dark ages of Old World misery for the hordes and extreme stratification of social classes is such an evil thing. Moore seems to find endless faults with a system by which a middle class was allowed to flourish, life expectancies increased, disease and malnutrition subsided into the ancient past, and literacy and opportunity for personal improvement and the political power of personal liberty took hold as never before.


A people found more free time on their hands, good transportation and the ability to communicate and gain knowledge, live longer, and be happier through their own fruits and the fruits of over 200 years of brave souls keeping government out of the affairs of men and Michael Moore thinks it’s a bad thing. In fact, that after thousands of years of primitive human history, liberty and capitalism have come along and brought us the light bulb, modern medicine, the air plane, the automobile, space exploration, the MP3 player, and yes the movie theater and DVDs is of no consequence Mr. Moore (or perhaps we should say, "Mr. Less").


Of course the most absurd aspect of his ignorant diatribes is the hypocrisy, which makes them more than one can bear. Michael Moore, like so many American statists, has made his fortune, and now he finds his calling in blocking the way for the rest of us, all while suggesting that human suffering inflicted by a self-interested state is a good thing.


Given that alternative to capitalism, regressing back towards the top-heavy governments of the past or their socialist contemporaries where hundreds of millions have suffered and were murdered, one wonders if Michael Moore really is that evil or if he just doesn’t do much reading or listening outside his little Hollywood bubble. If he’s as good a study as he is a hygienist, it may, to his credit, be the latter.



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May 21, 2009

The UN and Obama School of Parenting



New Blogbat video: classic Glenn Beck skit from a 2003 show. The clip is more relevant than ever, given that which has infected the UN now seems firmly entrenched in the White House and Congress.




Related: This is some video I shot attending an event in April 2008 at the UN. Note the anti-Bush, anti-U.S. rant by former Ambassador and UNA-USA President William Luers. However, even more egregious is the odious and inexplicable obsession over global warming mythology over the very real and horrific fact of human rights abuse in China, Russia, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere around the world.




I wish I knew who Photoshopped the image of Obama over Chamberlain, but a web search yielded multiple hits (If you’re reading this and you’re the creator, let me know and I’ll add credit.)



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February 23, 2009

Shot of the Day


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August 27, 2008

The New Spirit of the Age Lacks Something: Freedom



Nancy Pelosi wants to ban broadcast media with which she disagrees.


Barack Obama's lawyers seek to prosecute the creators of a valid political commercial depicting uncontestable truths about the candidate. John McCain, Ted Kennedy, and George W. Bush pass a law preventing ordinary citizens from buying advertising air time to make public statements in broadcast media supporting an issue, idea or candidate 60 days before it can have the most effect: an election.



No, that's not Russian or Chinese you're hearing. Now Democrat politicos and corporate lobbyists have Denver police arrest an ABC News reporter doing the work of journalists as they always do and on public property.The sight of cigar-chomping police defiantly ignoring the constitutional rights of this reporter and telling those filimg to "shut it off" should send shivers down the spine of every American. First Amendment? No problem. Now shut up or you’re going to jail. Meanwhile, no one dare touch the pornographer, because of course, it’s big money and the pols like it. Incidentally, though news producer Asa Eslocker will likely be acquitted and ABC may sue and win its case, the damage is done: the public may never know which business and political VIPs were at the meeting inside the Brown Palace Hotel or why. There is definitely a stench. 


We knew it was a bad sign of course years ago when business and political interests were forcing cops to look the other way when they ran across illegal aliens, the new lifeblood of business slave labor profits – at least profits for those at the top. Cops were clearly not being allowed to charge illegals in auto accidents (as they have done in Dallas and likely other places), pull over cars with obviously fraudulent dealer tags, loiterers obviously drunk in public with massive amounts of alcohol on their person, etc. (which I've documented myself).


Then there are those who try to enforce the law (lawfully) and who find themselves at the mercy of a very unhappy government, as in the cases of border agents Ramos and Compean, whose ten year prison terms for shooting an apparently armed and brandishing illegal alien drug smuggler were more severe than many illegal alien child rapists get.*  So it should be no surprise that as political and monetary interests have already set the precedent of controlling the actions of police rather than local laws and the constitution it should move from one area - the failure to enforce local and state ordinances and laws simply because the accused is a suspected illegal alien and therefore the merchandise of the new plantation owners - to the now politically popular idea of silencing political opposition, merging the two in order to give it teeth. At the same time we watch as around the world, Vladimir Putin, Hu Jintao, and countless other autocrats and bureaucrats systematically strip citizens of their freedoms, their ability to influence the direction of the policies that directly affect them, and at times even their lives. From Communist China to the unaccountable, unpopular, and undemocratic leviathan that is the EU, local control and justice suffer along with restricted freedoms of speech, religion, and self-defense in favor of perverse new friendships between government and business interests that would make those from traditional Japanese society blush.


This is the age we live in, where Pelosis, Putins, and Hus guide the misery. Sadly, one need only look around the world and then right here at home to perceive what clearly is defined as the new Zeitgeist. The corporate-government complex has finally found a way in which both members succeed by simply deciding they will not let the people stand in the way any longer. We are in an age where "informal agreements" take on the force of law more so than laws themselves, where democracy is much talked about in the same manner an abusive parent speaks of love.


We of course cannot say that we didn't see this coming. The 2000 elections were about the search for a president who could run the country like a business. If only, we were told, we could find someone to make government work with the efficiency of business at every level. While no doubt some levels of corporate efficiency are good in government, I recall a Founding Father once warning against a government that was too efficient, that could move too swiftly. This trend of blatantly ignoring the will of the people began to reverse, however, in the 2004 election, as bloggers and small media absolutely decimated attempts by big media and others to alter that outcome of the presidential contest. And they did so, not by calling for the silencing of big media or of anyone supporting John Kerry's campaign for president; they did it by simply bringing forth the truth and the evidence that supported it.


The last hurrah for popular power was in 2006, during the illegal immigration debate in Washington. Congress and the President wanted to push an amnesty package through and force it down the throats of the American people. Again, bloggers, small media, and the American people shouted it down with a deafening voice calling for an end to amnesty talk and the start of enforcement and a fence on the border. Congressional phone lines practically melted from the volume of calls coming into Capitol Hill in numbers heretofore not seen in the history of our Republic. This, however, would not bring the anticipated outcome of Congress capitulating, as the Constitution demands, to the will and welfare of the American people. Instead, we watched on in horror and a sense of dark twisted betrayal as Senator Specter on the floor of the Senate stubbornly looked right into the stunned faces of every American and informed us matter-of-factly, “The will of the Senate will prevail.” That was the day our Representative Republic died. Sure, it has been plagued by countless diseases, from invasive and tyrannical taxes to excessive regulation to the lack of interest in protecting the rights of lawful citizens in favor of the criminal. But when representatives stop altogether to represent in sufficiant numbers and in fact, divorce their first love - the electorate - in favor of unethical business and the most un-American ideological interests, a telling and repugnant stench begins to waft through the air.


A humorous video with an unfortunate touch of modern truth


Only we the people can revive the freedom and security our Founding Fathers and countless battlefield heroes have passed down to us at considerable cost. Ironically today, even the big media that benefitted from the absence of competition during the decades of its government-sponsored monopoly is seeing that its decision to sell its soul to the devil for that monopoly of ideas and mediashare was something of a Dante's choice. While it may not be doing the math yet, it is beginning to experience for itself what it thought would not come to its door. A revival of the original intent of liberty as envisioned by our Founding Fathers will take a lot of grass-roots work; yet, if we choose not to, we will be forced to explain to the generations who follow why it is we let them fall into a new Dark Age of ignorance and mass misery and repression. Both conservative and liberal should be frightened of the present mentality flowing through the great capitals of the world today. Tim Robbins knew nothing of a "chill wind blowing" when he cleverly used it to make political hay. There indeed is a "chill wind" blowing now, though, but I would imagine neither he nor the Pat Buchanans of the world, nor those in between stand to benefit from it, for when political freedom is lost to one honest citizen, it is lost to all. Thus it would behoove every ordinary citizen to stand up against this trend away from popular determination and force both government and business to respond to their interests rather than the other way around.







Death by 1000 Paper Cuts blog quotes one cop telling the ABC Producer, “You’re lucky I didn’t knock the f..k out of you.” He also goes into a bit of the investigation ABC is attempting to do about these crooks.


The Lonely Conservative blog bemoans, "An ABC News producer was investigating the role of lobbyists and top donors at the convention. He was outside a Denver hotel, standing on a sidewalk trying to obtain pictures of Democrats and their big donors leaving a private meeting." Unfortunately, this isn't just a sickness of Democrats, although Dems may, pro forma, open up the throttle a bit more, that Dems and Rockefeller Republicans will get to autocracy, just at different times, isn't particularly comforting.



BLOGBAT, MAY 15:: All God's Children... Except for the Americans


*U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton is said to have, along with a crooked court, concealed exculpatory evidence, thus rigging the trial against Ramos and Compean from the beginning. President Bush is naturally not expected to pardon these innocent men. For a man of faith, the President apparently lacks a certain fear of God for gross acts of injustice.

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July 15, 2008

Washington Elite: Still Exhibit 1 for Political Autism



President Bush in his speech today is calling on Americans to simply drive less.


While offering no magic wand of his own, the president suggested Americans find one and wave it in their own lives: make all that driving go away. Stop going to work, to school, to the doctor’s, to the grocery store (which is where the vast majority of gasoline is used up doing in this country). That’s the thing Bush and others refuse to get: most Americans use their vehicles simply to get from point A to point B and avoid driving anywhere they don’t have to. This is because the cost of wear and tear on cars was already enough to lead to some conservation, but even more so, the specter of fighting traffic, risk of wrecks, the tasks of parking, and so forth were natural deterrents to folks from hopping in their cars and cruising all day through their neighborhoods. Further, for poorer families, a car was already a major expense that forced them to do a difficult balancing act with food and gasoline, often at the expense of other essential things; yet, that car was their only lifeline to keep the rickety raft afloat. Now, for many Americans, it is beginning to sink, and President Bush and others simply say, “stop driving so much”. This is an insult to the intelligence and very lives of Americans simply trying to grab a few breaths of air above the water.


Bush champions himself as somehow more humanitarian because he is not demanding Americans conserve with rations and such as we saw in the 1970s. But simply telling Americans they should drive less and offering that as the singular, rather dauntingly unintelligent solution, is almost as bad. This, again, is more of the same liberal disconnect from Washington; they seem to genuinely believe that Americans simply hop in their cars just to drive around all day (perhaps in lieu of watching television or tossing the football around). This level of ignorance (for which President Bush is admittedly less deeply mired than most Democrats in Congress) is of course nearly as offensive as Marie Antoinette's famous “let them eat cake” proclamation. For most Americans to drive less, most Americans will have to cut out commutes to nearby colleges where they could have bettered their lives, skip necessary trips to the doctor or be unable to pay for the doctor because they are paying so much just to drive to work. For those barely getting by such as the sick and elderly, it can mean being unable to pay for food or choosing between a roof or a meal. Where are all the liberals who told us Republicans wanted to make the elderly choose between medication and food? All of a sudden when such a situation has become painfully real – and for so many – there is utter silence in the so-called center and on the left. Bush and the liberals are asking us to drive smaller less-safe cars, which inevitably will exact a heavy toll in human lives in the coming years, too. Sure, president Bush has decided to open up offshore drilling, but even he had to admit it should have been done seven years ago, if not 15. Though it is not lost how out of touch Congress is for presently refusing to remove its ban on such drilling (and what a political liability that is), Bush cannot honestly claim to be much better, since he was part of the problem; as he himself pointed out, it took awhile to get here.


Of course, just as the same folks have been fighting against a wall to block dangerous illegal aliens from entering the country bringing drugs and the most ghastly violence to almost every American, while this same effete making such decrees have deemed it "humanitarian" even as they live in safety behind the high walls and security perimeters of their mansions and state buildings, so too these same elite who are afforded unlimited transportation resources, food, medical care, and shelter, ask that we bear the risk and losses, doing without so they can experiment with policy choices only an idiot savant could love.



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May 25, 2007

PLANET MORONIA: YouTube Celebrating the Left

How to be PC and wink at hatred, violence, and human rights violations



Imagine such a video being posted on YouTube about Mohammed. Now imagine that video lasting 10 minutes without being yanked by YouTube's leftwing censors. Now imagine that video being celebrated by YouTube for its clever wit and animation as pro forma links appear at Democratic Underground. Of course, the answer is that such a thing would never happen; however, for Jesus and George, we seem to have different standards...


Eventually to YouTube's credit, it did remove this video from its featured list after I (and likely other users) flagged it as hate speech. I always try to be fair and like to recognize progress when I see it; but clearly this is only a tiny step towards dealing with what has and continues to be a rather uneven political playing field on YouTube. A Mohammed cartoon would never have even made it this far and the user who created it would likely have had his YouTube account suspended.




...Yes, and I suppose the Nazis weren't all that bad either. Stop the Clash of Civilizations is yet another propaganda piece being specially featured by YouTube this week. As we know, the Left is usually condemning the West as being the root of all evil, but sometimes we get promoted; sometimes we get to be morally equivalent. After all, as I commented below the video, honor killings of young girls and female genital mutilation are perfectly equivalent to being grounded for the weekend or getting your ears pierced. Frankly, I don’t know how we could have missed it. Indeed, this epiphany shows us the way to “peace in our time”...may we rest in peace.


“Stop the Clash of Civilizations” is further proof that surrender monkeys belong locked up in the dhimmitude zoo; both videos further prove that you can be a bigot and a fan of human rights violators as long as you keep it Left.





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April 18, 2007

PLANET MORONIA: Larry King & Virginia Tech

CNN’s King seems to need a lesson in sensitivity



Larry King appears to have won (so far) the award for most insensitive question asked by a news host of a victim or friend or relative of a victim of Monday’s massacre at Virginia Tech. Such an award of course isn't given lightly, and given the competition, says a lot.


While speaking to Omar Samaha, brother of a girl slain during the rampage, King actually asked him:


“Omar, how did -- what does this do to you, as a graduate of this school and now you lose your sister?” (source: CNN/LexisNexis)

What does it do to you as a graduate of this school having this terrible tragedy unfold…and oh, by the way, what does it feel like to have your sister murdered on top of that?

As someone who has lost a family member, it truly was amazing to listen to the interview, and more so considering what is lost in the transcript: the apparently calloused, predatory tone with which the question above was asked.  Both King and CNN (and other networks engaged in similar behavior) should be ashamed of what seems little other than another example of sensational journalistic predation for the sake of ratings. While it is important to report the news and clarify the story, asking someone the day after the loss of someone close what it does to them just strikes me as something far beyond the pale of reasonable newsgathering.



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March 31, 2007

Travelocity Presents: The Roaming Imam



Oh, look: we don't seem too very happy here... since six fellow imams were removed from a flight last November. So they are now suing in addition to the airline, the passengers who initially reported their behavior as suspicious on the grounds the reporting violated their civil rights.



Many lawyers are offering their services gratis to the passengers being sued however, noting that doing what is necessary in order to stay alive is also an important civil right.


Of course the White House might in fact wind up siding with the disgruntled imams, if consistency were permitted to be our guide: it would seem reporting suspicious behavior in Bush's immigration lexicon has already made such squealers into criminal vigilantes...


So if I keep my liberal Democrat and Rockefeller Republican dictionaries in mind, vigilantism (which, by the way, also means “racism”) occurs when one reports suspicious behavior if reporting same threatens dishonest businesses or offends the sensibilities of the suspicious persons being reported. "Patriotism", on the other hand, seems to have been omitted from both.


I’m glad we have that all hammered out.


In other words, if members of the general honest public do anything but cower under a blanket in the back rooms of their homes when not paying their taxes or being good consumers, they risk being referred to as a bunch of evildoers by the left and middle-left, being sued by criminals, and maybe even going to jail.


And by the way, if you doubt me, just ask a sheriff or border guard.

At least we know the Smurfs won’t go militant – after all, they’re French.

Will this never end…



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January 08, 2007

Blogbat Video: All Bow to the Corporate Plantation

The present reality of morality in business & foreign policy in which we find ourselves



This video montage (3.5 min.) shows the faces of the victims – those who’ve lost their lives on both sides of the border to the juggernaut of open borders that was designed to provide cheap labor to unethical businesses and keep their partners in office. The montage uses both American and Mexican advocates as sources for the information and images it contains. The song, “The Good Dancer” is by Lisa DeBenedictis from her “Tigers” album.


In the post below this video, I expand on what is rather admittedly sardonically touched upon in the video. I hope it’s helpful in understanding the possibly somewhat strange position that has been developing as I have slowly walked about the elephant, touching him as I’ve gone, examining the true nature of the animal and comparing it with what others have discovered. The first step is knowing it’s an elephant, and just one at that.











Is the democracy clock ticking backwards toward the old plantation oligarchies of the 19th Century and before? Are most American businesses or politicians bad? With respect to the latter, certainly not. I am among the most in favor of free-enterprise, as are many others, so long as it obeys the rules of the Judeo-Christian ethic; that ethic is what informed the American Founding Fathers and was the system by which all freedom to say nothing of freedom of commerce could exist at all. Only when men would restrain themselves could there exist a system in which a government need not rule with an iron fist. Of course, this ideal has never been followed to perfection since men are far from perfect; however, there was by far much adherence to the principle and progress it seemed toward a greater degree of adherence to those founding principles was being made.


Today a lot of ordinary people are suffering as a result of the wholesale abandonment of the values that were once defined as “American values” (before the public schools ripped that idea out of their books), and as a result what we are seeing today both within the US and by transnational corporations (TNCs) founded in the US is something to a far greater and sadder degree than witnessed at any time in US history prior to the 20th Century. Not only are Americans dying as a result of a lack of ethics and morality in business and government in a way that makes the Ludlow Massacre look like a picnic, Mexicans and other foreign nationals are becoming the new de facto plantation slave labor, paid at rates far below living wages with little ability to escape once they’ve fallen into the trap. Indeed, factory workers are being exploited around the world by American companies such as Dell and Nike with harsh conditions and slave-wages, even as future US foreign policy woes are being manufactured at a faster rate than the products themselves.


As CNN’s Lou Dobbs and others have pointed out numerous times, there is an unholy clientist alliance between a number of politicians in Washington and Mexico City with equally corrupt and unethical members of the business community and other elitists. Since the nature of power is self-preserving, it has been suitable economically as well as politically to disrupt the stability of the middle classes of the two countries (or to further disrupt, as in the case of Mexico since 1982) which pose the biggest threat to such power.


It seems therefore beneficial to have poor and middle class Americans pitted against their Mexican counterparts even as neither gets what they need so that the political power and status of the above-mentioned remains unopposed in any significant way.


Two long-time tactics anti-democratic in spirit as used in Mexico by its PRI Party but more often apparently favored in many respects as popular courses of action in Washington have been “accommodation,” the prima facie responsiveness of politicians to public concerns with no real follow-through (e.g. Congress passing a bill to build a border fence but not allocating sufficient funds to do so); and “co-option,” hijacking the causes of dissident groups by watering them down with accommodation, side-tracking (offering dissident members positions which appear to offer progress, but do little more than pigeon hole them), and (more typical in Mexico) infiltration.


This does not represent a battle of classes though; rather it is a battle of morality versus immorality, with witting and unwitting members at all economic levels. As such, it is increasingly important that ordinary citizens in both countries become aware and unite against the profound lack of morality informing decision-making at every level of business and government today, which threatens real opportunities for the poor and middle class in both countries. Even as Mexico has among its millions some of the poorest in the world, it also has the highest per-capita number of millionaires of any country in the planet, with a huge and widening gulf that separates them. That gap only promises to increase (and has trended just so) both in Mexico as well as here in the US. The end of the open-border, slave-labor game as envisioned by its powerful advocates and apathetic followers is the economic leveling out of the US and Mexican general populations not at any high-water mark, but at a much lower level. In other words, it will not bring Mexicans up to a higher living standard, it will only drive Americans down to a lower living standard. Since any real power among the US citizenry – the conscience of its government – will evaporate, so too will any check on the dealings of US interests in Mexico, which will only guarantee increasing exploitation of the Mexican in Mexico. Of course, the politicos will be happy because they get to keep their power as they continue getting fat campaign contributions from unethical businesses and elites who will in turn be happy to get ever-fatter bonuses at the expense of their underpaid employees.


All of this has been a horribly unfolding tragedy, rotten and almost Putinesque   to its core, and the ordinary citizen is the only real obstacle that has any potential of standing in its way. To draw an analogy from Tiananmen, if we want anything better for the next generation, we had better start standing in front of a few tanks.






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November 30, 2006

More-on the Putintate Putz: Radiating the Love

The life and times of a velvet terrorist



Poor Putin, he can’t help it, can he? After all, he’s just a jealous guy. And those 300-plus journalists and such shouldn’t have made fun of him or said the nasty things that they said. And those awful traitors in Ukraine, Yukos, and the FSB and SVR! Putin knows what it means to be loyal – he out-sycophanted Andropov during his time serving Lubyanka. Now the little Chekist that could is trying to overcome his Khodorkovsky complex by outdoing Stalin. Velvet Terror anyone?


Ironically, during a return visit to his former KGB hallowed halls as Putintate-in-Chief, Vlady had this to say,


“'…Find them in all the caves where they are hiding, and eliminate them like rats,' President Putin told the Federal Security Service, or FSB, on Tuesday, urging them to intensify their hunt for Chechen rebels in the Caucasus."



Strategic Security Blog is quoting a Ukrainian article, but goes on to point out that in the same speech our little army-ant Putin contradicted himself. And clearly since then Putin has gone out of his way to make nice with Chechen rebels, even giving Chechen muslims a role to play as Russia goes down to Lebanon to help its proxies twice-removed Hamas and Hezbullah in their fight against Israel and the rest of the Free World. This no doubt also pleased the "Heydar Aliyev" element. Journalist Vladimir Rakhmankov may have been arrested for saying so, but he’s right: Putin is a putz.


So who then was Vlady calling for to be “elimitated like rats”?


На здоpовье!


Remember the poisoning of Ukraine’s elected president Viktor Yushchenko by Russian agents? YouTuber mzyxekb3 refreshes our memory and gives us a chronology of what follows touching on Alexander Litvinenko, Anna Politkovskaya, and others during the musical slideshow (at bottom).


Indeed, One might ask whether it’s long been time, to somewhat borrow from a British expression (from out in radio-land) for needing to forcibly unemploy someone, that Putin become a bit rodent-ant. No doubt Putin has made a direct impression on his own people as well as those of Ukraine, the Middle East, and Great Britain; rekindling lots of longstanding love in the latter, now that half-life isn’t just for isotopes and Russian agents anymore.


The question Putin has to be asking himself is this: is there another Visili Mitrokhin out there quietly documenting every damning piece of evidence against the Kremlin and Lubyanka. What if there are several? And if so, how long before la ruse de la Russieist am Ende.


Meanwhile, what is Gorby doing these days? Right Truth has some of that and much more; you won’t be surprised to hear his work in the 90’s was no open-ended song.





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November 11, 2006

Hailing from Planet Sharia:

The galaxy might infer a whole new connotation for “illegal alien”



As we ponder surrendering to Islamofascist terrorism and the states like Russia and China who fund it now that the Democrats control our war funding via Congress, and as both parties are keen on triggering an even greater flood of dangerous thugs across our borders and through our ports, I recalled this great Cox & Forkum cartoon from last year:



Interestingly, no donkeys came out of that spacecraft. If there’s a Planet Pig out there, I feel for it…



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November 09, 2006

Republican Defeat & Other Consequences of Political Autism

When the “daddy” party runs off with the secretary



It looks as if the Democrat victory is now complete. Not surprisingly, dems owe this takeover of the senate to a pedophile. Well, perhaps the spidery Jim Webb of Virginia isn't a pedophile, since we don't know if he has actually acted out any of the sick fantasies about which he seems to enjoy writing, but one cannot doubt he inspires them. So let's refer instead to the Senator-elect as a purveyor and creator of kiddy-porn, and to those he now empowers as his biggest fans. The Democrats should feel proud. No doubt there will be much legislation and many court appointment confirmations in the coming months and years aimed at toughening and enforcing laws against sex offenders.


Actually in all fairness there are some dems who would put many of our current Republicans to shame with respect to family values and conservatism. I’m afraid Republicans don't get off the hook that easily. As you might remember, it was the RINO, country club Republicans that deemed senate hopeful Katherine Harris unfit to join their little yacht club, so her campaign twisted in the wind until it finally met its unfortunate end. Republican leaders would have rather seen a far-left Democrat take office than Harris, even though some of us suspected at the time it would probably mean more to the electorate than one democrat taking a seat, as alas it now does.


Sadly, many in the Republican leadership appear even so much as willing to prefer Democrats run the government than admit they need conservatives or even worse: listen to the people. That my dear reader is an unfortunate commentary on a Republican leadership that now more readily associates itself with members of the opposing party than with middle America. It is that sort of thinking that helped usher in the misery and malaise of the Carter administration during the ‘70s, leaves the borders open to illegal entry, crime, and terrorism today, and it is that thinking which helps exploiters of children run for the senate and be the lynchpin for Democrat victory.


Interestingly worthy of note however is that the American people have shown they would rather have Democrats in office too, if given the choice between a Democrat and a fat, wishy-washy, martini-sipping McCain-Foley Republican. The American people are indeed conservative and part of that means being genuine and not suffering the un-genuine long come election time. If the party fails to bring back the Reagan-Gingrich platform that restored its success, it has only itself to blame as Democrats – some of whom actually more conservative than their Republican rivals – seize and hold the reigns of power for 40 more years in the wilderness.



UPDATE: Oddly enough, I received an e-mail announcement from GOPUSA today inviting readers to attend the upcoming CPAC conference in Washington D.C. The subjectline/title was the interesting part: "Join Newt Gingrich and Ann Coulter at the nation's largest annual gathering of conservatives". The conference includes notable RINOs as well, but it's curious whom GOPUSA chose to headline the event for their newsletter. But pandering and "getting it", are different still. If RINO and pro-amnesty Linda Chavez' article on GOPUSA's homepage is any indicator, it's much more of the former than the latter. Not to worry RINOs, if we conservatives get our way you won't be in charge of the party for much longer either.


RELATED: Terrorists celebrating like little ewoks, dems and McCain-Republicans dancing like Chewbacca and C-3P0. Angel at WHOTS blog lets the snark fly in her usual more-than-capable way. Check it out.



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October 19, 2006

PLANET MORONIA: Time to Enforce and Protect



A grown man was caught hiding in a Dallas-area McDonald's playground tunnel soliciting kids, according to WFAA TV.


One mother said her son suddenly didn’t want to play on the playground any longer. When she investigated, she found a grown adult male hiding out in one of the covered tunnels. According to the mother, he tried to get her son go to home with him. The mother apparently contacted authorities, but naturally, the creep got away.


All of this is happening today as many governors around the country have yet to sign a version Jessica’s Law into law. Some argue that Texas needs a stronger sentencing guideline than even Jessica's Law offers however, perhaps something akin to the law recently enacted in South Carolina and four other states which allows for the death penalty for aggravated assaults on children under a certain age. Such a law would be a good start. Keeping illegal alien sex offenders out of our country would be another one.


Dallas talk radio host Greg Knapp recommends these creeps (pedophiles, not necessarily politicians) be sent directly to prison without being allowed to pass "Go" and I rather agree.



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September 08, 2006

PLANET MORONIA: Anyone Surprised?

Clintons call to censor ABC 9/11 drama




The New York Post has posted a story that reports, “A furious Bill Clinton is warning ABC that its mini-series ‘The Path to 9/11’ grossly misrepresents his pursuit of Osama bin Laden - and he is demanding the network ‘pull the drama’ if changes aren't made.” The article went on to say,


Clinton, whose aides first learned from a TV trailer about a week ago that the miniseries would slam his administration, was "surprised" and "incredulous" when told about the film's slant, sources said.


Of course they were, all these years they thought ABC was on their side.


Albright and former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger also dashed off letters to Iger [at ABC], accusing the network of lying in the miniseries and demanding changes.


Apparently Maddeningly Not-So-Bright and Handy Sandy the Burglar were upset because the movie failed to show how she gave nuclear technology to the North Koreans, who in turn shared it with terrorist-sponsoring states in the Middle East; or Burglar’s famous scene where he stuffed evidence of Clintonian incompetence and treason into his socks to keep it out of sight of the 9/11 Commission et al.


Maybe the Clintons should hire their (and Handy Burglar’s) good friends the Chinese to shut down ABC like the regime just did with the outspoken website run by Huang Liantian. Or it could get Google or Yahoo to pull any advertising. I admit it might be strange having the Chinese working for the Clintons instead of the other way around, but surely something between old friends can be worked out.


I love Clintonian logic, especially where it enters discussion on political speech and the Constitution: When CBS aired a factually seriously flawed miniseries on President Reagan, the Clintons were silent. But if anyone dare consider airing a perspective on the Clinton White House not officially sanctioned by the commissariat, it must be banned… or edited to remove any material deemed offensive to the Clinton Committee.


The difference between the Reagan and the Clinton pieces is that the details going into much of the Reagan miniseries were crafted in spite of personal accounts by those close to the Gipper, whereas the 9/11 movie’s details were drawn from personal accounts by those close to the Clintons and their staff among other reliable accounts, of which some were offered under oath.


But it’s nothing new to find the radical among liberals trying to silence speech with which they do not agree, particularly when it is the political or religious speech actually explicitly protected by the First Amendment, as we’ve seen over the years by watching the witch hunts undertaken by the ACLU. The ACLU and the far left in America have much in common in this area with four other groups: common criminals and thugs, the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and Islamofascists. The fact therefore that once again, the champions of political censorship attempt to silence their opposition or anything which contradicts the official party line should be of no surprise.



RELATED: On free speech, Angel at WOTS has dug up some notable quotes, even as ABC and Disney have caved for likely fear of having their collective kneecaps broken. As Ann Coulter says...


AND ANOTHER THING: I forgot to add this earlier - a link to Mark Levin's blog, where he posted some of those pesky facts the "Clintonoids" are denying.   



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September 01, 2006

Quote of the Day: Vicenté Fox



Whoever attacks our laws and institutions also attacks our history and Mexico.


– Mexican President Vicenté Fox, upset today that leftist legislators in Mexico prevented his final state of the nation address by storming the podium.


Either what’s good for the goose is good for the gander or El Presidente is just another iteration of a long list of rabid fascist nationalists (somewhat in the vein of Mussolini, Hitler, et al) which look on other nations and their laws and values as inferior to their own. Naturally, we’ve known for awhile that:


     Mexico uses its armed troops to prevent foreigners from illegally crossing into its country, but doesn’t seem to believe anyone else should be able to enforce similar policies in any fashion,


     Mexico does not even allow naturalized Mexicans born elsewhere to vote, yet expects other countries to give the vote to Mexican nationals even if they do not naturalize,


      Mexico forbids entry by foreigners into Mexico unless they can prove they have their own financial and healthcare resources, have no crime record, will provide for their own children’s education, and be a benefit to Mexico even as the Mexican government expects other countries not to demand the same of visitors from Mexico.


This quote by Fox of course makes for a great case in point of what a Mexifascist leader is all about: lies and double standards. It also shows clearly once again why we don’t need another Jimmy Carter in the White House.




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July 29, 2006

PLANET MORONIA: Was That Smell Gibson?



There’s little doubt we thought Mel was a good actor. Headlines this weekend however show just where the cracks in his acting ability begin to show themselves: in his performances while under the influence of alcohol. Gibson, who's been growing his beard out apparently to more closely resemble the Hezbollah imams with which he now seemingly more than anyone thought agrees, also has proven himself a chip off the old Dad Gibson block. This, thanks of course to what was caught on tape during his recent arrest, in which he endlessly uttered anti-Semitic slogans old and expansive enough to make Hitler or Ahmadinejad squeal with delight.


A sad commentary for the producer of anything having to do with Christ’s passion, which by the way, as the Apostle Paul wrote, was to show loving kindness "first to the Jew and then to the gentile". But sadly, Gibson seems intent instead on blaming his own choice to drink prior to driving on Abraham, Moses, Solomon, Jesus, Anne Frank, and every other person who has ever happened to be Jewish.  


It is also sadly telling that Gibson chose to blame the police officer for his arrest. So it’s no wonder he’d also blame an entire group of people for every one of his other ills (as with being drunk, something forbidden by both Old and New Testament scripture).


None of this of course ingratiates Gibson with the Pope or anyone else, save a few Islamofascists, ill-informed Russians, and terrorists out there – and I wouldn’t want to be counted among those less-than stellar souls.


That smell is Mel, and it’s not a very good one. He should probably get some kind of personal help now that it’s all out in the open for everyone and his or her grandma to see.



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May 18, 2006

PLANET MORONIA: Terminally Ill



According to Time Magazine, airport screeners will begin “focusing less on scissors and more on passenger behavior”.


In addition to offering their expert psychoanalysis of travelers, minimum-wage clipper-collectors will also be screening for some types of cancer (shown above).



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April 12, 2006

PLANET MORONIA: Wollyworld 1984



Wal-Mart still hasn’t given up trying to bar one man from being able to sell his t-shirt that spoofs the Wal-Mart logo.


After 48-year old Charles Smith ignored a cease and desist order from the shopping giant and had his attorneys file suit in federal court, Wal-Mart decided to up the ante by counter-suing.


Charles Smith has found some heavy-hitting representation too, and includes lawyers from Public Citizen and the Georgia ACLU. As much as I hate the ACLU, it’s good to see some of their money diverted to a real free speech case instead of going toward their usual witch hunt after subliminal crosses and red and green napkins.


Smith says that his statement by use of satire is a sincere form of protest against Wal-Mart for moral reasons, including the use of Chinese labor (labor which often is mistreated and carried out in communist prison labor camps).


Indeed, satire has been considered a legitimate form of speech as part of that which is covered by fair use not only for social or political reasons, but even for those commercial as well. In fact, it’s a gigantic industry. So why did Wal-Mart go after Smith. Well, because its lawyers who had nothing better to do thought it would be an easy feather in their cap to play the role of Goliath.


There may be differences in how the law treats fair use in creative works and fair use in trade marks, but I’m willing to bet the following case fits like a glove:


From FindLaw.com (emphasis added):





The United States Supreme Court in Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc. (1994) stated in no uncertain terms that a parody as a form of criticism or comment could be fair use of a copyrighted work. Oh, Pretty Woman is a rock ballad written by Roy Orbison and William Dees. Luther Campbell and his musical rapper group, 2 Live Crew, wrote a rap song entitled Pretty Woman that had substantial similarities to the Orbison/Dees song. 2 Live Crew attempted to obtain permission for their parody from Acuff-Rose, the publisher of Oh, Pretty Woman, but were refused permission. 2 Live Crew then proceeded without permission to release their rap song and accorded Orbison/Dees with authorial credit and listed Acuff-Rose as the publisher. Acuff-Rose then brought a lawsuit, which at the trial court level ruled in favor of 2 Live Crew based upon its fair use parody defense. This decision was reversed on appeal when the Sixth Circuit ruled against the fair use parody defense because of the commercial nature of the 2 Live Crew rendition and the presumption of market harm that the rap rendition might cause for the Orbison/Dees song. The Sixth Circuit's decision was then appealed to the Supreme Court.


The Supreme Court accepted 2 Live Crew's song as a parody because the rap song mimicked the original to achieve its message and because it "reasonably could be perceived as commenting on the original [Oh, Pretty Woman] or criticizing it, to some degree." The Court then had to decide whether a parody such as Pretty Woman could claim protection from copyright infringement liability under the scope of the fair use doctrine. To ascertain whether Pretty Woman was protected by the fair-use defense the Court proceeded to evaluate the four fair use factors.


The Court determined that the first factor, the purpose and character of the use, favored 2 Live Crew because a "parody has an obvious claim to transformative value" and the rap song was certainly transformative in that " it provid[ed] social benefit, by shedding light on an earlier work, and, in the process, creat[ed] a new one." Therefore, under this factor, even though Pretty Woman certain had as its motivation commercial gain, the Court ruled that a "parody, like other comment or criticism may claim a fair use under [Section] 107 [of the Copyright Act]." Justice Souter stated that the threshold question involving a parody fair-use defense "is whether a parodic character may reasonably be perceived. ... It is this joinder of reference and ridicule that marks off the author's choice of parody from the other types of comment and criticism that traditionally have had a claim to fair use protection as transformative works."


The second factor, the nature of the copyrighted work, the Court decided was not of much help in this matter since a parody by its very nature would only be based upon an "expressive" work.


The Court's analysis of the fourth factor, the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work, stated that the authors or copyright owner of the original work would normally refuse to license or grant permission to a parodist to parody the original work. Based on this finding the Court then excluded "parody licenses" as a potential market that could be effected by a parody use. The Court then distinguished that 2 Live Crew's Pretty Woman consisted of two separate elements, (i) the parody of Oh, Pretty Woman and (ii) the original rap music itself. In distinguishing these elements the Court decided that the parody could legitimately undercut the market for the original song and any derivative works but that the rap music threatened to illegitimately replace a derivative work market that belonged to the copyright owner of Oh, Pretty Woman. Because there was no evidence on what might be "the likely effect of 2 Live Crew's parodic rap song on the market for a non-parody, rap version of Oh, Pretty Woman, the Court remanded this issue to the trial court for its decision on this matter.


As to the third factor, the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work, the Court indicated that a parody presents a unique difficulty when evaluating the amount of copying because the success of a parody depends upon its use of the original work while its "art lies in the tension between a known original and its parodic twin." The Court then reverted to the "conjure up" test that would deny a finding of fair use under this factor only when the parodist "has appropriated a greater amount of the original work than is necessary to 'recall or conjure up' the object of the [parody]." Traditionally the third factor weighs against an infringer when the heart of the original work has been copied, but it is the heart of the original that "most readily conjures up the song for the parody, and it is the heart at which parody takes aim." The question for the Court then became how much further could the parodist go in copying the original once the heart of the original was used. The Court, as did the trial court, believed that 2 Live Crew did not use any more lyrics than were necessary from Oh, Pretty Woman and therefore ruled that the third factor favored 2 Live Crew's fair use defense, but since the Court had already remanded the case on the fourth factor it then also decided to remand on the question of whether the quantity of copying was excessive or not.




The importance of the Acuff-Rose case, even though segments of the case were remanded for further findings was that the Supreme Court reached the unequivocal conclusion that a parody falls within the scope of the fair-use defense.



Now when Charles Smith wins, and after all of the onerous appeals, I hope Smith’s lawyers go after maximum damages so corporations like Wal-Mart learn that attempting to terrorize a private citizen clearly making the same use of fair use as the Leslie Nielsens, David Lattermans, Weird Al Yankovics, and political activist groups the world over, is a losing proposition.


Make no doubt about it, it’s companies like Wal-Mart operating without a conscience that are hiring the illegal aliens who now riot in our streets, do business with regimes like China who threatens nuclear war with the United States and want their interests reflected in congress over the interests of the voter.


I’m all for capitalism, but it should be intelligent, Judeo-Christian capitalism, not the stuff of communist propaganda dreams.


Wal-Mart should leave Charles Smith alone and stop feeding the bears.



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Congress Says, Shut Up and Pay Your Taxes



Turns out the senate did hear quite well America this past week as the outcry amassed and we demanded Washington secure our borders. In fact, the senate has grown weary of the annoying drone of know-nothing taxpayers attempting to leverage more influence on their public servants than big business and foreign nationals. So the senate has decided to do something about it: It plans to rid itself of the annoyance once and for all.


Forget about Campaign Finance Reform, the FEC and the blogosphere, because this puts all of the previous attempts to silence legitimate political speech to shame:


While I haven't read through the entire bill yet (it's pretty late), WorldNet daily and others are reporting that the senate has already passed by a vote of 90-8 The Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act of 2006 (S.2349, a bill that would effectively stifle the voice of the electorate petitioning the government for a redress of grievences by outlawing the grassroots lobbying of congress.


From LifeSiteNews:


Johnson pointed out that S2349 which passed the Senate 90-8 on March 29, "would regulate for the first time grassroots activism."  The bill defines 'grassroots lobbying' as "the voluntary efforts of members of the general public to communicate their own views on an issue to federal officials or to encourage other members of the general public to do the same."


"The bill does not start off by regulating all constituent contacts with members of Congress," said Johnson. "But it does adopt that premise that that is a type of lobbying." 



A house version is currently being adopted and may come up for a vote within a fortnight, and Democrats are said to be trying to insert similar language currently missing from it.


"This is really an agenda that certain groups like Common Cause use to restrict grass-roots democracy so certain privileged elites will have more influence on public policy," Johnson told LifeSiteNews, saying he believes Democrats are trying to insert language that restricts grass-roots activism.


But of course, yet again it's not just Democrats, as the vote clearly shows.


The first to cry foul has been pro-life groups, but conservatives supporting other issues such as border control should take notice. While the left is good at protesting in the street, conservatives generally get their point across in Washington by getting organized and contacting their representatives.


While the other parts of the bill designed to reign in gift-giving (it covers a lot of territory) aren't really such a bad idea, the language about grassroots activism could end or severely restrict our rights as citizens (even as foreign nationals march in our streets to a responsive senate), if the final bill goes through committee and gets signed in this form.



Call or e-mail your US Senator here


Call or e-mail your US Representative here


Contact the White House here, or by telephone and e-mail:


Comments: 202-456-1111

Switchboard: 202-456-1414

FAX: 202-456-2461



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April 01, 2006

PLANET MORONIA: Traitors in the Classroom



The Outrage of the day:


KSKY reports a Dallas-area student was suspended Friday morning for flying an American flag as he drove onto campus. Even though several "students" over the past week have brought to school and openly displayed Mexican flags, none of those were disciplined.


No doubt there will be legal action and no doubt the school will lose, but it’s everything you need to know about the more-often-than-not anti-American public school system.


I ran across this outrageous story when KSKY reported it during one of its newsbreaks this evening. Details are still a little sketchy and so far I’ve found no other information, but I’m sure we’ll hear more about it.


It's amazing to me how hundreds if ungrateful and most likely illegal students and Mexi-fascists can fly their "chicken-and-worm" flags without reprisal, either from the school or from law enforcement officials, yet if one patriotic American student - the one student who has a right to be there - displays an American flag, officials scramble into action.


Dallas, it's time for a political purge.


UPDATE: A Colorado School has banned all flags from its campus. This happened not in reaction to pro-illegal alien students taunting other students with Mexican flags, but only after other students began bringing US flags to class. At best, Skyline High School can only claim it is treating all flags equally; but as we know, all flags don't deserve equal treatment - especially in a government-run and subsidized school.


EARLIER POST: Dutch Schools Ban Own Flag for Fear of Offending (February 04 2005). We knew this was coming to America, I suppose. But we'd better fight it and defeat it.


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March 25, 2006

PLANET MORONIA: The Running of the Bull




How nice of them to gather in once place for us and show us their pretty teeth. It is precisely these kinds of protests that help demonstrate just how disloyal these invaders are and how necessary it is to send them packing. If we had more elected officials who did the people’s business, we’d be sending border agents in right now to ship these losers out, (and it probably wouldn’t hurt to thoroughly disinfect the place of TB, typhoid, malaria, polio and every other exotic thing illegals are bringing back to America thereafter). It is without a doubt one of the most important and historically vital matters for us to consider as we approach this election year.


Why should we as Americans, legal immigrants and welcomed visitors be held hostage by these intruders? This is our country, not there’s. There’s little doubt that rounding up these unwelcome and smelly anti-America protestors would take care of a good number of the ungrateful, deadbeat cretins we should have stopped from crossing the border in the first place, not to mention put the rest already here and those thinking of coming on notice that we will not be messing around. It goes without saying that illegal aliens have no right to be here, but as Lady Jane (at A Lady's Ruminations blog) pointed out, they also have no rights here, period; except to go home if they haven’t committed any other crimes since breaking in. But the ICE’s commitment to a do-nothing policy is no respecter of persons, particularly law-abiding American persons.


The chicken-and-worm flag-waving protests are just further fodder for those who question the security-mindedness of an administration given to making deals with Dubai to control our ports or with the Chinese who have threatened to nuke Los Angeles to be in charge of inspecting ships entering our ports for nuclear material. Just where does common sense, official duties to the Constitution and the American citizen fit in here exactly?


Americans of hispanic descent are also sick of having their names drug through the mud by lawbreakers who, like barnacles, attempt to attach themselves in the eyes of society to these good people. Josue Sierra at Latino Issues blog expressed those concerns when he wrote the other day, “I am a son of immigrants. My parents are Cuban. But I am an American, born in the United States, and sworn loyal to my country. It is days like these that make life harder for people like me.”


Once again, the soft-racism of the left is hurting good Americans of all stripes.


As a grandson of legal immigrants, I’m likewise unwilling to tolerate any longer legal immigrants being given 2nd Class treatment in favor of the kind of refuse we see taking to the streets. The minute a non-US national begins to protest our government (and therefore its people) in our streets, he should be loaded up, carted off and only by the sheer excellence of American good will be heard from again at his port or on his side of the border. I make that last point especially because it is well-known today that were we Mexico, we’d give no second thought to shooting any illegals we saw attempting to cross from Guatemala.


The lawbreaking aliens need to go home and take the plank out of their own eyes before coming up here and digging around for specks in ours. And I think it’s also very much time for our government to start to enforce its immigration laws with at least the same fervor it has for going after loyal Americans who screw up their tax returns.


This is why it needs to be our turn to get out on the streets and show our more  cowardly representatives that we not only infinitely outnumber the illegal miscreants tying up traffic in various cities this weekend, we demand that we be heard. And if we do so, it will also send shockwaves that will reverberate around the heads of anyone else thinking of any more ways to compromise American sovereignty and security. Unlike the illegals, we do have rights, and it’s time we stand up for them unwaveringly.


I’ll be letting our fine civil servants know, and I hope you do to:


Call or e-mail your US Senator here


Call or e-mail your US Representative here


Contact the White House here, or by telephone and e-mail:


Comments: 202-456-1111

Switchboard: 202-456-1414

FAX: 202-456-2461



Let them know you are offended by these arrogant intruders and will tolerate no more disrespect from their ilk or further policy shell-games in Washington.


RELATED: Crime Victims of Illegal Aliens


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March 23, 2006

PLANET MORONIA: When Good Tadpoles Go Bad



A day in the life of John Kerry’s paradise: students riot and French “thinkers” perorate in complete, utter detachment from reality:




“These riots were overestimated by the American press.”



“It was not the end of the world.”



“The government managed the crisis in a rather clever way.”



“No dead, no tragedy, much better, by the way, than the way America handled [the Los Angeles] riots.”



“Will it happen again? I think so. It is the beginning, I fear.”




- One of France's "brilliant minds", Bernard-Henri Lévy in an interview with Foreign Policy Magazine (March/April 2006) discussing the previous wave of unrest across France.


Maybe comparisons with the LA riots were a little pre-mature then, n’est ce pas?



RELATED: Blogbat looks at how journalists have really covered various forms of unrest in France and elsewhere



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February 28, 2006

PLANET MORONIA: Riding the Struma to Safety



Now that Hamas and Hezbollah are more entrenched than ever (Hamas now running a government founded by fellow terrorist group Arafat’s PLO), Israelis are beginning to ask about the possible intelligence failures that could have let this happen.


Blogbat wants to know about the possible common-sense failure. After all, does it really take a bunch of men in black tights with ear buds in a van to figure out what was going to take place when Hamas, clearly having announced its intentions, made its move to take control of the old PLO? Even the most casual observer could have guessed it was a foregone conclusion.


But as Debkafile noted, the number of Israeli experts on Palestinian matters has dwindled so that they have become somewhat rare as a species as time has passed since Israel began negotiating with Arafat. And this even as the doves in Israeli government continued to believe that the Palestinians would themselves crack down on the terrorists - or that the two were even distinguishable to begin with.


At least those in Netanyahu’s camp grasped this; it’s a shame the rest in Israeli government seem to want to be popular more than they do honest.


It’s crazy that any government would turn such a blind eye to such a pernicious danger growing right in its own backyard, but it seems to be the Zeitgeist among democracies. The US has been guilty here too with respect to China in Latin America, as it’s become all too clear.


So after Israelis decide who gets to be the fall guy for the disaster anyone could have predicted, perhaps maybe then they’ll get to the business of righting the ship and taking her out of harm’s way.


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February 16, 2006

PLANET MORONIA: Illuminating Journarats

From the "reporters behind the fridge" department



Most of the press, as we know, has refused to show the controversial cartoons of Mohammed while with insane rapture flocking to print and reprint as much as possible any equally-inciteful image having to do with Abu-ghraib.


Suddenly it’s all so clear.


The difference between the press showing the Mohammed cartoons and the Abu-ghraib pictures is simple:


One has proven to incur the wrath of Islamofascists on the press, while the other doesn't (and likely incurs it on the US military).


It sure looks like a shameful example of knife-steering for political (and perhaps derrière-related) reasons, doesn't it?


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February 03, 2006

PLANET MORONIA: Life is Cheap, Racism Costly

Egypt refuses help by Israeli rescuers in search for ferry survivors


Egytian Red Sea dimplomacy with Israel: 0 for 2. Ferry survivors outraged rescue took so long, detail negligence; 324 out of 1400 survived, according to Fox News.


Israel offered to help with the rescues, but Egypt rejected the assistance, leaving victims stuck in the chilly waters for nearly 24 hours.


Fox News and the AP also left us to wonder if the folks quoted below might have been interested in a quicker rescue even if it were undertaken with modern rescue boats and helicopters rather than sailboats. Who knows, maybe it might have fostered some good will between Israel and Egypt, which of course we can’t allow.


"They left us in the water for 24 hours. A helicopter came above us and circled, we would signal and they ignored us," one man shouted. "Our lives are the cheapest in the world," another said.


"This is a dirty government, may God burn their hearts as they burned mine," one woman wailed, slapping her face in grief. "I want my brother. I have no one else in this life."


Apparently, it turns out that Egypt was worried about more casualties from any Israeli assistance, in fact:


Egypt’s foreign minister was quoted as saying, “the last time we let the Israelis near the Red Sea it was a disaster. Every time they get near it, the waters part and more of our people die. Right now we have 300 survivors, which will end up being about 220 after we stone the women who showed their faces while escaping the sinking ferry. But that’s still 220 more than zero, so I think we’re doing alright, thanks be to Allah.” *


Actually, to be fair, Egypt also rejected help from Britain and the US, so it really could have simply been about not wanting some first-world country to come in and make them look bad. 


One truly has to feel sorry for the ordinary Egyptian.




It’s interesting to note that so many are screaming racism about the recent spate of political satire cartoons making their rounds in Europe (cartoons, which are comparatively tame when considering the anti-Christian satire one sees – or especially the anti-Semitic, around the world), while very few outlets are reporting on real racism – the racism that takes lives willingly to sacrifice its own people to spite another. Whether it be the racism of the Red Sea, or the racism which has cost so many lives in Africa and other places both exploited and neglected, the battle between symbolism and substance continues.




*Or maybe not, but it was one of only two ideas that came close to logic I could come up with for leaving hundreds stranded at sea.


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December 16, 2005

PLANET MORONIA: Nazi Family Values in Österreich



Hate literature in Austria 2004 translates "We're back!"The second-largest city in Austria has decided to rename a soccer stadium which had been named after Arnold Schwarzenegger. The change came after the governator decided not to spare the hideous bloodthirsty (warning, graphic images) murderer Tookie Williams.


In place of Schwarzenegger, Austria plans to name the stadium after one of its other famous native sons while also showing its support for the world’s murderous monsters by giving it the new moniker Adolph Hitler Stadium.*




*No sarcasms were harmed in the making of this entry   

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December 14, 2005

PLANET MORONIA: Tookie Long Enough




After in the neighborhood of 2 decades of state revenue thrown away on food and shelter while he awaited his 8 trillion appeals, the cruel and vile murderer Tookie Williams was put out of society’s misery.


Tookie will no doubt be missed by a handful of suddenly pro-life leftwing handwringers in the US and the international community known for its love of murderous tyrants throughout history.


(btw. I think just to further drive the point home to the left and show their hypocrisy, we should harvest his stem cells.)


He will not, however, be missed by the families of those he sportingly murdered or society at large.


Unfortunately, Tookie’s victims weren’t allowed to die peacefully at the end of a needle as Tookie was; nor where they offered any last meals, last visitations or a chance to give their side of the story to the press. Instead each victim was blown to pieces without pity by Tookie’s shotgun blast at point blank range, for nothing more than Tookie’s pleasure (see herewarning, graphic images).


Had Tookie lived in a third-world country somewhere, he’d probably be still alive today – a celebrated head of state beloved by the UN and feared by the civilians under his bloody paw.


Come to think of it, Tookie could have been a PLO leader. But, as Laura Ingraham put it (darn her, I was trying to find the perfect wortspiel last night): That’s the way the Tookie crumbles.


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December 09, 2005

PLANET MORONIA: Backward as Leningrad



Remember the American Library Association’s mantra that they were really all about free speech when asked to place filters to block offensive content on computers accessed by children?


Well, a local library near Memphis forced a private display of a manger scene to remove its figurines of Jesus, Joseph, Mary and wise men, leaving only the farm animals and a shepherd because the library commissariat officials adjudged the figurines to be offensive.


So, as far as one can tell, the American library system is now on record stating that:

    1. Free speech should be curtailed at times to avoid causing gross offense.
    2. Pornography available to minors (which, by the way is criminal) does not cause gross offense.
    3. Religious holiday displays cause gross offense.


Fortunately, the library backed down after considerable public pressure. But I think this displays yet another example of the fact the library system’s talk of free speech is vapid.


What those who partake in the leftward bent of library policies around the country are often too cowardly to admit is that they feel it is their job to be "change-agents" (a term used by leftwing educrat types in their own writings). It is, they feel, a duty of theirs to remove the corrupting influence of religious values imposed by parents on their children. A powerful tool to this end is to expose children to anything morally destabilizing while removing anything which might mitigate that destabilization, say for example a religious display reminding children of their roots (or in another set of cases, removing the Bible or published fiction by famed literary icon C.S. Lewis).


The double standard really is glaringly endemic particularly in leftwing academia, but also throughout the left as a whole. This is partly because the left knows that unless it continues to add to its numbers Americans who ascribe to their ideals by first separating Americans from their contrarian religious history, it will lose ground. The easiest (and most cowardly) way to do that of course is to warp young minds (one must break a few eggs to make an omelet). So this should really come as no surprise for any of us who happen to run in to one of these secularist-Puritans.


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November 22, 2005

PLANET MORONIA: Honda Wishes You a Happy Holimas

Honda takes Wal-Mart's bad ideas and trumps them


Not learning from the regret of others, Honda has changed the words of the famous Christmas "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" to "We Wish You a Happy Holiday" merrily happily sung for their latest ad campaign, replete with "holiday" green holly and red bows.


Apparently only Christian holidays deserve "cultural insensitivity", as the loony left would have called it had it been any other religion in question.


The "holimas" ad aired just shortly after 22:15 Central Time on the Science Channel.


Be sure to let Honda know what you think of their new ad.


Phone: (800) 999-1009


Fax: (310) 783-3023 (24 Hours)


American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Honda Automobile Customer Service

1919 Torrance Boulevard

Mail Stop: 500 - 2N - 7D

Torrance, CA 90501-2746


In Canada:

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Bobby Eberle: New ADL poll shows majority of Americans believe religion is under attack in America (dear Honda, that means the writing is on the wall, so to speak).




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September 27, 2005

PLANET MORONIA: Florida School Bus Sex Assaults

Bus sexual (and other assaults hither and yon) may go unpunished



Does anybody want to ask where the bus driver is?


Four Central Florida middle school students were arrested Monday for allegedly ripping off the clothes off classmates and then snapping photos with their cell phones, according to a Local 6 News report.


Investigators said the boys, ages 12, 13 and 14 years old, attacked the girls Friday at Tavares Middle School in Lake County, Fla., in the back of a school bus. The boys then allegedly groped the girls and took pictures of them.


Cell phone video allegedly showed one of the girls screaming for help while the boys touch her breasts, according to the report.


Police said the attack continued after the boys got off the bus when they pulled another girl by her hair. When she fell, detectives said they put their hands up her skirt.


Detectives said it is a crime that comes close to being rape, Local 6 reporter Jessica Sanchez reported.


"You forcibly hold someone down, you remove their clothing, you are fondling that person -- if these children had been adults, this is a crime, if convicted, they would be labeled sex offenders for the rest of their lives," Lake County sheriff's Sgt. Christie Mysinger said.


Police said two of the boys have confessed to taping the attacks with their cell phones, Local 6 News reported.


Also, police are looking at surveillance video from the school bus.


All of the boys face felony charges.


(Emphasis added)


Some more criminals for liberals to coddle.


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August 23, 2005

Google to Launch Instant Messaging Service



Google will no doubt also be announcing soon that it will not allow users of their upcoming instant messaging service to type phrases that are deemed pro-conservative or ideologically opposed to their fellow lovers of censorship, the brutal communist Chinese regime.


Google also says it will restrict messages between IM users that include any of what it considers revealing information about its CEO Eric Schmidt, even if that information were say, gleaned through Google. Any IM user attempting to convey such information would be eternally banned.


Finally, leftwing groups will be allowed to advertise for free on the service.


(Note: Blogbat employs a great deal of sarcasm when the occasion fits. If you have not noticed any here, you're doing just fine...)



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July 29, 2005

Quote of the Day




Here it is, our quote du jour:


''It's pathetic that Clear Channel caved in with a complaint from the Article 8 Alliance, I consider them quite a fringe, on-the-edge kind of group."


– Massachusetts ACLU staff infection attorney Sarah Wunsch told the Boston Globe yesterday about the removal of a billboard depicting two bear-chested gay men embracing while draped in the US flag.


Now let’s set aside our personal beliefs about this sign and whether this sponsor, gay.com, should or shouldn't be able to advertise on that billboard and for just a moment take a look at the quote which I thought was rich enough to stand up apart from the issue altogether:


What is more of a “fringe, on-the-edge kind of group” than one that keeps little children from singing traditional Christmas carols, wishes to ban nativity scenes and the ten commandments from public areas even when supplied by private sources? And no one can beat the ACLU for its pro forma opposition since its inception by its radical Communist founder of the use of green and red napkins during winter holiday parties (no doubt due to their subliminal potential), its support of flag desecration, Nazi rallies in Jewish neighborhoods and child molesters, not to mention nearly every other example of derisive, un-American behavior we used to call criminal and actually punish in this country.


I’m not sure where a lawyer who works for an organization that uses the American flag for toilet paper is going with “fringe, on-the-edge kind of group”, but I bet it means any group with such a designation by Ms. Wunsch and her comrades would land it quite a bit closer to the middle than the ACLU’s present orbit.


As someone familiar with the German language might say, if wunsches were horses then beggers would ride.


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July 11, 2005

PLANET MORONIA: The Horrors of History Forgotten

Checkpoint Charlie monument too embarrassing for Berlin elites




The horrors of history forgotten, the promise of history repeated. And the common man barely notices. It reminds me why so many over the years chose to come to America.


The municipal government of Berlin recently carried out its decision to tear down a city memorial to the thousand-plus East-Berliners murdered by East German police as they attempted to cross into the West. At the museum, a portion of the infamous Berlin wall and a field of crosses – one for each victim of Communist institutional terrorism (aka tyranny) were removed by a demolition crew July 5. Protestors, many who had once lived under the repressive DDR, were forcibly removed and many of them I’m sure had tears in their eyes as the crosses were plucked from their hallowed stations of remembrance one by one and the restless souls of the martyrs of freedom were also one by one forgotten. May God comfort their memory.


Welcome to today’s dysfunctional Germany, folks. A Germany where all sins are forgotten yet the sinful behaviors are being even more quickly relearned. A place where anti-Semitism is on the rise, and economic freedom and prosperity are quickly becoming an afterthought. It does underscore why so many of the German effete do not like America though – because it was America who saved Germany from Communism and brought down the Communist east, it was America who destroyed Hitler's "thousand-year Reich" and America who showed ordinary Germans what they could truly be – fulfilling their dreams, safeguarding their liberty. And it was America and that generation of Germans that ruined the utopian dream of the elites who today, still after the fall of Communism and Nazism, (and certainly their Mideast darling Saddam’s Iraq) have no loss of love for any regime that might in some way roll right over the human rights of ordinary people. In Germany many things over the course of the past century have been forgotten. The dreams of Jewish and pro-liberty Germans who were murdered by militant socialism and now their memory by those who remain - this generation. The only question is how long the Holocaust museum will remain as a prominent landmark in such a land, or in the hearts of those now sitting in the seat of power. Maybe one day that museum too will be torn down. Or maybe the people will decide instead to be counted.


Read more at Davids Medienkritik.


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June 29, 2005

Foxed Up

No wonder so many Mexicans of American-Indian descent are fleeing Mexico’s long-standing oligarchic, plantation-style white-supremacist Spaniard government. Michelle Malkin shows us how that government is proudly adorning its postage stamps in 2005.


Oh, did I mention Mexico’s elites are a bunch of racist, hypocritical third-world con-artists?


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May 25, 2005

PLANET MORONIA: Liberal Values and Social Abortions

Sacrificing kids to the "expression" volcano



Cam Edwards found an article about a controversial new book that is raising the eyebrows of a few parents, book sellers and – can you believe this – even librarians for its allegedly racy content about oral sex aimed at minors. The book is Rainbow Party by Paul Ruditis.


First, I haven't read the book or a review of it yet so I can't speak directly about this book, but regarding the principle of protecting kids from what any sane person would consider inappropriate for that age group, I have of course some strong opinions.


About that principle I found a few quotes in the USA Today article that Cam links to provocative:



"Parents count on us to have books that are appropriate for their children," says Monica Holmes of Hicklebee's Books in San Jose, Calif. "We're not a conservative group, but this one is outside our safe area."



So here we have someone admitting by implication to what really most of us have come to accept as the tragic norm: that liberal groups often seem eerily uninterested in protecting children. Sad, but true. I would like to see however some liberals at least have the decency of protecting kids from universally offensive material, but I suppose right now in most cases I ask for too much. After all, Elly Gore, one of the store owners in the story has a point: it's much worse she resist her gullible sense of guilt for "censorship" than the credible guilt which arises in healthy souls from exposing minors to adult material.


A person has to have his priorities. Kids are replaceable; “art” after all, is not.


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April 27, 2005

No Friend to Flicka: Horse Dies in Remake Filming

Animal neglect true reason for death of horse on movie set



CNN reports,



The horse was killed Monday during filming at the Hansen Dam Equestrian Center in the San Fernando Valley.


According to the City of Los Angeles' Department of Animal Services, which conducted an investigation, the horse was running when it stepped on its own lead rope and broke its neck. Animal Services is ruling the death an accident.



As someone who has owned and worked with horses his entire life I must tell you this case is most likely not an accident, but rather the result of cruel and tragic negligence.


Unless this horse untied his own lead rope and ran off, the handlers of this horse broke one of the cardinal rules of horsemanship and one of the first things you teach anyone working around horses: do not allow the animal to wander freely with the lead rope still attached because if he steps on it while either walking or running there is a good chance he will panic or trip and break his neck.


The City of Los Angeles’ Department of Animal Services should be ashamed of their shallow, perfunctory investigation. Any such agency worth its name would have cited the handlers for not taking the very simple steps known to avoid something this avoidable. The ineptitude of both parties is beyond me.


20th Century Fox should likewise be ashamed and should fire the parties involved. The Department of Animal Dis-Services should also fire anyone involved in the decision to label this an accident. If neither of those two will do that then obviously we need to find some political accountability somewhere.



The movie being made was a remake of the 1943 classic, “My Friend Flicka”. Friend indeed.





Someone posting to an entertainment message board (many thanks to Freepers out there for this link) purporting to be someone on hand to witness the incident claims the horse died while being compelled to run with his lead rope dragging the ground, but says the studio believed it had hired handlers competent in equine safety:



Four unbroken horses were in the ring, the rodeo game was to see who could saddle and ride one first. Teams of 2 cowboys go after one horse, one to catch it and hold it's lead, the other to saddle it and hop on. With the horse involved in the accident, it was running in the rodeo ring, with it's lead hanging. It stepped on it's own lead and jerked it's head up, as a result the horse broke it's own neck. It fell down to its right side with it's legs straight, then it's back legs tried kicking, almost a large twitch. Just so you know this was all on the second take and it all happened after under about 10 seconds of that take.


Immediatley, (SIC) cut was called and the handlers and a vet were over within seconds. Us as background , after the production assistants saw that it was major, had us leave the rodeo arena. We broke for lunch and when we came back, one of the producers and The American Humane Society representatives( The American Humane Society, as almost for a voice for the animals, are there on the set every day, and they will stop any action that they deem dangerous for the animals, there were 4 of them that day) explained that the horse had to be put down and that every precaution was taken to ensure the safety of the animals on the set. The American Humane Society reps continued to answer questions and let everyone know that no more "wild" horses would be used on the production. We were all told that if we wanted to we could go home, but if not, we were going to film more. We filmed basic stuff...crowd reactions and some of the leads action. The day ended.



It appears from the alleged employee that the studio did show due diligence in providing for the safety of the animals on the set by having four Humane Society representatives present and I think that this is important to recognize in the spirit of fairness. Certainly the studio would not be expert in the proper handling of horses and as such would only be ordinarily ignorant in this case. If the Humane Society representatives were indeed present, then the responsibility for this animal’s death falls on its handlers, who should have known better than to have allowed such a likely scenario to develop in the first place, particularly since they were dealing with wild mustangs less accustomed to halters and lead ropes, as was the case here. And the City of Los Angeles is far from absolved here either. No matter a person's personal political leanings, it should be clear to all that common sense in specialized animal handling is not an optional component.



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March 29, 2005

PLANET MORONIA: Jurists Gone Wild




Apparently we have a new exercise in noxious absurdity billowing this time forth from the Colorado Supreme Court in People v. Harlan. At issue, a murder conviction and whether the jurors who used a bible as their moral compass violated any of the standard rules preventing jurors from using information gleaned from sources outside a case (usually includes outside news accounts, etc.) to help them come to their verdict.


Never mind the numerous biblical references made by the defense in the trial along with those of their own witnesses and the defendant himself, apparently biblical morality can only be consulted to get a person out of a conviction. Also never mind the fact jurors are instructed to use their personal value systems as moral guidance in their decisions.


Two blogs have posted some interesting insights with their relative descants regarding the legal as well as the philosophical and religious aspects of this so I recommend your checking into them:


Legal XXX: “I Am the Law Thy Lord…


Three Bad Fingers: “This Just In: The Bible is Distracting and Prejudicial



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March 16, 2005

Dell/Spherion Update III

Restroom policy update:



-Martin Kite-Powell


Just found an article from the November 2002 Chicago Tribune which discusses the matter of corporate restroom-visit policies. (The article itself is no-longer available at the Tribune website, but it is avaiable in PDF form here.) In it Carol Kleiman discusses some of the ins and outs of this corporate phenomenon. One example she cites is a policy at the Jim Beam bottling plant in Kentucky, which we referenced earlier in which employees were limited in restroom breaks to four a day. Employees were told if more were taken, they could be fired. Fortunately, this policy was changed after local union officials stepped in.


But according to Kleiman, some experts are arguing that, beyond matters of the law, it is in the better interest of companies to relax restroom restrictions,




Is limiting bathroom breaks an effective way to boost productivity? Unfortunately, according to one expert, not only is it not the answer to improving productivity and getting employees to remain at the job--the shortsighted restriction might instead lower productivity further.


"Such policies weaken employee commitment to management, which often translates into increased absences," said Mike Scofield, senior vice president of customer solutions for Nucleus Solutions, an absence management company located in Arlington, Va. It also has an office in Deerfield.


"The bathroom break rule is an example of what we see too often--where managers attempt to control all aspects of employee behavior," said Scofield, whose firm helps employers understand and deal with unscheduled absences. "Overly restrictive policies limit the employee's sense of value and contribution to the company."


The executive, who has a doctorate in psychology, puts it this way: "What went wrong was trying to solve a problem by attempting to have control of employees' bladders--rather than finding out why employees weren't more invested in getting the product out the door nor more committed to getting the job done."


Jim Beam isn't the only company that didn't understand the dynamics of the situation: It just was the one caught in the spotlight of adverse publicity. "Employees need to feel they're valued, respected and have some control over their lives," said Scofield, who says his company "helps employers and employees build workplaces to which people want to come each day."


His advice to employers: "Instead of thinking control, think about how you can engage your employees more in your common cause."


His advice to employees: "When you feel managers are imposing too many restrictions on your freedom of movement, speak up."




Unfortunately for many employees, speaking up has not helped their situation much, with the exception of cases where employees were members of some sort of labor union. For the rest, their only hope then is to file a complaint with OSHA and hope that it moves forward.



Related Blogbat Posts:


Dell/Spherion Update II, 16 March 2005

Spherion charged by OSHA in the past for discrimination. Spherion finally agreed to settle the case and agreed to pay significant damages to the employees on whose behalf the suit was brought


Dell-Dude Update, 15 March 2005

Spherion seems to be a little nervos about what the media are saying about the company


PLANET MORONIA: Many Dell Employees Get No Respect, 12 March 2005

Exclusive documented evidence that shows the recent firings of 30 Muslim employees was far from an exception, it appears more to be the rule. Dell, along with employing-partner Spherion excercise many questionable practices, such as allowing only 5 minutes a day for employee bathroom visits.



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Dell/Spherion Update II

Spherion and it's tech clients haven’t played nicely in the past either




-Martin Kite-Powell


I happened to run across a PDF today at the website for the University of Illinois at Chicago Center for Urban Economic Development, which I thought would be relevant enough to share.


The text of the newsletter describes 12 Filipino employees hired by Spherion for their tech-industry client Sega to work as video game testers (wouldn’t you love that sort of work) and is as follows:



EEOC Charges Spherion with Discrimination


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has charged Spherion Corporation with employment discrimination for knowingly allowing a client to fire 12 Filipino workers because of their national origin. Spherion has countered the charge, arguing that the employees were hired without regard to national origin and were released from their assignment at the request of the client, Sega of America Inc., due to company restructuring. According to recently released EEOC guidelines, both staffing firms and their clients can be held responsible for workplace discrimination. The EEOC has filed similar cases in the past. For example, in August 2001, the EEOC filed suit against Los Angeles County for running a payrolling service used to pay female workers less than male workers for the same work.



(Sources: Center for a Changing Workforce Website:



EEOC Enforcement Guidance: Application of EEO Laws to Contingent

Workers Placed By Temporary Employment Agencies and Other Staffing Firms at

http://www.eeoc.gov/docs/conting.html, Staffing Industry Report, V.XIII, No. 20, October 29 2002)


(Emphasis added)




The second link no longer works, however the official EEOC press release may be found here: http://www.eeoc.gov/press/3-25-04.html  


According to the EEOC press release,



Under the Consent Decree, the 18 former employees will be paid $456,000 from Sega and $144,000 from Spherion, for a total of $600,000. Both Sega and Spherion, without admitting liability, have also agreed to conduct training to prevent future discrimination. In addition, Spherion will update its anti-discrimination policies according to the EEOC's guidelines on contingent workers, and seek to recruit Filipino employees to its San Francisco Bay Area offices by placing advertisements in a local Filipino newspaper.


Jeff Sideño, one of the game testers named in the case, noted, "This was a job in an industry I'm passionate about, so losing it was devastating. As a temp worker, you wonder what kind rights you have. I hope this outcome will encourage others to come forward to the EEOC and report discrimination."



And the problem seems to be growing not only with Spherion, but among such similar agencies in general,



EEOC Regional Attorney William R. Tamayo stated, "National origin discrimination is one of the fastest growing types of charge filings with EEOC nationwide, increasing 28% since the mid - 1990's from 7,035 in FY1995 to 9,046 in FY2002. In view of the diversity of California and the country, we remind companies that the law strictly prohibits targeting employees due to their national origin. The EEOC also asserts that it is illegal to fire the friends of an employee who complains of discrimination for no other reason than their association with him."


The EEOC enforces Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin; the Age Discrimination in Employment Act; sections of the Civil Rights Act of 1991; the Equal Pay Act; and Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act. …



It is sad to see we are trending away from workers’ rights. But truly two inescapable factors could be partly to blame:


  1. The mass migration of jobs to cheaper overseas sites where (with little exception) no legislation exists to protect the rights of workers and with the exception of being forced to respect local customs, employers are free to do many things considered barbaric here.

  2. The influx of illegal aliens who compete for domestic jobs at anti-competitively low wages and completely under the table, which gives the employer something the employer rather likes: complete control over the life of its worker, with no accountability.


So companies forced to hire legal U.S. residents both often feel the need to compete with the above, but also know that there is scarcely little else from which to choose for its employees. In short, it is an employer’s dream market. And as long as the federal government refuses to acknowledged the growing problem including all of its contributing factors, we will likely see little done outside of individual lawsuits here and there.


As an aside, I also think it rather strange that Dell, while claiming the 30 Muslims recently fired (some of whom have been reinstated as of a few days ago) were unreasonably interfering with its operations because of the 5-minute daily requirements of their faith, has been during the same period seeming not to have any problem with Muslims (or anyone else) practicing their faith in a similar fashion at its overseas sites in Malaysia, India and elsewhere. I think the reasons for why Dell can accommodate the religions of employees in one country but not another should be vigorously discussed as well.


As long as companies like Spherion are willing to act as mafia hitmen by doing their clients' dirty work, one has to wonder if any employee under that regime feels safe tonight.



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March 15, 2005

Dell-Dude Update




Spherion has taken some interest in the recent publication here of some more of its (and Dell’s) alleged miss-deeds (other miss-deeds here). In fact, someone over at Spherion spent literally the entire day perusing the fine pages at this humble little blog.


It is interesting and perhaps telling how they found Blogbat, too. They found us by doing a yahoo search for "Spherion Dell Religion", which Blogbat currently tops. Could it be they are a little worried about all the negative press that arose from those 30 Muslims? Sure sounds like it.


Theories abound for the visit and they range from someone who is a secret defector and a closet-Blogbacker to a Spherion jihadist sent on a Fatwa to find something untrue at the infidel’s blog they could rattle sabers over. Of course, we couldn’t have said it if we couldn’t prove it (we have enough lawyers in the family to know better than that), so they have no option but to grit their teeth and (hypothetically) slap some employees around.


Now the thing which made their visit interesting to me however was this little tidbit, from a phrase they typed into my blog’s search panel: If anyone knows what “motor panels” are, they sound pretty interesting and I’d love to know. Maybe it’s something Dell started working on after I left. Perhaps it’s some top-secret piece of originality like another television set or a laptop made by Chinese slave-babies. I hope not, otherwise Spherion could get in big trouble.


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March 12, 2005

PLANET MORONIA: Many Dell Employees Get No Respect




-Martin Kite-Powell



Wes Roth found a story last week in a Nashville paper about 30 Muslim workers who were fired from a local Dell Computers facility for praying once daily for five minutes while at work. Muslims are required by their religion to pray daily at sunset. According to the Tennessean, Roundrock, Texas-based Dell says that it cannot abide this practice, however, and the effect is that any devout Muslim cannot work for Dell, even if he is qualified and attentive to his work. There of course is a strong argument here that the policy is ultimately a violation of EEOC federal non-discrimination laws.


Image by Dell tech support employee


But this is but one of many woes suffered by employees at Dell and it is certainly not the first time Dell has been accused of being unreasonable by its employees and in fact may have also run afoul of OSHA health and safety regulations.


During my time in IT at Dell in 2003, I not only was related stories of practices which displayed an egregious disregard for employee health, safety and true productivity, I witnessed them. These employees worked in several departments from network administration to business and consumer client technical support as well as sales. But I not only heard of and witnessed them, I logged them, recorded them, saved them and maintained them for the possibility I might one day be called upon to formally support such a case. Well, I never did, but now is as good a time as any.


To wit, below are a few of the means by which information was collected by various confidential sources during my time at Dell:




Internal instant messenger chat records


Relevant internal documents


Hidden microphone recordings


Hidden video camera




Some of the data collected will be referenced here directly, while some of it will not be at this time.


Given the most recent story coming out of Nashville and my experience working at Dell’s Nashville facility, I think perhaps this information could help others not previously familiar to gain a broader understanding into the background patterns of behavior of Dell and its employment agency partner Spherion but more importantly, those who may be currently engaged in a similar dispute with their employer as those reflected here.



The Players

Spherion is contracted by Dell to manage human resource matters for the computer giant. Now to be fair, most of the worst offenses came as the direct result of Spherion policies, which at times even conflicted with the wishes of many of those in upper management at Dell. Nevertheless, often Dell management either had little say or took little action – so Dell should probably not get off the hook so easily for the maltreatment of its workers. Dell generally hires most of its new employees through Spherion and as such the employees are technically those of Spherion, which in addition to being a human resource service company is also a temporary employment agency. Those working for Spherion may have the chance at an undetermined future point at which they might formally be hired by Dell, but until such an event, as “temporary employees” they're even more so in an employee-unfavorable situation than their "blue-tagged" counterparts. This particularly so where it relates to the availability of benefits and time off, versus those offered the somewhat happier on average actual Dell employees. Dell likes this arrangement because it helps it avoid the expense and liability of providing for mandated employee benefits and privileges.


Here are the areas I heard about the most from frustrated employees during my time there:


Hourly workers forced to work without compensation

Not only does Dell refuse to accommodate the religious convictions of practicing Muslim employees who wish to pray for 5 minutes once a day off the clock, all hourly employees were frequently expected to make corrections to their work, manage their timesheet logging and study for as well as take skill-assessment examinations required for continued employment and related work during breaks or before and after the work day.


This was communicated to employees verbally and through e-mails requiring work during break or off time. The e-mails were then forwarded to me.




No-exemption, no excuse, “no quarter” time off policy

Employees with 5 total days absent (with or without proof of medical reason) face imminent dismissal. One story related to me was of one employee who was an internal IT floor admin who had been with Dell for several years and who had a spotless record. His wife had recently been diagnosed with cancer which required him to take her to some of her treatments (say nothing of being present during her surgery). He was eventually dismissed without appeal. Since I knew him personally, I had to watch as the painful story of this longtime Dell employee unfolded. Another story came via a technical support technician whose spouse had fallen seriously ill while visiting relatives out of state. The employee was forced to choose between his job or going to her bedside.



Restroom breaks broken

Employees in customer service areas such as phone support and sales are frequently not permitted to use the restroom as needed, and were in fact only allotted five minutes a day for restroom breaks. This, even though federal law requires that restroom breaks must be permitted as needed and that employees with any disabilities must be accommodated. Additionally, this 5-minute rule was nearly impossible for many sales and tech support employees to follow because the two restrooms on each floor were solely at either end of an expansive rectangular building. It was difficult for them to make it one time, let alone as needed during the rest of the day. E-mails forwarded to me by, along with internal chat transcripts with some employees showed that even after a doctor’s note in one case, Spherion and Dell refused to act in good faith to make the lawful accommodations. In fact, in that case they actually lost the note and then simply refused to follow the text or spirit of the doctor’s recommendations. Employees were expected to restrict any restroom visits to the two standard 15 minute breaks given twice daily or the lunch break. The same breaks during which employees were also expected to perform often time-consuming follow-up work, skill-enhancement studies and exams and review and response to weekly stat reports. But often as it is for many, biology does not follow prescribed appointments. Employees were monitored through special codes they were required to enter into their phones and any irregularities (no pun intended) quickly was treated with an unhappy e-mail from HR.


Four secret audio clips of a Spherion HR representative (name currently withheld) tell of one employee being told there was no way out when it came to needing more time for restroom visits. In the recordings, she first asks one employee what his or her work schedule is (1). Before the employee can fully answer, the Spherion rep states that he or she needs to see a doctor (2) (this because that employee expressed a need to be allowed to use the restroom at least twice daily). When the employee expressed hesitation about seeing a doctor, the Spherion rep asked what was holding the individual back (3). When the employee stated that they could not afford a visit to the doctor because their absence would certainly be counted against them (as an “occurrence” – there are no excused absences from work and without exception any employee with five occurrences is subject to dismissal), the Spherion rep admitted this would indeed be the case (4), in effect forcing the employee to face sanctions either way. The employee told me later that he or she received a note from the doctor informing Spherion of the medical reality that most folks require more than two major restroom breaks a day and that this employee required the same. The note, according to that individual, was disregarded.


Also see this internal PowerPoint Document forwarded to me explaining the “Occurrence” breakdown


An article in 2002 by the Kentucky chapter of the AFL-CIO titled “If you gotta go, you gotta go” lays out the situation’s dire implications for the employee whose restroom needs are restricted:


Imagine having to bring a doctor's note to work in order to use the bathroom when you need to go. That's how the workers at the Jim Beam bottling plant in Clermont, Kentucky live every day. When you gotta go, you gotta go! Send Jim Beam a message.


Imagine having to bring a doctor's note to work in order to use the bathroom when you need to go. Even worse, imagine facing your kids after losing your job -- because you refused to wet yourself on the line at work.


That's exactly how the workers at Jim Beam Brands Company bottling plant in Clermont, Kentucky live every day. Several workers are one unscheduled bathroom break away from losing their job.


…When employers limit the number and length of bathroom breaks, not only are they threatening workers' health and safety, they are breaking the law. The UFCW successfully fought for OSHA regulations issued in 1998 that protects workers' access to bathroom facilities.



Now, according to an April 2004 Q&A on OSHA’s website,


As the April 6, 1998 interpretation states, an employer is not prohibited from having reasonable restrictions on access to toilet facilities.



It goes on to say,


…it would be difficult to set a specific interval for breaks, because the need to use toilet facilities varies from person to person and even with respect to the same person. Some of the variables that can affect a worker's need to urinate are: diet, stress, pregnancy, prostate health, other medical conditions, medication use, weather temperature (working in a cold environment makes people need to urinate more frequently), and the amount and type of fluid consumed.



It is difficult to imagine a world in which being given inadequate time to visit the restroom and disregarding the notes of doctors would fall under any “reasonable restrictions”.



Public publication of names along with personal, confidential job performance details

In apparent violation of employee privacy laws, information regarding the detailed performance of each employee, along with their names were posted daily and rated against other employees. The display, dubbed the “Wall of Shame” is one of the more disliked of Dell and Spherion management practices among those underneath them, since it openly fostered a work environment which not only created a sense of hostility directly from management, but encouraged its promulgation among peers.


Photos of the “Wall of Shame” (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6), which also included the nameplates of employees who quit or were fired by Dell or Spherion. (The latter shows the name plates cut in pieces and re-arranged into anti-Dell slogans by some unhappy employees when their supervisors weren’t looking.)



Opportunity inequities

Some New trainees were allotted time to take courses to further their technical certifications, while others were not. No reason for this practice was ever given or discovered by any of the employees involved, according to several employees in the business client technical support department. Since the trainees were new, there was no indication that their performance was likely not yet a factor. In fact, not only were some employees given the time to study for and take the exams while on the clock while others weren’t, but the latter were never even processed in the system in such a way that they would even be granted access to the testing resources while off the clock and without actually having to pay for the exams.


To monitor the activity of techs and sales employees, Dell has crafted a digital logging system which requires its workers to enter special codes into their phone system to account for every minute between the beginning and end of a workday. This combined with activity logged on employees’ computers is used to create a detailed account of the employee’s presence as well as his activity. That data is then compared against a strict arbitrary and capricious set of performance “metrics”. Many competitors and companies with similar departments employ some group of metrics to ascertain the real productivity of its employees. However Dell is more than proud to brag that its metrics are the most comprehensive of any industry.



Abuses seem to jump at every opportunity

Meanwhile, in the strange-but-likely true department, abuses also meant preventing one employee from doing his job in order to suit the capricious whims of one Spherion representative. Here, (though I did not witness it directly) as related to me by someone in Tech Support who did witness the thing, the Spherion rep decides she can’t hear her music:


Dell Employee:

You know she (Spherion HR) actually leaned out of her cube one day last week to tell the guy across from me to shut up, she was trying to listen to music



Was he working at the time?


Dell Employee:

YES! He put the guy on hold and said, "Ok, when can I get back with my customer?"



Such behavior while unprofessional also would seem to interfere with the very purpose for which the employee was initially hired, but then again, so would low morale.


Below is a note I prepared for local OSHA officials in early 2004 regarding the situation being witnessed at Dell’s Nashville headquarters.



I feel it is important that I communicate with your agency the situation currently being tolerated among many employees at Dell. Specifically that is, how Dell and Spherion are working together to promote a hostile work environment. I will briefly outline some of the more egregious charges. Charges which I am more than capable of backing up with ample amounts of emails, photographs and recorded conversations. In short, I believe I have everything necessary to prove my claim.


To begin with that includes but is not limited to Dell's using a temp agency (Spherion) as a means to skirt federal labor laws and keep workers at a prolonged disadvantageous position with regard to benefits, security, rules and regulations despite promises at the outset that this arrangement would not be permanent.


Additional contributions to the hostile environment are outlined in the public treatment of the character of those who leave or are dismissed by the use of symbolic gestures of placing their disfigured magnetic nameplates on the metal "wall of shame". Another activity carried out regularly on the "wall of shame" includes the publishing of the work statistics of those not meeting weekly expectations, exposing them to public critique, ridicule and humiliation. Photographs of both of these policies are available.


But what I found most horrifying was the policy of forcing employees to regularly do work on breaks and of restricting bathroom usage to 5 minutes a day (originally not much better at ten minutes a day) as well as penalizing employees and holding to public ridicule anyone who does not meet the biological expectations set forth by management, and from which management understandably exempts itself. Again, these are policies both enunciated in meetings in the hearing of all and set forth in written emails, of which I currently hold copies. During training this "bio-policy" was explained to us as being modeled after military "bathroom training", where army recruits were expected to abstain from any relief for literally hours on end Though the Dell trainer admitted that even the military has relented in this tradition due to permanent physiological damage and subsequent legal issues that arose as a result of the practice, Dell still expects some form of this from its tech support employees and contractors.   




Since my time at Dell I’ve often wondered how many of those working in the departments related above have faired. I have been able to stay in contact with a few and every time we talk I hear of another outrage. But none I think would compare with prohibiting a man from following his conscience – especially when it merely takes five minutes a day to do so. When you pit a man’s job against his faith, the job will always lose. What would anyone expect? A good lawyer might well argue that Dell may well have known this and enacted the policy in order to discriminate against its Muslim employees. Of course the matter is just getting going, so it remains to be seen what comes of it.


It is my hope that some semblance of humanity be permitted to exist in such companies. I think it really helps them to thrive in the long run. I truly believe that doing the right thing for those underneath you will never go unrewarded.


It is sad that those at Dell seemingly as yet don’t realize this. Each of these examples of apparent employee abuse certainly helps to create in the very least an uncomfortable work environment for its employees. And combined, I would say a very hostile one.






PC World – You Call This Service?



Blogbat Updates:


Dell Update I


Dell Update II


Dell Update III



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March 03, 2005

PLANET MORONIA: Will the French Get Away with Murder?

New Page 3

French Military accused of Rwandan genocide in court and elsewhere




Rwandans expected to file a lawsuit against the French military for what it says was its complicity in the 1994 massacre which left 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus dead.


The report linked to also says that “a board of inquiry composed of French rights groups and lawyers has issued a 600-page report on the genocide, saying that French troops were complicit in the slaughter.”


Of course this seems to be echoed by news this year of the murdering of scores of unarmed civilians in the Ivory Coast by French soldiers. So is this becoming a trend, or has it been one for a much longer time?


According to an AP report last month, “France acknowledged (nearly a month after the fact last November) that French troops and helicopters killed about 20 people, including civilians, but insisted its soldiers had only acted in self-defense.” However Swiss video from the attack tells a different story.


Meanwhile, France shortly thereafter and also more recently promised to send even more troops to the region under the guise of UN peacekeeping after French President Chirac denounced the Ivory Coast government.


One of the writers at France Watcher had this to say about the prospect of the French in general being in the region, "Having France in Africa is like letting a pedophiliac loose in a kindergarten."




Lawsuit Hat tip, France Watcher Blog



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February 27, 2005

PLANET MORONIA: The British Inquisition

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave




-Martin Kite-Powell


A couple of days ago Rob at kommentariat posted a link to the blog of a retired doctor living across the pond in merry old England. It seems that merriment comes at a price of late in the country Lady Thatcher worked so hard to deregulate. The Social Affairs Unit blog has disseminated to those of us living outside the Empire some pretty amazing information about the UK's current state of affairs. As a physician, Anthony Daniels (not of Star Wars fame), experienced his share of bureaucracy in the British socialized healthcare system (which he discusses in the same post for your enjoyment). He says however that nearly the worst of all vexations he has endured was the one most recently asssociated with the threat of fines from local officials because he did not have a license to watch (not to own, but to watch) television in his home. Britons must first pay for and possess a valid license to enjoy this exclusive luxury. You read that correctly: a valid license to watch TV. Failure to stay up on your license could make you subject to official surveillance and, if caught watching The Cosby Show, Mr. Bean or anything else, vulnerable to a fine of £1,000 (around $1,500US).


I'm sure it makes things interesting trying to shop for a television set. How does one even buy one? Of course, I’m sure electronic stores have demos out for shoppers to look at without proving they are licensed to do so, but it certainly is something any comedian could have a heyday with. Do you have to be a certain age? Do you have to go to TV-watching school to operate one safely and according to regulations? Do you need a special license for extended family visits? And according to Anthony these shops require you purchase a license at the same time you buy your tele (presumably so they won’t be liable for your deviant behavior –I’m sure this was a problem at some point!) The sad part is Anthony doesn't even have a television set.


In the same post Anthony also discusses how citizens are compelled to vote or else. So how is it if every Briton votes, that ridiculous regulations such as TV-viewer’s licensing are allowed to continue? Surely in the land of Oliver Cromwell and Winston Churchill there are enough to turn the tide. Let’s hope so.


And if you think it could never happen on the western side of the pond, Ted Kennedy would be very happy to prove otherwise. Just remember this is just where he, Howard the Dean and Hitlary Clinton would dearly like to take the land of the free and home of the brave.


For free peoples everywhere, I believe Sir Edmund Burke would be rolling over in his grave. Let’s get a grip folks: Watching the television or listening to the radio in your own home is nobody’s business. While it isn’t exactly the Spanish inquisition, as I commented at Rob’s blog, it’s nonetheless like requiring “a license to look out the window.” Maybe it’s time for them to look at a new Magna Carta.


In the meantime, tomorrow I will take flowers to my grandfather’s grave, and thank him for leaving behind the alluring land of Londinium for much less claustrophobic living.



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February 26, 2005

PLANET MORONIA: Jennings the Marsupial

Special Needs Department



We always knew Peter Jennings was a moonbat, we just never knew he was flying under the orbiting moon of an alien world...


As someone Friday on NRAnews.com aptly pointed out, the next time someone in MSM accuses the bloggers of posting items of questionable accuracy or value, bloggers will more than happily remind the world of mainstream media oligarchs like "Danger Will" Jennings.



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February 04, 2005

PLANET MORONIA: CNN and MSM Caught in the Act




General makes statement yesterday about how he enjoyed killing terrorists in Afghanistan because they beat women and mistreat the local population. All over the press.


CNN’s Eason Jordan makes the outrageously false claim that the US military has targeted and killed 12 journalists. Not a whisper in MSM until Hugh Hewitt brought it up to Chris Matthews today. And MSN – including CNN – have still not picked it up. But Hugh says the video of Eason Jordan’s statement is coming soon. So just like Rathergate, MSM have made a fatal mistake by burying this one. Their obsession with the General’s remarks in the other story further highlight the fact that it is for nothing less than bias.





NBC’s UN correspondent Linda Fasulo has been taking money secretly from the UN, while filing pro-UN reports and even penning her own pro-UN book. NBC is not planning on any disciplinary action for her.


Meanwhile, Armstrong Williams who took money from the Department of Education continues to be roasted in MSM.


The folks at Fox News have to be eating up this implosion of the MSM. Hat tip to Hugh Hewitt’s radio program.





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PLANET MORONIA: Dutch Schools Ban Own Flag for Fear of Offending



-Martin Kite-Powell


Most schools in Holland are now banning the Dutch flag out of fear of “offending” immigrant Muslims who came to Holland but prefer not to be reminded of it.


Many of the immigrant Muslim population are apparently of Turkish origin, invited in as "guest workers" under an agreement between the two governments back in 1964, according to Radio Netherlands (audio report available here). The article says that Turkish residents feel the fact Holland would have its own unique culture is unacceptable: "People weren't prepared for life in the Netherlands." Of course, with Islamic leaders such as Necati Genc, more than willing to fan the flames of ethnic tensions and who choose to live in a dream-world of not being seen as a foreigner in a country in which you are foreign, there is going to be tension until one side capitulates and ultimately integrates into or is subjugated to the other. The buzzword for that is Balkanization, and politicos asking "how high" whenever radical Turks demand the Dutch jump isn't helping things out much for anyone either.


And one wonders why things have gotten so out of control.


If anything, this example together with the many other difficulties the Dutch have encountered since the 1960's amnesty for laborers should serve as a warning to the US and as another reason why Bush's "guest worker" plan for illegal aliens (many of whom have no sympathies at all for the new country they find themselves in) will cause far more hurt than good.


Sadly now, as we have seen in the news the Dutch flag in Holland has become deemed “racist” by officials. Students are banned from bringing or wearing their country’s flag, or so much as wearing shoelaces of red and blue. Meanwhile immigrant students have no restrictions as to what they may wear, which might reasonably include outfits bearing anti-Western or anti-Jewish statements. This is pure stupidity.


To the Nth degree.


More at Jihad Watch.


And Hyscience.


And if you read Dutch, the actual flag-banning news account can be found here.


Hat tip to the Roth Report on the Holland schools.






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January 31, 2005

PLANET MORONIA: Why LeMoyne College Has a Plank in Its Eye

College expels man over paper favoring corporal punishment for school children




-Martin Kite-Powell


This struck me as something absolutely unbelievable – it is to my knowledge one of the most egregious examples of so-called “political correctness” since the fall of the Berlin Wall.


The Daily Orange says that a New York Jesuit College has expelled one of its students simply for advocating the use of spanking as a disciplinary tool for students who become uncontrollable. This is a practice followed in many if not most American primary schools and supported by the overwhelmingly vast majority of parents.


However, LeMoyne College is so out there on the fringe of extremist, socially autistic views, they consider the mere support for such a practice an offense punishable by expulsion without notice either after or prior to the fact.


This ridiculous example of real intolerance by these hardliners moved me to the degree that I decided to tell them just what I thought:




You guys need a spanking. But as long as you receive no public money, you are entitled to be as apparently small-minded and moronic as you wish.


"’SU's teacher preparation faculty - and, I suspect, LeMoyne's - will defend any student's right to assert any position, so long as he or she demonstrates an openness to different points of view and a commitment to and respect for every one of the children he or she teaches,’ Shedd said.” (Daily Orange)


So teaching openness to different points of view is one of those "do-as-I-say-and-not-as-I-do sort of things for your faculty.


Even sans the matter of funding we certainly hope that Scott McConnell sues you into a quivering mass of bankruptcy, since he had no reasonable expectation of being cast away Soviet-style for simply supporting what the vast majority of Americans agree is perfectly reasonable and normal as a form of childhood discipline administered in a loving "commitment" and "respect" for their bright potential as human beings - a form of discipline which apparently your fat bottoms so badly needed during your early years.






If you’d like to share your thoughts with these pointy-headed thought-nazis, follow this link to their comments page (or you can either send an e-mail to webmaster@lemoyne.edu or call their office at 315/445.4565) and let it fly (please remain snappish but civil - we wish not to lower ourselves to their level of barbarity). Since opinions which differ from theirs obviously greatly irritate them, we should be able to drive them to despondency. Have fun, kids!



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January 30, 2005

PLANET MORONIA: Boxcars of the Soul

The German government is actually forcing unemployed women to become prostitutes – or face punishment




-Martin Kite-Powell


What might Goethe say today, I suppose? Perhaps "A judge who cannot punish, in the end associates himself with the criminal."


Germany’s answer for ending slavery: legalize it and force everyone to be involved.


Germany has some of the toughest laws when it comes to requiring companies to hire someone new on a regular basis and requiring those on unemployment to take the first-available offer when it’s made or face official penalties. Since Germany followed the Netherlands in legalizing prostitution however, the sex industry has been considered just another potential employer –and there are no exemptions for those offered a job in it.


There are no known exemptions for conscientious objectors, such as those holding deep religious convictions against such behavior, either.


Many may recall the book Les Misérables by Victor Hugo in which a young and an unemployed Fantine was forced into Parisian prostitution servitude for her baby’s and her very survival.


According to WorldNet Daily, women who qualify as prostitutes in Germany (those under 55, for example) and refuse the position face the cancellation of their unemployment benefits. Brothels are said to be using this to threaten prospective employees which they select through a database provided to all employers by the government.


The law also does not similarly apply to unemployed men.


Brothels too, who fail to hire face government sanctions:


Last year, the German federal government announced that it would be fining employers that failed to hire trainees – a measure to be applied to brothels as well as other employers. Brothels failing to hire one apprentice for every 15 employees will be fined for failing to promote the sex industry.


Germany legalized prostitution in 2002 in the belief it would slow down the trafficking in women and reduce the role of organized crime in the profession. Instead, government is expanding the sex industry by guaranteeing a steady stream of new recruits, some willing and some not.



Instead, the German government, sounding more like Beijing in its use of human slavery, now profits from this chattelization of women who risk losing their homes and starving if they do not make their own bodies available to the highest bidder.


Without regard for the human rights of its citizens, Germany has again taken a dark foray into the netherworld of the cruelest of labor camps – a slavery that shackles the mind and spirit as much as it degrades the body. This is both sick and sad and puts Germany on a par with Thailand, Nepal, the Netherlands and other countries that wink at the sexual exploitation of women.


Perhaps it’s time once again that Germany read Faust.





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January 25, 2005


USA Today: 2,000 new border agents aren't part of budget, Ridge says



By Mimi Hall


President Bush will not ask Congress for enough money to add 2,000 agents to patrol the nation's borders in his 2006 budget, even though he signed a bill last month authorizing the increase.


Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said Monday that Bush's new budget, to be released in early February, will propose a "good incremental increase" in the number of agents. But he made it clear the number would not approach 2,000. The new agents were to be the first hires toward doubling the size of the force over five years.


As part of a sweeping intelligence bill passed in December, Congress called for nearly doubling the size of the Border Patrol by adding 10,000 agents over five years. The agency has about 11,000 agents; 90% work along the southern border with Mexico…


Read More



What's wrong with this picture?




Hat tip to Drudge.










Earlier Post: Ding-dong the Witch is Gone (Almost)

“Ass-a” mule-ing likelihood anyone would vote for him as Arkansas governor


The Arizona Republic reports that authorities in Mexico have detained the man who allegedly called FBI and other US officials with news of the 16 people whom he said crossed into the United States believed at the time to be headed for Boston.


Feds forced down a small plane carrying four Chinese illegal immigrants from Mexico into Texas. Michelle Malkin is wondering if these four are involved with the "Boston" Chinese nationals who are said to have illegally crossed the border from Mexico last week.



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